walking if you can believe it is anunbelievably powerful tool when it comes to up regulating your fat-burningmetabolism like if we're strictly talking about fat loss it's infinitelybetter than running yep you heard that right don't believe me walking was howone of my students inside my fat loss accelerator program

was able to lose 25pounds of fat and drop 6 dress sizes without going to the gym without liftingweights all she did was walk but there are some mistakes with walking that I'veseen a lot of people make that actually prevents you from losing weight or maybeeven start gaining weight

so today I'm gonna share with you three of thosebiggest mistakes so you can actually use walking as atool to achieve your weight loss goals before we get started give this video alike subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to get notified every time I post anew video

every week now about a week ago I released a video on why gettinginto chronic cardio pattersn like running every day is one of the worst thingsthat you can do if you're trying to lose weight then a few days ago I released avideo whether walking 10,000 steps every day

actually leads to weight loss and ifyou haven't seen either of those videos then make sure you check it out and itreally struck a chord with a lot of people into why they're not losingweight even though they've put in countless hours on the treadmill orthey've burned X amount of

calories from going to their spin class every day butit hasn't really translated to pounds off the scale so after I released thosetwo videos I know a lot of you guys were extremely inspired to start walking moreand it's really something that I recommend to all my students because theentry

level is so low you don't even need like actual running shoes you justneed to start moving and that's actually one of the biggest benefits of walkingis that it just promotes movement throughout the day but that's actuallywhere mistake number one comes in you're not walking enough the average NorthAmerican

gets about four thousand seven hundred seventy four steps per day whichi think is actually pretty generous I think it's below that the problem iseven with that number that's not nearly enough to move the needle it's just notbecause two out of three American adults is classified in either the

overweightor obese category so the average American adult who gets these fourthousand seven hundred seventy four steps every day is either overweight orobese that's not good which means that you need to get at least double thatnumber every day and that is where the 10,000 step milestone comes in and

thisis where having a fitness tracker like a fitbit becomes super handy when it comes to being able to keep track of how manysteps you've taken like when you actually get one of these and you justput it on without changing any of your habits you're gonna be shocked howlittle

steps you actually take throughout the day but hey step numberone is awareness and that is why you just want to start with walking ifyou're a complete beginner and getting to that 10,000 step mark brings aboatload of benefits to your body because it simply forces you to movethroughout the

day because your number one job is to avoid prolonged periodswhere you're completely sedentary there's even studies out there thatsitting is almost as bad as smoking now I don't really know the accuracy of thatcomparison but if there's even any hint of truth to that then you maybe want toavoid

sitting for long periods of time for me personally I've just noticed thatmy posture wasn't as good when I was sitting for long periods of time so Istarted working on a stand-up desk nowadays I don't even notice thedifference and it also puts me in prime walking position like outside

of acrappy diet lack of sleep and chronic stress nothing promotes weight gain morethan being a couch potato and one of the best ways to up regulate yourfat-burning metabolism is by simply walking because again it forces you tomove your body but you need to reach a certain threshold and

that's where the10,000 step mark comes in now 10,000 steps roughly equates to about an hourand 40 minutes of walking and you can divvy that up throughout the day if youwork at an office for example and this always blows my mind how many smokebreaks smokers get and it's perfectly

acceptable so you can use that exactsame leverage and go for a 5 or 10-minute walk every time they go for asmoke break another way for you to get some exercise in is purposely parkingfurther away when you're going grocery shopping or when you're going to themall that's usually where

the open spots are anyway you can go for a walk duringyour lunch break and this works extremely well if you're intermittentfasting because you can just go for a walk instead of eating to boost yourfat-burning mechanism even more if you have a dog take your dog out formultiple walks

throughout the day and they always say that if your dog is fatyou're not getting enough exercise the second mistake is that instead ofwalking you're power-walking slash jogging and there is a world of difference interms of exercise physiology between actually walking versus power walking orjogging the former so walking

actually helps you burn fat while the latter isgoing to burn mostly glucose which is then going to triggeryour sugar cravings afterwards and you can only fight those temptations for solong now I work out of coffee shops and I see this all the time and it blows mymind every

single time I see it I see runners come in or people coming fromtheir group fitness class and they order like a skinny vanilla latte with fivepumps of sugar-free vanilla and an energy bar which is basically justgranola swimming in sugar like you just erased all the good all the

