ETSU's DeWeese is keeping people active with "Workout Wednesdays"

Brad DeWeese is the assistant athletic director for sport performance at ETSU and recently he began an online exercise program on social media called workout Wednesday's and this morning he joins us to share with us all the details of this online workout for all ages good morning how are you doing wonderful how are you doing I'm doing really well tell us about workout Wednesdays I've been hearing some rave reviews about this I'll tell you what we have four kids in the house and we can empathize for everybody that's kind of locked inside the house right now so it was a good way for us to be able to you know share our journey and and be able to kind of give back to the community a little bit through ETSU and and give people ideas on how to train and how to get their kids involved and you know an exercise routine and make it fun but also productive at the same time talk to us walk us through a normal workout Wednesday program what do you got going on there how's it formatted at what goes on well I'll tell you what we we try to have a unique and a different experience each week so we just finished our fourth one we've gone through traditional strength training using you know your everyday household items such as canned foods milk jugs if you have free weights we've included that we've gone through a kid-friendly yoga routine just with some basic exercises and stretches that you know really anybody in the household can complete but really making sure that it's age-appropriate we've done a backyard family Olympics so to speak just to get you know everybody's compared competitive juices flowing and we've started off I think week one we started off with rock-paper-scissors that's a game that the kids like to play here so we figured we might as well make that a exercise competition so each week we try to bring something a little bit new so that way the kids in the viewing audience can look you know – some variation so to speak and from one cat wins these how come folks access that I know it's on different social media platforms so right now you can find that on Facebook and Twitter and ETSU athletics and ETSU health both tweet those out so yeah it's every Wednesday starting around 9:30 in the morning I think that's when they go live so you know so as to speak on Facebook and I'll notice on the wall behind you you got the Olympic flag up there you help with the live Olympic training talk to me about you know the Olympics have been postponed but you say you're just looking at this as a way to train even more for the next Olympics absolutely you know it's when the news hit and I think everybody was discouraged at first because you know everybody's excited to to go represent their country but really you you got to figure out a way to make it a positive and this gives us another 10 months to be able to solidify training you know iron out any weaknesses that athletes have you know refocus their goals and commitment it's not it's not easy to say it's gonna be the same Olympic team and the same athletes that could have made the team in 2020 going next year for some but again it's it's really just getting everybody to focus on recommitting their energy and you know diving into training while we have this this period of time how important is it to have that Olympic training facilities and everything going on here at ETSU it's very important you know the thing that that ETSU allows I cannot thank dr.

Noland enough for his support for that you know being able to provide regional support and access to athletes who represent Team USA who may not have that in their community or you know hometown it's vital you know these athletes don't make a lot of money typically they're going in debt in this process to represent the country and just to be able to have ETSU provide housing you know sports medicine strength conditioning nutrition it's just it's a blessing for a lot of these national team athletes all right Brad Louise thank you for taking a few moments with us today we appreciate it anytime thank you all right folks Brad – we stare at ETSU keep a lookout for workout wins these each wins the although on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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