Get That Booty & Toned Legs 🍑 Effective Glute Workout at Home

Hey everyone, welcome back to another workout from the summer shredding challenge.

This video is a leg and booty workout.

That's gonna help you to tone it up just in time for summer! So you can do this video on its own or you can join the rest of us with this thirty five day free program by following the calendar schedule.

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Oh, so there are heaps of other people out there who needs a buddy for motivation So do share your progress in the comments and use my hashtag So we've got three sets today 30 seconds on per exercise with a mix of five to ten seconds off Let's start with lateral lunge and raises Lunge to your right and then do a leg raise.

When doing lateral lunges try to sit down with your butt and have your back As upright as possible Now straight away onto the other side try to focus on raising your leg up and remember to focus on your balance and stay safe All right next we've got lunges skip so lunge backward and give a skip upwards like so.

I find it easier when you have your hands out in this motion because It helps you to keep your balance.

So for low impact just don't do the jump On to the other side Skater hop is next for low impact just do without the hops Take it nice and slow so you don't injure yourself You can also make it harder by not resting your back foot on the ground.

So just adjust it on how you're feeling Next we're going straight into a squat jump and side kick without a break So we're just doing a squat jump then kicking to the right side another squat jump then kicking to the other side and repeat Try to go as low as you can in your squat so we can really work those legs Alright next we're doing curtsy lunge with the kick slow and steady guys.

It's all about controlled movements so you can work those legs Now on to the other side so a number of people are constant about bulking their legs But bodyweight routines are highly unlikely to do so, so don't worry guys Now that's the end of the first set we got 20 seconds break now You can take a longer break if you want to and we're going to kick off the next set with pop squats if you have never done this before we're just squatting as low as we can and popping up into our upright position for low impact just take it nice and slow and also when you're doing squats Make sure you're engaging your core and also your back stay neutral Because you don't want to injure your back and also you want to work your core at the same time Next we are doing some kicks to the front and side kick forward with your right leg then kick to the side and then on To the other leg and repeat you're also gonna feel in the leg that's balancing when you're doing the kicks.

So keep pushing guys Next we've got leg lifts and kicks.

Lean forward like so if your leg Extended behind you and followed by a kick after you return to the neutral position It can be hard to balance, but it's totally okay, if you're struggling I struggle here, too.

So just go slow and stay safe On to the other side Lateral bound is next.

We're hopping from side to side and for low impact just take it slowly Next up we're doing lateral lunges.

Lunge from side to side and one almost at the end of this set So just stay in it! Just two more exercises to go! Sumo squat is next.

Get your feet wider than shoulder width apart then lower your hips down.

This really works the inner thighs and Our final exercise for this set is sumo pulse.

As you are squatting down just give it three to four pulses You are sooo gonna feel the burn on your legs, but it's going to be so worth it! Great job guys now grab the finish mat and the next set is all on the ground You can take a longer break if you want to and while kicking off with some fire Hydrants.

Lift your left leg sideways and you're going to feel it on the side of your glutes Now on to the other side Next we've got rainbows.

Yeah, basically join a nice colorful rainbow with your feet in a semi-circle motion This was your whole glutes including your side glutes.

We're not far from finishing this workout.

So keep pushing guys! Now on to the other leg Alright next we've got some glute flutter kicks lay flat on the mat and leave your glutes Slightly up and pedal those legs it'll help if you can keep your arms straight as well in a similar motion Now we've got some frog kicks.

Just four more exercises to go after this! Now get on all fours, we're doing a leg raise followed by a sidekick you're basically having your leg extended and raise it up as high as you can and Come back down a little then kick to the side and then we repeat Now on to the other leg So I'm pretty sure you can feel the burn on your bootie and at the side of your bootie now, but keep pushing guys! Two more exercises to go we've got frog pumps now Have your feet touch each other like so and thrust upwards don't even think about giving up guys! Just keep thrusting.

You've got this And our last exercise is glute bridges thrust those hips into the air and lets mash this workout to the end Great work everyone.

I hope you're feeling it all over in your legs and glutes Now remember it's all about progressing a little further each day And you're not alone in this summer shredding program now go hit for us your way to that like button Subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you in the next workout.


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