Get 11 Line Abs Fast! | 10 Min, No Jump, Beginner Friendly Workout ( Eng Sub)

Hi, everyone.

My name is April.

Today I want to share with you a very effective exercise to develop firm abs.

There are twelve steps in total, which need about 10 minutes to complete.

It is this exercise that results in an easily seen firm abs on my body in 30 days, a fact which I revealed in the previous video.

In fact, on the seventh day of exercising, the firm abs had started to take shape, which proves that the exercise really works.

So let's get started.

First of all, you need to exercise to tighten abdominals, and make your lower back touch the ground all the time.

This will avoid back pain after going through all steps.

The next exercise is crunches, with one leg upright and the other bent.

Try to touch the knee of the opposite straight leg with your elbows.

Beginners can simply rest one leg on the knee of the other leg, as depicted in the upper right corner of the screen.

Keep tightening the lower abdomen, and keep the lower back hugging the ground.

Ok, let's switch to the other part of the body.

This is an excellent exercise to develop firm abs, as well as to train the lower abdomen and legs.

Slow down the move and do it as accurately as possible.

Pay attention to your breathing.

Exhale when exerting and inhale when you relax.

The third move is called Breaststroke kicking with hands holding the head.

Make a V when you extend your legs, keep tiptoes touch each other when you recover legs.

Beginners can just simply kick out with head in their hands.

Breaststroke kicking can not only develop abdominal muscles, but also slim down side waist and thighs.

The fourth movement is Russian Twist, which is essential for developing firm abs.

Lift your legs up off the ground, bring your hands together, Touch the ground behind one side of your body with your hands while turning and your eyes following your hands.

Beginners can keep their legs on the ground.

Pay attention to tightening the abdomen.

Next is reverse crunches, forced by the muscles of the waist and abdomen.

Keep your legs close to your chest and your toes pointed to the ceiling.

When you lower your legs, try touching the ground with tiptoes further from the body.

The further you tip, the better the effect will be.

Keep tightening the abdomen.

Then, lie in the lateral and make kicks.

Support your upper body with your arms and make oblique kicks.

Make sure you are kicking obliquely.

The exercise will be able to train muscles of side waist effectively, as well as rendering slim perfect legs.

Watch your breath.

Exhale when exerting and inhale when you relax.

Switch to exercise the other side of the body.

Tighten your lower abdomen.

You may be very tired.

Keep going.

Come on.

The next exercise is planks with buttocks contacting the floor.

Maintain your buttock in a correct position, not too high or too low, tighten abdomen throughout the process.

This move can result in perfect firm abs and slim side waist.

Watch your breath and tighten the abdomen.

The eighth exercise is called V confrontation.

The body and legs are in a V shape, with feet off the ground.

If you can't do it, just support upper body with your hands and make crunches.

This is an excellent exercise to train lower abdominal muscles.

Tighten abdomen.

Keep going.

Next is leg lifting with side supporting.

If you can't make it, ignore leg lifting, just with feet together and knee bent, push the hip off the ground, with the power from abdomen.

Remember to tighten the abdomen all the time.

Okay, now switch to the other side.

Except for developing firm abs, this exercise can also maintain thin waist and legs and improve muscle strength of buttock.

Always contract your lower abdomen.

Pay close attention to your breath.

The tenth exercise is single-leg Bridge with front kicking, which is a perfect exercise that enables you to develop abdominal muscles, as well as muscles of both buttock and legs.

Beginners may choose to do Gluteus Bridge instead.

You are almost done.

Keep going.

Switch to the other side.

Contract your abdomen and raise your hip.

Come on.

Then comes the sideways mountain-climbing.

Keep the knees close to the chest.

Raise the hip a little bit, not too high or too low.

This exercise can develop firm abs quickly.

If you get exhausted, just support the body with your hands.

Here's the last exercise.

kick back towards ceiling first, then touch the elbow from the outside.

If you find it difficult, just kick backwards and complete elbow touching.

This exercise promises to develop firm abs, also slim down side waist and give you a nice booty.

The better the result, the harder the exercise will be.

Just keep going.

Now switch to the other side.

Come on.

You are almost there.

In the early stage of the exercise you may not be able to complete all moves accurately, or you can but only last a very short time.

It doesn't matter.

As long as you schedule to exercise every day, you will be able to handle all moves soon.

All right.

The exercise is over.

Now let's do some stretching.

First comes a dramatic salute by putting your hands up on your head and stretching them back.

You can feel the abdominal muscles being stretched.

Next, lie on your stomach, rest your upper body on your elbows and stretch your abdominal muscles.

Breath slowly, relax.

Or you can stretch muscles further.

Support your upper body with hands, you will feel that your abdominal muscles are stretched even further.

Well, this is all for today.

Remember to exercise one time each day.

If your body fat percentage is high, watch your diet.

For example, stay away from greasy and high-sugar food.

Eat every meal just 80% full.

Or have several small meals each day.

If you complete the exercises one time each day and control your diet, you'll soon see the firm abs on your body within a week, even two or three days.

Now my sweat is flowing along the firm abs, I don't know if you can see it.

Okay, so that's the end of this video.

See you next time.



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