Hi, I'm Emi! Welcome to another episode of the Wong family's healthy, simple homecooking recipes Today's one has been super highly requested by many of you on Instagram It's Mama Wong's pumpkin soup, using only 3 main ingredients Now, let's get to the kitchen Hello everyone! Today I will be cooking Emi's beloved pumpkin soup It's very simple These are our 3 main ingredients Pumpkin, tomato, and onion These things are optional If you want the soup to be sweeter, you can add a carrot Some bay leaves for a better fragrance Garlic and ginger to remove the grassy flavor of the pumpkin Salt, black pepper and some mixed herbs This part is up to you E: Entirely optional! One tip is: if you want to have a sweeter soup You need to be careful when selecting the ingredients Choose tomatoes and pumpkins that are ripe When unripe, they don't have as much sweetness Which would result in a less flavorful soup Mama Wong said that the soup is super simple What's our first step? We have cut up all the ingredients As for the amount, it really depends on the size of your pumpkin And the size of your tomatoes I used 2/3 of the pumpkin Two tomatoes and half an onion One carrot and a head of garlic If your garlic bulb is big, use only half of one E: Got it! Remember the cooking steps Do not mess up the order! A drizzle of oil in the pot, then we add the ginger Use the soup pot The same pot that we will use when boiling the soup It's that easy, no need to first fry them in a separate pan One less thing to wash, because Mama Wong is lazy Fry the ginger until fragrant E: Next goes the garlic Onion E: So if you skip the ginger and garlic The first step would be to fry the onion MW: We fry with medium heat That's about to be ready In goes the carrot Carrot and pumpkin can go in at the same time We keep the heat on medium throughout this part Because it can burn quite easily These are vegetables after all It's already smelling really nice So for this soup, you can't just throw all the ingredients in And boil them in water E: You need to fry everything first MW: for the flavor to come through Pick one piece up, and check if it's fragrant yet Then you are ready for the next step This part won't take long, only about 2-3 minutes Smell it, is it fragrant? A little bit Just a little bit, which means we need to fry it a while longer Let the vegetables get a bit of a charred flavor Alright, we are almost there You can smell the pumpkin flavor At the end, add the tomatoes All in one pot Yes, it's that easy Let it all cook Now we can add our spices Before putting the bay leaves in, tear them up slightly So the flavor can come out If you don't have fresh bay leaves at home, but instead you've got dried herbs Just sprinkle it on, to your own taste Turn the heat to high Hear this sizzle.


but it won't burn since we put the tomatoes in Now you can pour in the water E: How much water? MW: Just enough till all the ingredients are submerged Like this is perfect, now we wait till it boils E: It's boiling Reduce the heat to medium-low Let it cook for half an hour Then turn off the heat and leave the pot covered for 10-15 minutes Afterwards, let it cool down a little And then we are ready to blend it After blending it up, the soup is done It's a very simple soup, so you should try to make it yourself Now we leave it to boil When it's done cooking, you can season the soup It's also okay if you prefer to leave the salt out Or wait until you taste it and then decide how much salt to add I added a little bit Black pepper and some herbs It's up to you and your own preferences When it's not steaming anymore, we can transfer it to the blender The steaming stopped Now we are ready to blend Pour the vegetables and the liquid into the blender E: You don't have to use this specific blender E: We have used another blender before and it worked just as well Maybe you'll wonder when to stop blending Since all the ingredients have been cooked until they were soft It will only take about 2-3 minutes of blending And then it will be ready If you're not sure You can take it down, take a spoonful and do a taste test Whether you want it creamy and smooth Or chunky That's up to you We like to blend it until it's creamy E: The super-simple pumpkin soup is done Even for a kitchen idiot like me I feel like I can replicate it, although I have never tried Because we have Mama Wong at home It's so easy to make E: From the ingredients, we showed earlier You can make about 4 bowls of soup, according to Mama Wong Perfect for a family to share And the leftovers can be stored in the fridge for the next day Let's do a taste test You try it first MW: I try? Smells great E: Tastes great? Tastes great! E: Right.

Let me get some MW: Very sweet C: Very nice E: He says the same thing every time he eats our food You guys can all give this pumpkin soup a try at home Delicious and healthy I hope you will all enjoy this pumpkin soup Comment below to share with us how it turns out We also have many more healthy recipes, from Papa and Mama Wong MW: Don't forget to subscribe to our channel It's delicious.

Do give it a try See you next time E: Byebye – MW: Bye!.

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