HIIT Workout with Kelsey

Hi everyone!Remember social distancing when working out, but never work out alone so werecommend that you find a friend, find a family member, work out together, butremember to stay about two arms lengths away or about six to eight feet away.

Andremember, you can stop and start as needed, so stop and start whenever youneed to.

And you can modify any of our movements to make them unique to you.

When you are exercising, please exercise in an open and safe environment free of anyobstacles.

Please clean all your surfaces down before and after your workout.

Justa reminder, if you don't have any kettlebells or hand free weights, you mayuse any household item that is heavy enough and safe to use.

Make sure thatyou're wearing comfortable clothing that you can exercise well in and athleticshoes, and then make sure if you are feeling dizzy or short of breath pleasestop exercising.

Stop exercising, go find some water, relax, rest a little bit.

That's your body telling you you need to relax.

Have fun, and let's get started! Hieveryone my name is Kelsey, and I'm a certified group fitness instructor herewith Penn State Campus Recreation Fitness and Wellness.

We understand thatbreak is really challenging at these times with a lot of transitions withwork and school work, so we're here to do our part in helping you maintain yourphysical and mental well-being during this time.

So, stay tuned for a lot ofdifferent workouts coming from Penn State campus recreation that are about10 to 20 minutes long, some of them in the upwards of 30 as well.

Today we'regoing to be doing a paper plate workout that you can do at home.

If you do nothave carpet available to you, we can also ask that you guys bring towels out toothat you can slide along the floor there and try some new and exciting movestoday.

So the format of today's class is going to be a high-intensity intervaltraining class, which means that we're going to be doing bouts of very highintensity followed by some bouts of rest, but before we get started in any of that, we have to start with the warm-up.

So, I'm just gonna ask you to get your feetmoving right here, so we're just gonna march for about 30 seconds or so here, soI want you to be nice and light on your feet, and then we'll start to get theupper body incorporated right here.

So just pump in our feet in as we go, andthen we're going to drop the arms so right there that's our buddy Ophelia she's gonna be joining us here todayfor our work out.

Big shoulder rolls back, loosen up all the tension that we have, especially if we're sitting at our computer like this.

Push them down ourback, bring it forward.

Alright, then I'm gonna have you bring them up, elbowsreach, and then come back down.

So reach as high as you can and then bring yourelbows back and close together as we're here.

Take a couple deep breaths here as we're going side to side, and then we're gonnatake your hands out to the side and we're gonna bring our elbow to our oppositeknee.

So think about bringing the knee all the way up, and the shoulder isactually doing the rotation here.

So rather than keeping it small, I want itto be nice and big as we're up.

And if you ever don't like my pace, you can do adifferent pace, that's okay here.

We're gonna take our feet about shoulder-width, maybe a little bit wider, and we're gonna sit our heels back and stand back up.

Sohips go back over the heels going through a couple squats as we're goinghere, so we're shooting to go about parallel as we come down.

Heels stay onthe ground, knees stay behind the toes, chest is lifted.

Find your pace and yourchallenge, means your all ten toes are on the floor, heels are on the floor, andthen we're gonna take it down halfway up.

So just a little pulse right here, weightin the heels, yes.

Great job.

Keeping your shoulders back, then legs start towarm up, and then we're gonna go side, kick our butt, side, kick our butt.

Sowe're still going down into that squat, we're gonna swing our arms with it here.

Give me about ten more.

Here's eight, here's six, five, four, three, two, back to your march.

So hopefully we're nice and warm, if we need to do anything else to getourselves moving, feel free to do so right here.

Like I said before, we'regonna do a paper-plate workout here today so we're either gonna take two paperplates, or we're going to grab onto a set of towelsif we're on hardwood floor.

So, how we're going to be doing this, we're going toplace the plates underneath the balls of our feet making sure that our heels areon the ground so we have that little kickstand if we need to ever come forour emergency stop there.

In our intervals today, we're going to bedoing two moves back and forth for 45 seconds each, then for 30 seconds each, then for 15 seconds each.

So, our first two moves thatwe're going to be doing are a switch lunge and a low jack.

so our switch lunge, I'm going to show you from the side, we're gonna reach onefoot back shooting for two right angles in our knees, come back to center, andswitch to the other side.

So we're just gonna go side to side here.

This is yourfirst option, shooting for those two right angles in your knees, but if youwant to go a little bit quicker, or add a little bit more intensity here, we canslide it going through each one.

So that is your first one, your next one is yourlow jack.

So, just like a jumping jack, we're gonna go jump out and then come back in.

First option, we're just gonna take it low intensive, we feel a little unstableon the plates, this is where you're at and want you to focus on going low andside to side, but then if you want to take the low jack, reaching out to theside, nice strong arms at right angle side to side.

