Father's Day Workout FT. Zen Heria | 2019

what's up guys welcome to another video of this official TEDx today I'm gonna be doing a Father's Day work up for that let's get started what's up that ex-athletes is N and Chris area happy Father's Day and one thing my son really knows about me is that I love it's kind of a tradition of ours that every Father's Day we always do a workout session right yeah so we're gonna start this Father's Day off with a full body workout session and we want you to join us grab the father that's in your life or the child that's in your life and let's get this workout started are you ready and for more workouts just like this make sure you download the Phoenix app in the App Store to get full access to all our workout programs getting you in the best shape of your life all right let's get this workout started come on son we're gonna go for 25 push-ups you got it you sure all right 25 push-ups let's do it I'm gonna get started alright you faced me right there we go back to back don't give up all right I don't give up you can't give up all right let's do it [Music] clothes you can't last long give it everything you got go all the way to the bottom hold it hold it hold it awesome whoa man that's killer hey we don't got a lot of stronger than the last time we made a video huh so with those push-ups we just engaged our chest our triceps at some core right next we're gonna move on is to pull-ups that's gonna hit our biceps our back core as well let's get it going all right son so I'm gonna be doing pull-ups and you're going to be doing a progression to pull-ups because I want you to really master the pulling motion and eventually you're gonna be doing pull-ups one-arm pull-ups all that cool stuff you see dad do all right so in the last video we did we did Australian pull-ups you remember that right so you got this right alright so and you're gonna do 10 Australian pull-ups and I'm gonna be over here I'm gonna match you [Music] well the last one [Music] all right you killed that that was awesome are you ready now we're gonna do some legs you do walking lunges all right this next exercise we're gonna do starting from the end of the room let's put our hands on our heads keep our arquebus in good posture back straight we're gonna put our one foot forward come all the way down until our knee is right above the ground and then come right back up and take that next step all right take another step see what you got there let's take one more step awesome make sure you take it full a full step there you go don't let your knees slam on the ground okay big boy there you go like that don't your knee touch the ground sighs awesome keep your head up neck up head up good keep that good posture in your back [Music] all right let's go back let's do it these are kind of easy are these easy it's too easy alright so when we get to the end I got a little surprise for you all right we made it to the end let's do those jumping all right let's check let's see what you got just get in the lunge jump jump jump alright keep going awesome man you ready for the next exercise we're gonna do some ABS we're gonna be going into mountain climbers this exercise is gonna work our abdominals of course but it's also gonna bring up our heart rate working on our cardio our high intensity and burning some fat let's do this you ready son let's get down to a push-up position you know how to do mountain climbers right all right you ready to go for 45 seconds let's do it don't give up I'm counting on you look at the concentration on this boy he's got that whoa knees in it's down all right whew you are flying through this and this kid's gonna be stronger than his dad when he grows up all right and next exercise are you ready for this one it's gonna be hanging knee raises so you're gonna hang on the bar and you're gonna bring your knees to your chest and then bring your legs back out together straight perfect form like always taught you all right I'm gonna be doing toasted bar right next to you all righty so you ready for this all right you can get up on your own oh you got it man let's go for ten here we go awesome knees to chest [Music] hang it in there son awesome that was great that was great all right son step on down we're almost done we have two exercises left this next exercise is gonna be targeting our triceps our chest a little bit of Domino's and our shoulders awesome all right so this is gonna be bench dips so you're gonna be bench dips on the side I'll try to do bench this with one arm making it a little bit harder all right you ready let's go for how many do you wanna go for [Music] okay that works let's do it look at those gains oh okay okay this guy's gonna be a WWE star oh yeah who's your favorite wrestler watch out John Cena sent here he is coming to you all right you ready for the last exercise okay this is gonna be a real test of strength this is gonna be one of the first progressions to learning your handstand and also to start doing handstand push-ups and that exercise is gonna be wall walks and I'll be doing handstand push-ups right beside you to motivate you all right let's do this is the last exercise alright first let me show you how to do the wall walk you're gonna do it right you can start just like a pushup like the mountain climber position I'm gonna take little steps up the wall see keeping your legs straight then you're gonna take little steps with your hands and your feet at the same time you want to go up as high as you can go this is really the goal be as straight as long as you can your body completely tighten straight but if you can't go that high only walk up to as high as you can if this is as high as we can walk up to just go up to there and then come all the way back down right the more you do it you'll be able to walk up all the way up higher and higher that's a breeze all right alright son give it everything you got – let's do it last reps make these count here we go [Music] [Music] ah that was crazy son you're the best give me that a big hug whoa all right guys that is round one to this intense Father's Day workout but it was super awesome thank you guys so much for joining us we're gonna go and continue three more rounds to finish up this workout routine and then definitely go do something fun with your dad go do something fun with your kids so I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my father's day with my son and I will see you guys next Sunday thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed the video definitely smash that's right and subscribe if you haven't already we post every Sunday 8 p.


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USA Eastern Time bad luck hey guys thanks for hanging out with us and if you want to see more videos with me just say down below and comment I had so much fun and I can't wait to do it again see you next time [Music] [Music].

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