ENG) 10MIN CORE WORKOUT I 하루10분 코어운동

Hello, it's Euddeume.

Today we will do 10 minutes of core stability.

It's a program to do every day to those who have a weak back or weak stamina.

We'll do 5 different movements for 1 minute and go back to the first movement and repeat the whole set.

Hence, it's repeating 5 different movements twice.

Let's get right into it.

Since it's such an easy exercise, you can skip the time and follow me right away.

Alright, let's get ready.

We'll start in a quadruped position.

Start with the Cat pose, curl your coccyx in, and tuck in your head towards your tummy to form a Cow pose.

Now, do not bend your back in one go.

Stretch your back as long as possible in stages.

Even when coming back, don't twist your back, and make your body round so that your spine joints stretch out.

Open up those chests again.

When tucking in, curl your coccyx, and feel you spine stretching out long.

Open up the chest.

The movements don't necessarily have to be fast.

Curl up.

Think as if the crown of the head and the coccyx is the extension of the spine.

Stretch out the spine with those extensions, coccyx and the crown of the head, and then turn around to meet each other again in the roundabout.

Next, we move onto the Bird dog exercise.

In this position, keep the balance and stretch out your leg and arm.

Come back, and do the opposite side.

If your body wavers too much, you can just do.



Just slightly lift your arm and leg from the floor and put it back.

That will do.

The exercise video I made before called 'Basics of the Superman' will be a helpful reference for you.

Do not lean your hands and feet on one side, and make sure your arm and leg stretch as far as possible.

Make sure you don't lift either the arm or the leg too high.

It's really to work out your core, so when you exaggerate your movements, it might hurt your core and your back.

I usually look at the end of the mat.

Next, we move onto the movement called Dead bug.

Lie on the floor and lift your limbs like so.

Push your right arm and left leg away from your body.

Come back.

Do the other side.

And back.

The furthest you should go is just before your back is lifted from the mat.

You can stop here, but if you're flexible or your core can take it, you can push further.

Don't overwork, and go about this far.

If your back moves away from the mat right after you move your leg, you can stretch out the knees and only push the arms away.

Like so.

When you're used to it, go further and further.

Keep using the energy from your trunk.

Again, exhale.


When you're exhaling and pushing, try to use as many core muscles as possible and adjust it.

Sit upright away to move onto Russian Twist.

As you keep using the core muscles you used in the Dead bug movement, lace your fingers and move left and right.

Two, three, four.

When you're twisting, do not lean back.

Keep your abdomen upright, and make sure you are keeping your hands in front of your chest away from you.

When this is too easy for you, you can do it while lifting your feet.

I can say this is the most difficult exercise of all.

You don't have to do the twists too much.

You can also do this exercise by holding a ball or a cellphone and moving it next to you.

Never bend your back.

Do as if you're cuddling your abdomen in.

Along with the internal and external oblique muscle of the abdomen that you worked out through Twist, let's continue to Crunch.


Lie down.

When you're finding it hard to do Crunch, refer to my video called 'Basics of the Crunch'.

The abdomen mustn't turn in a round, but keep your hips settled down, press your abdomen to the floor, and come up by stretching up your spine.

When you want to level it up, lift either one or both legs and try it while trying to keep the lower body in the same position.

Come back to quadruped position, and move back onto Cat and Cow.

Now that the spine is loosened up, concentrate on breathing and the movements, to make sure the flow never ends.

Open up.

It's an exercise where you only have to be cautious not to bend your lower back or your neck too much as you open up your chest.

As for the breathing pattern, it's fine as long as you keep it regular.

For instance, had you breathed out as you curled up like this, You should keep breathing out when you do the curling exercise Or, the next day, Had you breathed out like this During the cat exercise where you open up your chest, You can do it so that you inhale as you bring it back.

We'll get right into the 'Bird Dog' exercise.

You should first remember that your priority Is not to raise your arm and leg, But to maintain the core energy in your body.

So, only extend them within the boundary That you can manage while you're focusing on sustaining your body.

Exhale as you extend, And inhale as you bring them back.

Feel that sense of your arm and leg getting further away from your body And take them back stably As for your eyes, you should look a little further away from the floor, Around the edge of the mat.

If you look too downwards, Your head, contrarily, may be lowered too much due to gravity.

Only focus on the sense of getting further away from your body.

Keep pushing out your chest towards the floor.

Keep maintaining the tension around your abdomen, too.

We'll lie down on the ground right away.

The 'Dead Bug' The most important thing is that your abdomen does not move.

The floor on the– While maintaining your lower back that's on the floor, You need to use the energy from your body in order to do this pose.

Flexing your lower back too much, or trying to maintain yourself solely with your abs can be dangerous.

While maintaining your chest and your abdomen close to the ground overall, The arms and the legs are a part of the extensions on your body.

You can think of it as the bird dog done lying down, But this is more difficult.

And there's the danger of injuring your lower back, too.

Therefore, within a safe boundary– don't extent them too far, I'd only like you to go within the boundary that your body allows And that is possible.

Get back up right away and do the 'Russian Twist'.

This time, we'll raise our legs up as we go.

With your eyes, too, be nocturnal– Not nocturnal, no Be natural with your eyes, let them follow your hands But if this causes you to lose your balance too much and get shaky, Just look a little towards the side of your knees.

You could lead with your head, But you could, in turn, lose balance because of your head, you see? And thinking of it as raising your chest area, rather than your lower back, Is more helpful for using the internal and the external oblique muscles on your abdomen And it can also enhance the range of motion on your thoracic vertebrae.

If 1 minute is too hard for you, You can put down your legs in the middle and do it with them touching the ground.

And you can also take a rest.

The 'Crunch' We'll do it with our legs up.

We aren't moving the body below the belly button area at all.

Every time we come up, the belly button, contrarily, gets pushed down towards the ground even more.

As you exhale, You should exhale during the part where you exert strength And activate your cores a little more.

If you want to increase the level of difficulty, You can try straightening your knees.

Once more.

Embrace one leg and put down the other leg.

While exhaling deeply, Bend your elbows towards the inside of your body widely.

Exhale once more Straighten out your other leg Exhale deeply Embrace both of your legs together And lift up your head once, too.

And then, after lying down to take a rest for about a minute, And wrap up.

The end! If today's video was helpful to you, Please subscribe, like and turn on notifications.

See you tomorrow.


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