So we're gonna get startedin about three seconds.

Three, two, we've got 45 seconds of switch lunges righthere, so down and up.

So finding that good posture as we go side to side, andthen we keep our shoulders stacked over hips the entire time.

Find the intensitythat works for you.

You're 15 seconds in, 30 to go.

Your option is to take it oneat a time, that's okay.

Front heel stays on the ground the whole time.

Can yougive me about 15 more seconds? Last ten, you've got this! For five, four, three, two, and one.

so we're gonna go into those low jack's right away, right here.

45seconds is yours.

So you're option, stepping it out to theside, or holding the squat take it lower and slower that's okay! You're 15 seconds in, you have 30 moreseconds to go.

what does that feel like? This is your first time seeing thesemoves, think about how you're gonna make them stronger for the next time.

You got15 seconds to go.

Can we hold out for 10, and then the timegets shorter.

Give me five, four, three, two, Back to our switch lunge is just 30 seconds thistime.

Side to side.

Find your balance, if you need to shift those plates out fromunder you that's okay.

If we hate the plates, kick them out that's alright.

Youfind your intensity, you find your option, this is your time.

You got ten moreseconds to go.

Three, two, back to those low jacks, 30 seconds here we go! And if wedon't like those either, just jump it out and back in, or stepping out and in.

This isyour time, This is your workout.

15 in, 15 to go then each one we do for just 15 moreseconds.

Give me 10, guys.

Tell yourself “yes, this feels great, I know, hello carpet.

“Three, two, one switch lunge, last time, 15 seconds.

You will never see this moveagain.

Can we get a little bit lower? Can we go a little bit stronger? What doesthat mean to you? Three, two, one, last time low jacks get niceand low and as strong as you can.

This is your last 15 seconds before a one minute break.

Three, two, one, good job guys!One minute is yours.

Grab some water, but keep your feet moving.

Your heart rate isup.

Alright y'all how we feeling after that first one? So, we've seen it already, weknow what this feels like.

We're gonna do two new moves this time, same time frame.

45, 30, 15, done.

So, the next one that we have is gonna be a side lunge, so balls ofthe feet on the plates right here, we're gonna go out to the side, come right back.

Slide out to the other one, bring it right back home.

So I want you to thinkabout shifting the hips back but keeping the chest lifted.

side to side, rightthere.

So that's our easier one, right? 'Cause the next one we got burpees, you can't dohit without burpees, right? So, we're gonna come down, chin off the chest, reach outto a plank, bring it right back in, step it up.

So we're not gonna do a push-up inthis one, I want you to think about coming down, sliding out, sliding in, thenback up.

Your next challenge with that is to try to do it in a pike.

So we go down, straight legs, straight legs, bring it up.

So, if we absolutely hate the plates forthat, regular burpees are fine.

I know, they're super fun, so, in just a couple ofseconds, we'll get into those side lunges.

So think about the chest up tall, core istight, hips sit back.

Give me five, four three, two, here we go side to side.

Down, and up.

So this is 45 seconds here.

What we're doing is seeing how it feels, finding the intensity, finding the depth that works for us.

As we go down to eachside, the heel makes contact with the floor.

Chest is up, chin is up.

My cat's back there eating one of my books, but it's okay.

Sorry, that's why everything's online, right? Give me 15more seconds.

So working on flexibility, mobility, stability, all of this in this movement side to side.

Five more.

Three, two, it's gotime.

Let's go into those burpees.

We come down, we reach out, we bring it in, westand it up.

If we absolutely hate it, it doesn't feel good on our back or it'snot our option, we can just go into some frog hops and reach it down and up.

Soyou still get that up-down motion, but you don't add too much to your lowerback if that's something that's bothering you here.

So finding youroption, just a little bit more to go here.

We've got about 10 more seconds and we getback into those side lunges, can you hold on for that long? Yes, you can! Five, four, three, two, side to side side lunges, here we go.

Making sure we're breathing eachtime, find the pace that makes us feel strong.

Finding what pushes us here today.

And you always don't, those plates arenot a necessity, we can do everything without them.

Last five.

Three, two, one, back to ourburpees, thirty seconds, here we go.

Down, up.

If you want to take them out, do thefull thing, if you want to bring it out, jump out, jump in, jump up, that is up toyou! That is your intensity, that is yourdrive.

You got 15 seconds to go.

We are working y'all! Just a little bit morehere, can you hold on for five more seconds? Can you get two more in for me?Can you get one more? Three, two, one, here we go, next one, side to side, lunges, herethey are.

Just 15 seconds here.

If you lose it, just keep going, that's okay.

Five, three, and two, and one, last burpees kick 'em outta the way.

