Dumbbell Bodyweight Blaster Workout | Jay Maryniak

What's up? Performix athlete Jay Maryniak here, and I'm about to take you guys through my Dumbbell Bodyweight Blaster.

The goal of this workout is we're going to keep that heart rate up.

We're going to be building strength and burning fat.

Alright, so this workout is structured a little bit differently.

We're going to be working for 40 seconds, resting for 20, and then resting for a minute and 20 in between sets.

This workout is going to take about 30 minutes.

So if you guys are ready, let's get after it.

Alright, we're kicking things off with Romanian Deadlifts.

A little bit different than a normal deadlift here because we're going to be going for a tempo of 4, 2, and 1.

So, we're going four seconds down, two second pause in the bottom, and then one second coming up.

Key point here guys is keeping that spine neutral.

I see way too many people, at the bottom of that deadlift, cranking their neck back, keeping it in full extension looking up.

Make sure you guys are looking down.

Keep that spine completely neutral through the up phase and through the down phase.

All right, now we're moving on to the Dumbbell Push-up Pull-through.

That dumbbell is going to be about at your rib cage.

We dropped down to that push-up, extend to the top.

We reach across the body.

Really try to keep those hips locked in.

Alright, don't sway back and forth.

Pull that dumbbell through and make sure your feet are about shoulder width.

Down back into that push-up, alternating sides.

So this movement has a major core focus because what we're doing is we're fighting against the rotation as we pull through, which really forces us to lock that core in and really work those abs and core.

Alright, so we're dropping down to the floor.

We got our Hollow Body Crunch.

We extend the legs out, we're pointing the toes, we're keeping our low back pinned to the floor, arms up overhead.

What we're going to do is draw those knees in while we draw our arms down.

Contract the abs and core, and then extend back to our start position.

So we really want to try to keep the legs off the ground and keep that tension the entire time.

If you absolutely have to rest, that's okay.

Get right back up and keep moving.

Alright, we're moving on to the Dumbbell Thruster to Reverse Lunge.

This one's going to be rough, guys.

Really focus on that front rack position.

We're going to start off, we're going to move down to that squat.

Keeping the dumbbells nice and tight to the body.

We're going to thrust out of the bottom to an overhead press.

Bringing it back down to that front rack position and then stepping back into the reverse lunge on each leg.

Key things to focus on here: After that thruster, you might be a little bit off balance.

So really make sure you get set, step back, alright stay nice and tight, core tight and drive up.

So you should really be feeling this movement in the quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

There's going to be a whole lot of suck in this movement, so really stay focused, keep pushing through.

Moving on to the Broad Jump to High-knees.

Now the heart rate is already going to be up nice and high after that thrust reverse lunge.

So we really got to take a deep breath and get focused.

Feet under the hips.

We draw those arms back.

Big jump forward.

Landing with the soft knee and then we fire those knees going backwards.

I really want you to focus on arms and legs going at the same time, fast going back.

Moving on to the Dumbbell Single-arm Bent-over Row.

So the heart rate is already going to be really high here.

I really want you guys to focus on technique.

So really stay focused.

Keep breathing.

What we're going to do, bent-over row position.

Make sure the back is nice and flat, core is tight.

We're going to row, two second pause at the top of the rep, extend back down, and then hit the other side.

There's going to be a lot of time under tension here.

So you're really going to feel this in your hamstrings, your glutes just holding yourself in this position.

But then we bring in the single arm row with the ISO which is really going to fire those posterior delts and lats.

So now we're bringing it back down to the floor, going to our Hollow Body Pullover.

So we're going to get set up into our hollow body position which we already worked at the beginning of the workout.

We're going to grab our dumbbell, we're going to put it up into that bench press position.

Right, keeping that low back pinned to the floor, toes pointed.

We're going to reach that dumbbell overhead.

We're going to then bring it back to that starting position.

Really make sure you keep those toes pointed and keep those legs raised.

We do not want to rest.

If you absolutely have to, touch down real quick, pop back up.

We really want to keep that time under tension here.

Really keep those abs and core working.

So now if this movement is too advanced with the weight, there's a couple of different ways to modify.

You can do without the weight and you can also bend the knees.

Alright, the Burpee Tuck Jump.

It's the final exercise in the circuit.

Hands under the shoulders.

You're going to kick those feet out.

Jump the feet in.

Big tuck jump bringing those knees up.

Let's bring the intensity.

You're going to get a nice solid rest after this.

Let's go.

Key points here, really make sure a nice soft landing on those jumps.

Do not slam down or have your legs extended when you land.

Bent knees, soft landing, receive that properly.

Really make sure on that tuck jump you're bringing those knees as high as you possibly can here.

We're working legs.

We're working core.

Let's go.

You should be feeling it, back, biceps, chest, core, legs, full-body.

I recommend that you do this workout twice to maybe three times a week.

The full breakdown of this workout is detailed below here at bodybuilding.


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