(rhythmic digital music) – What's up, Elite ThenX athletes? It's Chris Heria, welcome to another video of official ThenX.

Today we're gonna be hittingevery muscle in our body with this seven-minute workout, and to do that in just seven minutes, we're gonna be using exercises that target the most amount of muscles:compound exercises.

Compound exercises can do the work of several isolation exercises, and the best compound exercises can put a bunch of muscles and multiple joints througha large range of motion.

This is significantlybeneficial because the better you can progressivelyoverload your muscles, the faster they'll grow, and when it comes to body weight training, most of these exercisesare compound exercises, which is why they aregreat for building muscle while simultaneously burning more calories because you're using moremuscles for one exercise, and that's really gonna help you burn fat and get shredded faster whilestill building strength, and one of the biggestbenefits of compound exercises we're gonna be utilizing today is how efficient they are with time.

That's how we're gonna be able to hit all the muscles in ourbody in just seven minutes with today's workout.

We're gonna be goingthrough seven exercises, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest in between, each exercise working multiplemuscle groups in your body to give you a full body workoutat the end of this routine, so if you're ready to get started, open up the ThenX appto this YouTube workout so you'll be able to follow along with me, and if you don't have the ThenX app, go on the App Store or Google Play Store and download it right now, and let's get this workout started.

Remember what I alwayssay, go at your own pace and don't sacrifice yourform for reps or intensity.

And if you feel like giving up, it's better to slow down, but try not to stop.

So with that beingsaid, the first exercise is box jump burpees, 40seconds, let's go for it.

(rhythmic digital music) Here we go, 10 more seconds.

Keep the pace up.

Regulate your breathing, last ones, make 'em count.

(rhythmic digital music) Hoo, there we go.

It's a great exercise to startthis workout routine off.

This exercise has broadenedup our heart rate, and pretty much worked allthe muscles in our body.

And now to emphasize more on the back, our next exercise is gonna be muscle ups.

This exercise is gonnaengage our entire upper body.

Now for those of you goingalong that can't do muscle-ups, you should be using a progressionlike jumping muscle-ups, negative muscle-ups, let's go for it.

(mellow digital music) Squeeze the bar as hard as you can, and be as explosive as you can, keeping your core tight and your legs straight, almost there.

(mellow digital music) (exhales loudly) All right, that was the last one.

(exhales loudly) All right, there we have the muscle-ups and upper body killer, and even if you were doing one of the progressions, we're still working the samemuscles and engaging our back, which was the target musclewe were trying to focus on.

Now with this nextexercise, our main emphasis is gonna be on our shoulders.

We're also gonna be engaging our core and our back as well.

We're gonna be going for wall walks.

Find a wall, let's get started.

So we're gonna take smallsteps up all the way, try to keep your body in a straight line.

Be as long as you can.

We're gonna come back down.

Take small steps.

(mellow digital music) And walk right back up.

Come as close as you can to the wall, squeeze everything, from your glutes to your shoulders, core, and your arms.

(mellow digital music) All right, here we go.

Next exercise that we'regonna be getting into, we're gonna be emphasizingon our back, our biceps, and our core as well.

We're gonna be going for L-sit pull-ups.

Now by this point, maybeeven hanging for 40 seconds is gonna be prettytough, so you definitely wanna pace yourself, and for those of you who are not yet ready for this exercise, I want you to do a progression, either tucked L-sit pull-ups or jumping pull-ups.

Let's go for 40 seconds.

Keep the form tight.

(rhythmic digital music) Little break, let's go for it.

All right, there wehave back, biceps, core, and rear delts.

Now we're gonna be movinginto chest, triceps, core, and frontal deltswith side-to-side push-ups.

Learn to regulate your breathing, you're gonna be able to get through all of this really clean.

All right, let's go.

Try to be as explosive as you can.

We're gonna push, one side, other side.

If these are too difficult, you could always go side-to-side, as well as trying it on your knees.

Just don't stop, keep the form perfect.

Try to be as explosive as possible.

(rhythmic digital music) 10 seconds left, let's go.

Three, two, one, hoo, all right.

Take that 20 secondbreak, now I'm feeling it.

Next exercise we're gonna go into are gonna be upside-down deadlifts, engaging our core, lowerback, and shoulders.

Now if you're following alongand you are feeling fatigued, a great progression to doinstead of upside-down deadlifts could be toes-to-bar, or something easier, could be leg raises or even knee raises.

Let's go for it, squeezethe bar as hard as you can, feet tight together, pushyour hips up and through.

We're gonna come back downto our ankles, come back up.

(rhythmic digital music) Here we go, last couple reps.

Woo, that one is definitely a killer, and if you were feelingfatigued halfway through, you could always finish therest with an easier progression like leg raises or toes-to-bar.

Now we're goin' for thelast exercise, squat lunges.

We're really gonna emphasizeour legs as well as our core, and if you wanna include some difficulty, you can always grab a dumbbell, that's completely up to you.

Let's go for it and jump into a squat, come back up, jump into a lunge.

Come back up, squat, lunge the other way.

Squeeze, squeeze your core.

(rhythmic digital music) These last ones, make 'em count.

Make sure you'reregulating your breathing.

Let's go, last ones.

(exhales loudly) Allright, there we have it.

Last exercise for this workout routine, working every single muscle in our body.

So if you've just completedthis workout routine with me, then you just had a complete, effective, full body workout, and if you really wannachallenge yourself, I would try this at least two more times to officially complete theentire workout routine, and remember to get this workout and more workouts just like this, and sign up with THENX.

comand become a member, get full access to allour workout programs, technique guides, and daily workouts that are gonna have you shredded.

Don't forget to download theThenX app in the App Store to take our workouts with you everywhere, and join the millionsof other ThenX athletes around the world getting in the best shape of their lives today, andif you enjoyed the video, then definitely smash that Like button.

I want you to come back to this workout and try it over time, andif you weren't able to do the complete entire routine and were using some of the progressions, I want you to come back to this routine for rounds with the progressions.

You're gonna build up your strength, and eventually you're gonnabe able to do this routine with the same exercises that I'm using, so leave a comment down below, lemme know what you wannasee in the next video, and make sure to sharethis video with a friend.

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Mad love, peace out.

(mellow digital music).

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