benefits thatyou got from your workout and now you also have elevated insulin levels whichputs you in fat storage mode walking instead almost guarantees that you stayin the aerobic zone so that's below your maximum aerobic heart rate again that'swhere you're burning fatty acids for energy it's the so called

fat-burningzone while power walking or jogging is a little bit harder it's a little bit moreintense so you're gonna start increasing your cortisol levels which is yourstress hormone because you're putting stress in your body and that's actuallygonna start working against your weight loss goals especially if you start doingthis

chronically like every day you're also gonna increase your heart rateabove your maximum aerobic heart rate and you're gonna start burning anincreasing amount of glucose instead of fat to fuel your fast pace you don'twant that we want to burn fat instead so you want to stay below your maximumaerobic

heart rate and you can easily figure that out by taking 180 minus yourage so if you're 40, 180 minus 40 gives you a hundred 40 beats per minute andyou want to stay below that when you're walking now I don't really recommend awhole lot of things in terms of

supplements especially like proteinpowders for example because you don't need to eat as much protein as you thinkand I definitely want you to eat your protein instead of drinking it but ifyou have a couple of bucks lying around I highly recommend that you get afitness tracker with a heart

rate monitor because it just makes your lifeso much easier because it can keep track of your steps and your heart rate youcan even set it to notify you to move every hour or whatever and if you use itevery day and I want you to walk and move every

day it's absolutely worth itnotice how I didn't mention calories burned during your exercise listenunless you're a professional athlete that's basically irrelevant like ifyou've ever seen Michael Phelps legendary diet when he's training it'sinsane but he's also a multiple gold medalwinning Olympic swimmer so he's basically not human that concept

doesnot apply to us mere mortals but that's why people get caught up and start powerwalking or jogging because they want to burn more calories that doesn't reallymean a whole lot because that's just gonna trigger acompensatory appetite response again because you're burning mostly glucosewhich triggers sugar cravings and you

can only fight your physiology for solong long story short as you burn more calories you also eat more calories andif you don't eat the right type of calories you're gonna start gainingweight instead of losing it keep that in mind so for this specific scenarioharder in terms of intensity

isn't always betterinstead more in terms of exceeding 10,000 steps every day is better andit's really hard to overdo this remember this is how we evolved as human beingsour Paleolithic ancestors regularly walked for five miles every day and they wereall naturally lean and strong mistake number three you're not

pairingwalking with the proper diet again walking is a great first step for a lotof people especially if you're someone who's been living a pretty sedentarylifestyle for a long time so again walking is a great first step but it'sjust that it's the first step which means that there are

other steps sowalking and introducing movements throughout the day falls into thesupportive lifestyle choices category in terms of weight loss which onlycontributes to about 20% of your results if you really want to get results youneed to focus on your diet because 80% of your body composition is determinedby what

you eat and you can take baby steps on this as well and you can juststart by taking the biggest offenders in your diet which are grains and this alsoincludes brown rice and whole wheat bread as well as sugar and toxicvegetable and seed oils like canola oil sunflower oil

soybean oil and saffloweroil yeah all those things belong in the garbage instead I want you to revolveyour diet around plants and animals I want you to focus on eating singleingredient mostly unprocessed nutrient-dense foodsstop eating six or seven meals every day and just focus on eating two or threebigger

meals and eat it to satiety bonus points if you can shorten your eatingwindow and start getting into intermittent fasting which I talkabout a lot on my channel to again boost that fat-burning mechanism and schedulecheat meals every week so you don't ever feel deprived yep that's right I'm thatdude

who believes in cheat meals so you can have it just not all the timebecause I believe in delayed gratification and being able to enjoyyour favorite treat every once in a while otherwise what's the point of allthis so if you pair walking with everything that I just mentioned Iguarantee

you you're gonna lose weight and if you want a proven plan on how toput this all together then keep watching the next question then becomes how areyou actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because here's the thing80% of your body composition is determined by your

dietyou can't just freestyle this part do you have a proven plan that you can followto help you with that I want to give you a free copy of my lean body blueprintthis is how I melted all the fat around my stomach without depriving myself ofmy favorite foods or

wasting hours at the gym it's a simple four-step processspecifically designed for busy professionals and it's the exact sameblueprint that I teach to all my private coaching clients and they've all gone tosee some amazing results if you want to be the next success story then downloadyour FREE copy of

the lean body blueprint right now there's gonna be alink somewhere at the top here or in the description box just click on it type inyour email and I'll send it to you right away alright that's all I've gotgive this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and

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