Finger Swagger Episode 1 – 20 min Pinky Workout

hi uncle friends welcome to finger Swaggart your home training first string flares my name is Ginny Joe I'm the artistic director of awkward children music and your instructor today Baker swagger is a new unfortunate youtube series for string players who want to improve on their technique we help

you develop healthy habits of fundamentals studies now fundamental studies for musicians are what basic training is for athletes before we can apply ourselves to the real game in our case that's the concert stage we have to be in stellar physical shape to be able to express all the

emotions all the stories in the repertoire and that's where fundamental studies can help you they build you to be the violinist you want to be I have created sets of exercises combining sceptic triac and Dunas and now I know some of you guys are thinking oh they're so

boy they're my mummy League painful and last time I did it it was awful but I promise you it'll be so much fun whatever I have created a routine of exercises for each episode and in every episode we will go through them together so be ready to play

along with first episode we're going to work on the left pinky it's the pinky swagger the pinky aka the little finger is obviously the weakest of our hands but it handles most of the extensions and passage works in our left hand which requires strength dexterity and also flexibility

because it's a smallest finger though it can be challenging to build a good balance and mobility and endurance without injuring the whole hand so today we're going to approach your routine carefully and strategically with a great form before we get started have ready on your stand these exercises

if you don't own these books they're readily available online and you can download them for free if you want to invest in these books that's also great here is today's routine now let's get started we're going to go at a moderate speed today because it's so much more

important to do these exercises with the right form rather than fast each time you repeat this routine you can up your speed if you'd like but you can also keep at the mater speed and it'll be just fine keep your fingers nice and loose smoothly moving but you

want to hold the frame round inside of your hand round inside your hand but still soft I don't like to use the word relaxed relaxed suggests like couch potato we want it to be structured but at the same time not to tense keep the frame in a soft

way it should feel to you internally soft strong but soft try to keep the form as much as possible as we go through these exercises and move the fingers without affecting the form so this is the form round here these are the fingers alright let's go [Music] [Music]

you [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] finger sword finger all right now we're gonna go into subject we covered a string D string now it's Easter Egg Easter eggs intonation is a lot more sensitive than the other strings because the pitch is so

high we're gonna take a slower tempo and then take a lot more careful approach make sure that your elbow is not pulling too much towards your body even a little bit to the other side of the body so a string D string is neutral a string these three

is a little bit more engaged and then the a string but the e string is a bit out in terms of the hand frame so everything angle wise is moving together like this okay plenty of support from your setup make sure you're at a point where you don't

have to raise your shoulder but comfortably setting the violin right on top of your space right here so it's the best if you can create a plateau between your shoulder line here and your collarbone so that the violin can sit right there very comfortably you're not grabbing the

shoulder rest you're grabbing the violin and then shoulder rest it's just filling the empty space this is unless you have a very very long neck then we have to figure out specific set up three for you but for most people this is this works okay eastream okay let's

go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the hardest one yet but we're gonna finish strong okay this goes through G string D string and E string we did a ton of a string with shared act it's fine because its fourth position it's so easy for us to

think oh it's right there I'm just gonna lean over on the side of the violin of the rim of the island but try not to do that we're gonna keep the hand afloat subject 21 is specifically difficult because it also deals with two and three extension while it's

asking you three and four extension and what it does is that it makes sure that your third finger is in position while you try to extend which is a double extension so it's a little difficult but didn't make sure that their finger is staying in its place [Music]

it's killing me but it's feeling that you work you should never have like a pinching pain it's like more like soreness that's okay now let's do the d-string almost finished don't give up now don't get them now don't do it don't do it okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

Oh feel the burn feel the burn Wow okay stretch again stretch again okay look look alive last one Eastern [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it's okay if you couldn't do it perfectly in tune or if you have trouble following with the metronome or if you had a little bit

of trouble keeping the hand shape it's totally fine it's about the process and the fact that you're doing it more than what you could do today great job everyone that's the end of the routine because these exercises can be quite strenuous for the left pinky I recommend doing

these exercises these routines every other day not every day but you'll definitely sense an improvement in the fingers range of motion and strength every time you repeat the routine so keep working keep working I hope you enjoyed the video if you found it helpful subscribe to our up

courtier music channel and we will keep these videos coming leave us comments about what you'd like to see next and we'll follow up with you I will be back with the next episode soon

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