Here we go, 15 seconds.

That's it, just a nice, short burst.

One minute is yours, it's coming your wayin less than 10 seconds.

What does that mean to you? What does that feel like?Five, four, three, two, one, there we go! Great job guys, one minute is yours totake a break here.



last one.



So I just want let you know the cardio, the hardio parts are out of the way now, so our next couple are gonna be a little morestrength focused.

So, our first one we're gonna be doing we're gonna place theplates underneath our feet, come down into a high plank position, that means shoulders over the wrists, soft bend in the elbows no booties up, no bootiesdown, nice and flat in that plank.

We're gonna draw our one knee into our chest, send it out.

Other knee comes in, and then we're gonna go into a push-up.

So we doknee, knee, push-up.

Your next option if you wantis to do knee, knee, drop the knees, push-up there.

So, elbows are gonna tuck nice andtight if we want a more tricep focus, if we want more of a chest focus, our elbowsare going to come out to about a 45 degree angle.

So, our first one is outta the way.

Our second one we're going to place them, plates, now under our hands for the firsttime, laying down on our belly, reaching ourhands out, using the muscles of our back to come up, and bringing the plates throughagain.

So this is our brush stroke here.

So it's down, and then back up.

Down, back up.

Down, and up.

So we're working our core, and we're working our back, and we're working ourupper body as well in this next one.

So we have about 10 seconds 'til we getstarted.

Find yourself a nice comfortable position.

If you want a towel, or if youwant a mat, you can also grab that to put underneath your hands this time, but herewe go.

Three, two, one, knee, knee, push-up here it is! Find your options and yourpace that make you feel strong.

So making sure that we're having ourshoulders out away from our ears, our elbows come out to that either 45 ortuck in angle there.

So, a couple more seconds to go.

Just about 20.

If you wantto add more push-ups, or add more mountain climbers, that's up to you aswell.

This is your time.

You got me for five more seconds.

Three, and two, and one.

We're gonna switch it over to the plates coming underneath our hands.

Bellieson the floor, reach out as far as you can, bring it around.

45 seconds, you're onthe clock.

So another option here, if we want a little more support of our lowerback, just using the muscles in our glutes and our back to lift up, but our handsare supporting us along the way.

We can also go straight out and come back upthat way as well.

Fifteen more seconds, find what works for you, last ten! Five, three, two, one.

Take the break thatyou need to, but then the plates come underneath our feet, back to thatmountain climber.

Two, and a push-up.

So find what works for you, if push-ups areyour thing you want to make your arms a little stronger, go that way.

If you wantto work on your core, your cardio, mountain climbers are your way to.

If you want to put itall together, you know where to go.

Ten more seconds.

Can you hold on for three, two.

Find your best way to switch 'em over to your hands, and we go down and up.

Down, andlift.

Here we're focusing on swarm rather than for speed in this one.

Keep yourshoulders down away from your ears, lean in the floor.

Maybe distracting yourcat, whatever works for you.

Last ten.

In five seconds we switch over, that we haveeach one one more time for fifteen seconds.

Three, two, switch it and hit ithere we go! This is the hardest part we have, that fifteen seconds that's whereyou really push yourself.

Give me three, give me two, give me one.

Switch it overonto our bellies, here we go.

Down and up.

Keeping your pedicures down, so toes onthe ground.

For five, three, and two, and one.

Shake it out y'all.

You guys have one minute toyourselves here.

Okay my friends, we are in that final stretch.

So this is your lastinterval of 45, 30, 15, and we're gonna do one glute exercise and one core exerciseand then we're done.

So, your glute exercise we're gonna sitdown on the ground with the gliders, or the plates, underneath the balls of ourfeet we're gonna lie down, hands come down by the hips, lift the glutes up tothe ceiling.

And we're gonna march it out by sliding it out here.

If this feels funkyon your ankles, you also have the opportunityto put your heels on the plates shifting them out and in.

It makes it a littleeasier to navigate back here.

We're going to keep our hips lifted, core tight aswe're there.

Second exercise we have we're going to put the plates underneathour hands, lift our shoulders up off the ground, chin stays off the chest, and reaching for our heels.

So we'll just call these our heel reaches , andthen we have our glute slides.

So just knowing where we're at right here, bellybutton presses to spine, chin stays off the chest, breathing the whole waythrough.

So we're gonna get ready to go in just about 15 seconds, not even here.

Heels come on to the plates if that's easier for you.

Lift the glutes up, andit's march time here we go.

Reaching out and in.

So as you're here, keeping thehips lifted as high as you can, options are always without, and if youjust want to tap your heels out that way.

If you need a little support of yourhips, you can put your hands underneath your hips as well.

