Guided meditation – Female voice – Weight loss hypnosis

Welcome to this powerful weight losshypnosis I am honored to guide you today throughthis relaxing session that could very well change your life so first make sureyou will not be disturbed by anyone or anything finding a place that is niceand comfortable Oh lay your body down and lay your

headbe supported by a soft pillow feel your breathnotice how you are breathing right now breathing in and breathing out when you breathe in open your eyes andlook around for a moment and when you breathe out close them repeat this again breathing in as youopen your eyelids look around

and breathe out closing your eyes one lasttime breathe in and open your eyes and this time when you close your eyeskeep them that way and allow my words to guide you deeperand deeper into a nice comfortable State you can hear my words as that of a dearfriend or

confidant someone you trust someone who cares about you so begin to relax even more by focusingon your fingertips notice any sensations in your fingertips and what kind of sensations you arefeeling nearby the textures the temperature now focus on your palmsonly on the palms of your hands now maintain

your focus within the palms feel a gentle sensation begin to risewhen you focus on the palms of your hands what do you feel in your palms everyone feels something differentperhaps you feel a tingling sensation or maybe a warmth perhaps a coolness some even sense a kind of magnet

effect others just say they feel the energy intheir palms now notice is the sensation stronger inone hand than in the other focus on the hand that is stronger just place your attention on it noticingthe quality of the sensations here and now focus on the weaker handand wait with

patience for the same sensation to appear you can even imagine that you can sendsome energy from the strong hand to the weaker hand notice how you feel when you focus onthis sensation wonderful now allow the sensation to creep up yourarms now relaxing your muscles as it goes traveling

up into your shoulders feelthe muscles in your shoulders melting down allow for this lovely sensation totravel into your neck all the way up into your headrelaxing your jaw relaxing your lips relaxing your cheeks and relaxing your eyes the space between your eyebrows meltsaway deeply relaxed your forehead is

comfortably comb your entire head is deeply relaxed imagine now that above your heada curious white light is coming towards you it is slow and steady as the light gets closer to the very topof your head you can sense its profound relaxation he graces the top of your head

and likea thirsty mouth you drink up this wonderful sensation and as I count down from ten you willfeel it spilling down your entire body all theway to the toes ten melting down nine eight washing over you with a nicecalm sensation seventhis gentle light is unwinding any tension six

allow for this light to cleanse you five traveling down your body making youfeel so good four and when I get to one you will allowyourself to go to the deepest level of relaxation that is perfect for you three feeling so good two and onedropping down into the deepest

state of relaxation that is perfect for you and your conscious mind is slowlyletting go more and more allow sometimes to come into yourmemories where you were around water floating in the bathtub swimming in the ocean running through the sprinkler when youwere young feel the sensation of water by

justimagining it now imagine some memories in yourchildhood where you were swinging on a swing feel the movement of the back-and-forthas you pump your legs to keep up the momentum where was this swing located was it a playground or was it strong toa tree remember the joy of swinging

on theswing good as you relax you are gaining newstrength on how to overcome your weight loss challenges allow for the subconscious mind tobecome fully present right now the power of your subconscious mindis unlike anything else in the universe allow for your subconscious mind to tellyou what it is

that is holding you back from being your ideal weight and shape you may not experience something rightnow or you may have a profound vision or message either way your subconscious is hard atwork because you are asking it to let this go you need to find out what it

isthat has become trapped that needs your attention what it isthat is holding you back from being in the best shape of your life quiet your mind and listen now imagine this thing that is holdingyou back is a right in front of you feel your feelings when it is

presented go through the emotions of this thingthat is holding you back goodnow imagine that you can shrink this thing down to a size that fits into yourpalm place this rubbish that you used toclaim as your truth into a glass jar close the lid and secure it tightly you

have trapped this thingthat has been gripping your life and making you overweight you now havecontrol so take this thing and destroy it in anyway you wish feel your body and mind and emotionsbecome lighter you have destroyed something that was holding you back frombeing healthy and enjoying your body

the power to take back your life and ahealthy way is in your hands hear yourself saying these powerfulaffirmations towards your weight-loss journey I lose weight little by little each andevery day I am determined to live a happy and healthy life I have the power to change my life

I no longer criticize my body instead Ilove my body very good you have done powerful workhere today begin drifting back into a healthylifestyle one that you have control over nothingis holding you back from being your ideal weight size and shape I am honored to be your friend in

yourweight loss journey open your eyes whenever you are ready

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