Ginger Apple & celery detox drink for weight loss

hey guys good evening welcome back to mychannel my name is Nonny like you already know so today I'm super excited to bebut first I want to say good evening guys how are you guys doing hope you'redoing well and if this is your first time coming here I just

want to say welcome andfor my all subscribers I say welcome back and if you haven't subscribed to mychannel please please do subscribe hit on red button to subscribeand also hot the notofication bell to be first to be notified whenever Iupload a new video and don't forget to

give this to the thumbs up like sharewith your friends family everyone so guys today we are going talking about weight loss ok it's like a contention of other video I have already make myfirst videos I don't know yeah few months backso today guys I'mgoing to be sharing

with you how to detox your body and also helps you tolose weight ok so the ingredient we are going to beneeded for today aresomething that's not new to each an every one of us first we are going to be needing our green apple officers for

me I'm just havingthis is already kind of ripe our pool and we're going to be needed our lemonwe need our ginger and also we are going to be meeting our celeryokay I think here I have like five piece okay so how do we prepare this we alsoneed our

Brenda but this you can treats in your juicer if you have juicing andso many – juice for me I prefer I prefer to prepare my in the Brenda because ithelps me to print all the ink all the ingredients together so yeah I waseasier to prepare anything so how

do we prepare this first we're going to bewon't be starting off by shortening of our salary so I already was my wages okay you haveto watch the pages before using me and this you have to train you have to drinkthis after after your night's meal before before you

go to bed so that wayit works I don't you have to drink in the morningI on it and I need to stomach you don't have tobefore you print fast so this should be the first thing that goes into yourstomach and the last thing before you go to bed

so my seller is ready which wedon't pin it into our Brenda oh my god I just got some peace I'll be back we have it so for the ginger I'm goingto be using this amount of ginger for dads but you can put as many as you wantor a

little less stuff it depends on your taste but for me Ilike to feel the taste of ginger it means you also make it easier for meto train so you need two cuts of ginger a small piece to make it easier for youto bread I'm sorry guys if you

hear any noise inthe background just don't worries my girl so guys still we have it custom my juiceis ready I don't know if you guys can see that yeah there isn't itsomebody will transfer to my grass then I can see that's look nice yeah so um Ialmost forget

I will be adding my lemon to the Amata 1 2 3 because this I'mgoing to drink this in the morning yeah because I can't make it I always providenights to drink and then I keep the the rest for the next morning so you don'thave to keep it for

for many days and if reduces it's better to prepare and drinkyou understand because you don't want to lose the the green as you know I don'tknow how to say it I hope I'm right if I'm not pretty toco-creates me ok but I prefer to fix it the same

day and drink it if not not 100flowers here we have it so guys that's it for today's video Ihope this video is helpful to someone out there and if you try this recipeplease do comment and let me know how it goesand don't forget this well this is not

just for you to take it for one nightand then you stop you have to answer it for several daysat least seven days okay so guys free to trade and tradeshouse and let me know what to think about this video and if you like thisvideo don't forget to give

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to say goodnight goodbye andI will see you in my nice

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