FULL BODY workout using RESISTANCE BANDS | Home Workout Ep. 3

hey guys what's up at Alexandra and today I'm here with a full band workout and you can mix and match with the workout that I put up I'm gonna leave the workouts down in the description box and up above here as well you can mix and match exercise

I'm gonna show you right now and you can check out those videos and whichever exercises you want to do you can put together your own little workout the buns that I'm gonna be using I'm using three different bags but to be honest you can do all of it

with one band I have a band that's like this it has handles and the reason why I like these just because it's easier to like hold them it has a nice grip but on the other hand you can't really tied together while you can tie it together but

it wouldn't be really comfortable so that's why I also have this bag it's similar it just doesn't have handles and it's a bit thicker so instead of a handle you were wrapping around your hand and then you can pull and do your exercises and you can also tie

together and make smaller ones I'm also using these bands you know just a circle a small circle and these are really good booty building bad and that's why I recommend this because you can tie this together and use it just like you would use that smaller one and

you will have this two in one and I'm gonna show you guys the use of all of them in this video and you can see how it looks like and how I use it there are so many exercises you can do with bags like it's very very versatile

the reason why I grown to like Vance is because it's very easy to bring with you you know like it's smaller than bringing underwear so you can just throw it in your bag whatever you're traveling well you're not gonna be traveling right now that much but when we

finally can travel it's easy to bring with you I was always looking at hotels that had gyms they were so much more pricier and I would find really nice places to stay that didn't have gyms and were cheaper there are two reasons I don't care place as a

gym one is I finally realized that you don't have to be too intense about your workouts like I always wanted to be able to workout when I went on vacation because I felt bad that I would miss out but it's okay if you relax a little bit especially

if you're not prepping for competitions and if you're prepping for competition then you should try not to travel because then you really do need it to work out in the gym but these sounds are really easy to bring with you that's the second reason why I don't really

care as a place to the gym because these mats are very very easy to bring with you they don't weigh anything they they literally don't want anything I think this may be waste like I'm not gonna say anything I don't want to say some things too but they're

very light and you can just pack them in your bag and you can even bring them up to your flight the amount of workout you would need in a vacation they give you that and when you're out of vacation you can buy a packet of water and this

also serves really good with weights if you're traveling don't travel right now but when we're back to traveling all you need to stay fit during a travel is bang a backpack that's all you need to bring you bring that anyway I mean backpack you bring anyway and just

throw in a band and and when you're there I can't just late here hello okay so so you're traveling all you need to do is pack a bag in your backpack that you're already bringing with you and then buy water and drinks or whatever you're going to be

drinking and you and you can just put them in the backpack later on and use that and you're use the backpack as your bar and use the water bottle as your weight and you already have a full workout though if you're really fanatic about a gym all you

need to do is this I know I like working out but your body needs rest and it's good to have a rest sometimes it's okay you can take a little rest not here and then but right now we're not wrestling because we still want that beach body before

I show you guys to workout I'm sorry I know I'm blabbing a lot but I just want to tell you guys that I am working on my website add meal plans and workout plans for home while we're stuck at home because even though you're at home you still

need to work out because working out and eating healthy really really does help the immune system it makes your immune system so much stronger make sure to follow me on Instagram and also don't forget to subscribe because I'm gonna be telling you guys when the website launches until

then you can DM me on Instagram for online coaching and without further ado here's the workout I'm using the one with the Gripen and I'm just putting the middle on the floor and I'm stepping on it and starting my exercise most of these exercises I already went through

in my previous videos I'll link them down below [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed the workout if you did make sure to give it two thumbs up and don't forget to

subscribe I post new videos every week I am trying to post you to three times a week to keep you guys entertained bring you guys some vlogs and fitness videos maybe cat videos alright I'll see you guys next week until then stay fit and healthy bye guys [Music]

[Applause] [Music]

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