Hello everyone my name is Gui Pinto and welcome to another video and today we are back with our home training series without equipment to do during the quarantine And today it will be a full body, in which there will be 10 exercises, 2 exercises for each muscle group, abs, legs, back and biceps, chest and tricep, and shoulder.

Since this is a full body workout, of course, we cannot do it every day, otherwise, our body will not have time to recover and that is one of the doubts when people start training is How to organize the week? And an excellent way is to do only full body training, 3-4 times a week, sometimes 2 days of rest depends on how you feel, but at least 3-4 times is great for the beginning And this type of workouts is also very good when you have a very busy week, for example with tests / exams and you can only train 2-3 times a week so you do full body in these workouts And it is also very useful when we go on vacation and want to rest and just train 1 or 2 days a week, doing a full body is an excellent option The only equipment that we will need and everyone has at home, there are 2 chairs, a book / notebook and a towel that is to do the pull ups on the door as I already taught in the previous videos One of the most important things, especially when doing exercises with body weight is to give priority to the form, maybe you will do less reps, but they will be good, better reps and these are the reps that will help you to progress faster I know that sometimes it can be a little difficult if you are accustomed to doing 40 push-ups and with good form maybe you only do 30 Sometimes it is necessary to lower the ego and it can be difficult because we are used to doing an exercise with a much larger number and then we are lowering a lot but it is the best to do believe that the results will be much better At the end of the video I will leave the training with the reps and everything else that is to take a screenshoot and keep in your phone, after you warm up, let's start, let's do the exercises 2 to 2 That is, we do 2 exercises for one muscle group, then 2 more for another one until we reach 10 exercises and all muscles The first 2 exercises will be for shoulders, the first will be wall handstand push ups, if it is too difficult you can do pike push ups as I already taught If it is very easy, you can do it with your feet on a higher surface, then we have the other levels that are on the wall, with the back against the wall it is easier, with the belly against the wall it is more difficult Always try, on push ups, either on the wall or on a pike to make your elbows go in and not out, le´ts go 5 reps Rest about 1 min between exercises and listen to your body Next exercise will be for shoulders and we will do a wall handstand and then touch on our shoulders 16 reps, 8 each arm If it's too hard you can do it in Pike and here I advise to put your feet in an elevated surface And do, touch, touch I will do on the wall, 16 reps To do this exercise is better with the belly facing the wall Next 2 exercises will for Abs and you have to pick your 2 chairs and do a P-Bars and let's do leg raises 15 reps If it´s too hard you can do it with your knees Done, in this exercise is important, I know it can be hard because of flexibility, to straight your legs, and try not to give too much balance with the body, use only the abdominal strengt Let’s go to the door now, don’t forget to put the book underneath, so the door is securely fastened and you don’t shake and the towel over it so you don’t hurt your hands And let´s do 15 sec L-Sit If it is too hard you can do it in Tuck Next muscle group will be back and biceps, we will use our door, our improvised bar here and we will grab as open as possible and do 5 half reps pull ups + 5 full reps pull ups, like this 1, 2.



And now go down and do 5 full reps Rest 1/1.

30 min and when you feel ready go to the next one, will be pull ups again but now a close grip and one thing you have to do in the pull ups is to constantly change the grip Not always doing this or that, but changing doing open, neutral etc.

To be strong in all the muscles of your back, 8 reps Next 2 exercises will be for legs, the first one will be jump squat but let's do the negative/excentric part very slowly and then explode in the concentric part 15 reps In this exercise the most important thing is to be able to stop the fall, be smooth, and go down slowly Next is Pistol Squats 5 each leg, If it´s necessary you can use the wall to help it is normal that you have one leg stronger than the other, for example to me the right is more strong last one, try always to keep your leg straight Last 2 exercises, finally chest and tricep, the first will be explosive push ups, diamond to shoulder width and then do diamond and repeat, 15 reps And after that without rest 15 Dips to finish, then you can repeat for 2, 3, 4 rounds And If it's too hard do it on your knees Now dips Pick your chairs and do 15, last exercise! Don't forget to keep a good form in all exercises, if you are unable to do all repetitions, it's better to lower a progression or do only those that you can do well, rest and do it again No problem, sometimes we have to be more humble, lower our ego a bit and believe me when you do that the results will be much better If you have any questions send me a message to my social networks, instagram, facebook e twitter are in the description Don't forget to leave a like, subscribe, share and see you in the next video!.

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