EASY Hacks To LOSE Weight | Simple Weight Loss TIPS (Which WORK)

hey everyone welcome back to fit sagatoday I want to share with you some of my top tips for healthy eating andweight loss that have helped me to lose 25 pounds lot of people including me weapproach weight loss by dieting which makes us hate our life and hate the foodwe eat and it makes us feel that it is no fun but through this journey what Ilearned is fad diets won't work in fact it will make you feel even more worse ormake you gain twice the weight which you lost once you stop dieting so now I'mabout enjoying the journey eating delicious food and having weight losshappen along the way before we go any further make sure to hit that subscribebutton so you never miss my weekly workout videos and the healthy recipesalso hit the bell icon for the instant notification sounds good so let's getstarted with my tips tip number one portion control portioncontrol is very important when I say portion control I don't mean eating lessare eating only vegetables or fruits absolutely no I mean eating what yourbody needs to feel full and energetic you don't want to eat more than whatyour body needs because that extra food what you had is gonna get stored as fatand you don't want that so you want to eat just what your body needs tip numbertwo knowing and understanding your macros another important tip is tounderstand macros it is nothing but knowing what is well balanced meal andwhy it is well balanced it's paying attention to proteins knowing whetherthey are lean and not have carbs.

but keep it complex carbs and not the simple carbsand have more veggies for all your meals if you want to keep a track of macrosthen a kitchen scale is very helpful too they are not expensive and they'll helpyou understand what you are eating how much you are eatingand help you stay on track with macros tip number three knowing are limitingyour sugar intake learn how to start identifying the sugar in all the foodyou're eating always aim for natural sugars which are from veggies and fruitsand pay attention to added sugars because they're gonna spike your bloodsugar level and it is gonna damage your body and make you crave sugar even moreand it is going to make your weight-loss journey even more difficult tip numberfour drink water water is very important when you're trying to lose weight itkeeps you hydrated and helps you lose weight faster so make sure to drinkwater throughout the day typically you should have half of your body weight inounces each day for water for example I weigh 98 pounds and I should be lookingto have about 49 ounces every day to maintain healthylifestyle tip number five finding healthy replacements all you gotta do isfinding healthy replacements for some of those unhealthy ingredients in the foodyou already love for example if you like Mayonnaise replace with avocadosinstead of having french fries you can have sweet potato fries instead ofeating white bread you can go for wheat or rye or sourdough so there are so manydifferent replacements you just have to look for it you will be still able tolove the food and enjoy it tip number six keeping a food diary using an app orkeeping a food diary will be super beneficial as it will make youunderstand and give you a baseline of what kind of food you're eating so ifyou're not sure why you're not losing weight make sure to keep a track of yourdaily food intake and that will really help you to understand what where youare lacking what kind of changes you have to do in order to lose weight thelast and very important step is getting good sleep losing weight just isn'tabout food or diet it is also about how well you sleep how does your body restso you want to make sure that you're getting good amount of sleep every nighthave you ever noticed when you don't sleep well the next day you crave moreof like carbs and sugary treats that's because your body is trying to get theenergy by feeding carbs and the sugary treats which are unhealthy so make sureto get good amount of sleep every night if you want to lose weight or if you'remaintaining weight and rest is really important for your body because itrequires that recovery phase the bottom line is try to keep in your mindthat this is a clean eating healthy lifestyle journey weight loss is gonnahappen along the way but what you wanna do is focusing on taking care of yourbody being nutritious and enjoying the lifethank you for watching hope you guys like this video if you have anyquestions or concerns regarding this please comment below if you like thisvideo make sure to give me a big thumbs up and hit the subscribe button also hitthe bell icon for the instant notificationsee you guys in the next video until then bye bye.

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