wait however Roger she's not losing thatweight over you're not losing your stubborn weight all right it's not ifyou fast I think when you fat which means God requires us to fast so if youhaven't I suggest you pray about it all right FAMALAAAY!, Welcome back to mychannel my name

is Diana Emanuel and today is yet another inspirationalTuesday all right now on inspiration Tuesday Ipick a scripture and I talk about said scripture but because I'm talking aboutfasting all right and its benefits now there's a lot of scriptures aboutfasting one particular one that comes into mind is in

Matthew alright it's notif you fast it's when you fast which means God requires us to fast so if youhaven't I suggest you pray It all right and then get to it all rightthen, all right now you've watched this far so you might as well SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SMOOSH

my bell notifications button all right nowdisclaimer whoa because I am NOT a doctor okay I'm just speaking fromexperience now if you have pills that you have to take but you are thinking offasting I suggest you talk to your doctorall right now they will tell you what you can

and can't do okay andyeah talk to your doctor man cuz I want you to be saying oh Dian I followed Iand then look at what happened now no okay all right now I have five pointsand said five points I'm gonna talk about the benefits of the things thatI've

seen happen for me okay all right now it regulates your blood sugar and itkeeps your brain and tip-top condition like who doesn't want thatall right now your blood sugar man if your blood sugar is too high or too lowdepending on your body it could either make you like

really really groggy orfainty, so it cleans out your hypothalamus all right which isresponsible for sleep now that's the part of your brain that's responsible sleep, so if you realize that you have insomnia yeah there is something foggingthat area of your brain up all right fasting could help to

clear all of thatout and help you to get better sleep look into that so we all have a littlefriend at the back of our brain called the occipital lobe all right now youroccipital lobe is responsible for your vision all right so if you do haveblurred vision all right

your blood sugar levels could either be too high ortoo low #2 inflammation now we've all heard about inflammation andit's not a good thing to have in your body all right inflammation is a concoction of dead cells, now dead cells you can get there dead cells of different ways

butI'm going to show you one way in particular that nobody really likethinks about all right you ever like hit some part of your body and you have likea pain a few days later all right basically you hit that part of your bodyso bad that you've damaged some cells

you might have killed some of thosecells what happened to those cells that are dead there's like nowhere for themto go except just to float around in your body and gather in the weakest partof your body where could that be I'm not entirely sure but let's just say thatyou

have done some type of sport when you're younger and you hurt your kneeall right it is great to go to the weakest part of your body loves to sayit's your knee and it's going to stay there and cause inflammation nowinformation is not just dead cells all right it's

different pathogens pathogensmeaning bacteria and viruses and other microorganisms now every time I think ofmicroorganisms I think of like little centipedes , you know baby centipedes in treats it'sjust because all of these things together they cause dis easeaka disease all right now fasting will come through alright and eat

all thosethings up once your body is not feeding on food all right it has to feed onsomething it's going to go through and eat up all those dead cells just beeradicate all of them, just come in and just MORTAL KOMBAT it man #FINISHher or it, whatever you

get what i mean how big do you think your heartis it's basically the size of your fist all right now your heart helps toregulate your blood pressure now if you have clogged arteries how is it going todo that, alright after years of eating chips and breadand everything that

you think of right, eventually those arteries those veinsbecome clogged with cholesterol and all the calories that you've eaten thatdoesn't sound nice think about it like this you have a drain in your houselet's just say your kitchen drain and you throw everything down that draineventually that drain is going

to become clogged now what do you do in order forit to function how it's supposed to function all rightyou're not just completely gonna cut that sink out meaning cut your heart outand get a new heart like nobody really has the money forthat alright but what you can do

is use your free Drano, fasting hello fastingcomes in like Drano it cleans out it eats out all the bacteria that you haveinside of your body all the inflammation you have in your body all the caloriesyou're having your body unwanted calories alright all the fats you havein your body

alright it just comes in and it justyou know like Molly made it just cleans everything out all right which in turnwill help your heart now you've been going to the gym all right you've beendoing everything that you possibly humanly can that you know of to get ridof your

stubborn weight however Roger she's not losing that weight over you'renot losing your stubborn weight think about what you do after you come fromexercising you're so hungry you want to go and eat some more food now you're nothelping your body here I'm so sorry but you're not fasting comes

in and it eatsall the fat it does however it does take after seven days for it to start to eat thefat cells all right anything that is in your body that's not needed it will eatit all right now the fact that you have stored up inside whichever problematicarea

that you have all right it is going to use that fat as energy which is whatyou wanted all along but wasn't able to achieve that because you are hungry andyou ate something so but now you know this should encourage you to fast rightnow I do not know a

fountain of youth however I can introduce you to fastingall right this basically helps you to slow downthe process of Aging if you will all right any cells that are basically dyingor dead it's basically going to eradicate them all right which saves youa lot of money because there's no

reason for you to go buy college and cream tolike prop up your cheeks or whatever or Botox in order to get rid of wrinklesand I mean I'm just saying like how old do you think I look I'm just letting youknow fasting makes your skin brighter like if you

have because I used to havelike really chubby cheeks I'm gonna put a picture before and afterit fasted all right no that was a 21-day fast and I did that all in one sittingand it was it was mind-blowing I had experiences that I I don't evenknow how to humanly

express all right now I had very really chubby cheeks Ibreastfed for two years and ten months I in order to sustain my daughter for twoyears in ten ones I had to eat a lot all right now all that eating andgaining weight now I'm gaining weight and I had

allot of pimples I had a teenager skin at 27 and all of that bad stuffnow after fasting my cheeks went in like this basically all rights from this (Fat cheeks) to this( Slender cheeks), just imagine what fasting can do for you ah forget about being hungryyour body's not

going to starve until after forty days all rightall you have to do when you feel the hunger pains drink water will drink sometea all right just keep away from sugar while you'refasting if you put like a little honey in your tea it's not bad if you put alittle

bit of sugar in your tea it's not bad but keep away from the sugar whenyou're fasting because that's gonna spike your insulin and you're going toget dizzy and that's no fun I tell you everything that I've learned the hardway all right do not drink juice when you're fastingtrust

me don't water and tea will suffice however I will get into another videoabout the body types all right and what best suits that body type because thereare some people who are gastric all right they're really gassy so they arecertain fast but they have to go through all right

now if you're interested inthat leave your comment and tell me that you're interested in it and I wouldtotally get that done for you all right, all right guys we've come to the end ofthe video and I really hope that you enjoyed it, I really hope that you learnedsome

stuff and I really hope that you will embark on this new fasting journeyall right thank you so much for watching don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SMOOSH that bell notification button so you can see more videos from me alright guys bye!

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