Dry Fast Omad Results | Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

hi it's Mieka Fasting weight loss andtoday I'm gonna talk about my dry fast OMAD results I'm doing away ineveryday and I'm trying really hard to do a 7 day intermittent dry fast routinewith omad because I'm making it fast before Ramadan 2020 comes and it'scoming April twenty something and the reason why I need to hurry up and dothem is because of my period comes before it starts I'm not gonna be ableto make up my fast so today I almost messed up because I don't have to do itevery day it's just that I'm risking it if I don'tokay but we'll talk about it tomorrow if I succeeded today I did succeedyesterday um so it's like two or three days um today I don't know how many daysI've done I think I did okay I don't know I think yesterday was my firstcomplete day yeah okay so I'm gonna start with the quote diversity is not about how we differdiversity is about embracing one another's uniqueness hola Joseph he is aNigerian born speaker author trainer and consultant um I didn't have a really atopic that I wanted to talk about in a quote but if you're new to my channel Ilike uniqueness of people I like people to be allowed to be themselves and dothings the way they want to do it as long as it's not harmful to others orharmful to themselves but it's their prerogative to live their life the waythey want as far as weight loss as far as whatever as long as it's not hurtinganybody like I really promote that because everyone wants you to be likethem and do what they want to do or like what they want to like I also wanted totalk about my food I'm showing you my food to document so you can see what I'mdoing not everyone will like the food that I'm eating but it's what I'mchoosing to make me happy and my one meal a day okaysomeone Samia in box and asked me to put the pros and consomad I'll probably do another video on that I just wanted to answer that reallyquickly the only kind I could think of is umlet's say I wake up and I'm really hungry I don't want to eat the meal atthat time I want to wait til later in the day because if I eat it early I'mgonna so hungry before the day ends so timing of my OMAD doesn't always workwhere I would want only one meal some days I might want to heat two meals butI'm trying hard to stay on omad that happened today – um I really it was astruggle today because I felt compelled to eat okay um the pros I get to eat alarge meal and it makes me happy it's like I'm having a feast every day a lotof people probably don't like my portions especially what I'm eatingtoday you'll see it in tomorrow's video please subscribe if you're notsubscribed I'm doing April daily weigh-ins and I'm trying to lose 90pounds and that's what I'm doing you can eat what you want you don't have to liketake a food group or a treat that you like like you don't have to haverestrictions I choose not to you know everyone does their own thatdifferent and the pros and cons for everybody will be different but theseare my pros and cons I find when I do OMAD I'm not worried about what I'm gonnaeat how does know him I have that one meal what's gonna go in that meal and Ijust don't worry about food what I'm doing like a larger eating window it'sso stressful to me okay and then there's more calories if I eat two meals I'mgetting way more calories and it has a great benefit of intermittent fastinggiving your body a lot of time to rest okay I think that's important that'sjust some of them I will try to make another video in the future sometime Godwilling I should write a little sticky notethere okay so yesterday I finally did some exercise I walked I didn't have acar yesterday and I needed something in the store so my youngest son and Iwalked a mile and a half a Mach 1.

2 miles to the store I was not feeling itand once I got there I was regretting the walk but I had no choice but to walkhome so I got in a – I got in a 2.

4 mile walkand don't ask me why but I had one hour and 40 minutes of walking some of thatwas before we went to the park okay I'm gonna show my food and here's myweigh-in for this morning I was 239 okay yesterday I didn't put the weight cuz Iwas just doing a really quick video today I'm 239 point – here's I broke mydry fast with one cup of bone broth then I had brisket and cabbage salad and thenI had my coconut oil treats this is my son and I taking the long walk to thestore and it's a neighborhood store in the middle of nowhere and I love thatand that's it please like subscribe and comment and I saw this squirrel.

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