20 seconds in, 25 to go.

Making sure that we're chin stays off of our chest througheverything that we're doing here.

Try not to tighten those neck muscles a littletoo tight here.

Last ten.

In five, three, and two, and one.

Bringing the plates underneath our hands, lift the shoulders up, and penguinsliders here.

Or heel reaches, however we want to call them today.

You're focusingon the oblique, so I want you to focus on the reach as hard as you can side toside.

Making that space between your ribcage and your hips as tight aspossible, and we're reaching as far as you can to the other side.

So we'rereally pressing down with the plate, feeling ourselves engage our whole bodythrough.

You got about 10 seconds for me here.

Hold on to it, you can do it! Just a little bit more.

In five, four, three, two, weight comes onto the plates here.

So feet press down, hips lift up, we march itout 30 seconds.

It's your time, here we go.

You're 15 seconds in, 15 to go.

So feel thenice squeeze in the glutes, keep the hips lifted, less than 10.

Deep breaths aswe're holding on, reaching to where it's comfortable.

Really working the posteriorchain here, and drop the hips, plates come to the hands, and we slide side to side.

Reaching as far as we can go, keeping the shoulders up.

Chin stays offthe chest.

If it's uncomfortable on our neck, we can also go side to side keepingour head in our hands, but it's just an option.

Less than 10, and then we do eachone for 15, and then what? We are done! Three, two, one, switch it over! Now liftthe hips, here we go.

Run it out! So, really feel that nice curl at the hamstrings aswe're pulling back.

Three, two, one, switch it over.

Fifteenseconds, it's yours.

Take it right here, side to side.

This is that home stretch, this is what we've been waiting for.

Five, four, three, two, one, release.

Stretch out aslong as you can, you guys did it give yourself a nice little round of applause.

Give your partner you worked out with the social distance high-five, and juststretch it out here.

So I want you to just make yourself as long as possibleas we're lying down on the ground here.

A couple deep breaths, think of how thatfeels for you, and then we're gonna bring our right knee into our chest grabbingeither our shin or behind the thigh.

Try not to grab right on to the kneecap here, and giving that leg some love, it deserves it.

A couple deep breaths as we lie here.

Hand jumps behind the calf or behindthe thigh, and we extend our leg up to the ceiling, feeling a nice stretchthrough the hamstring.

We just worked them hard in those slides as we pulledthem back, so just feel yourself stretch it out here.

Deep breaths, always try topull it in a little bit tighter.

Never to the point of pain, but just to the pointthat we feel on the mild stretch.

Bend the knee into our chest again, bringingthe leg across midline, keeping our shoulders facing the ceiling, and gettinga nice stretch through our back and then down through the side of our thighthrough that IT band.

And we're gonna cruise some of thesestretches, but if you want to hold them any longer you're always welcome to dothat.

Bringing it back through the center, switch it out, give the left leg somelove this time.

Grabbing either the shin or behind the thigh.

Always breathing through ourstretches here.

And as it's comfortable, grabbing behind the thigh or behind thecalf, lifting the leg up to the ceiling.

Try to make it as straight as you can.

I used to be a lot more flexible, I don't know what happened, but we're working on it, right? Always breathing.

Loosen the tension inthe rest of the body.

I just feel maybe a little tension in the back of the leg.

One more big hug of the left leg into our chest, and then bring in acrossmidline.

Shoulders stay facing the ceiling, maybe feel a little crack in your back.

Anice little stretch on the side of the leg.

And bring the leg back into thecenter, and bring your right leg back to meet it.

Roll yourself up, we're gonna situp nice and tall as we're here.

Take a couple big inhales up, and back down.

Let'sbring it up and we're gonna stretch over to the opposite side.

So keeping ourshoulder down away from our ear, reaching to our longest line, feel the stretch inour obliques as we're reaching up and over.

Next inhale, raise up, and exhale takes you to the opposite side that wedidn't stretch yet.

Nice strong stretch in our oblique, shoulder down away from theear.

Bring 'em both up here, clasp the fingertips, reach 'em as high as we can, and then I want you to bring your palms to face me, and really separate yourshoulder blades.

Nice big stretch in the upper back.

And then we're gonna bring our elbowsback and down, nice wide fingers here, and then you get two inhales and exhales withme and then you're out of here.

So give me one big inhale up, and one exhale.

Give me one more big one right here guys.

And shake it out.

Great job you guys! Myname is Kelsey and thank you so much for coming in to join me here today, so staytuned to our Channel and we'll be uploading a lot of newvideos for you along the way.

Just remember to make sure you'restaying healthy, making sure we're washing our hands, and taking care ofourselves and our families during this time.

We wish you a safe and healthy restof your day, and hope to see you again soon!.

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