DO Try This At Home 😁 (New Year Workout Routine 💪🏾)

[Music] my dog just a little more challenging than I expected so if you all just seeing us right now I might not be able to finish this I even a lie to you I might not be able to finish this [Music] ha go YouTube it's you're done boy

runs for James and it is currently 17 degrees Oh sir not for some y'all that might be short sweater my entire closet directly is this a bunch of foolishness oh the Coalition is getting the bomb it's the grease King one degree lower and Katie's getting shut down roads

getting blocked off and people going to church for the second coming of Jesus Christ so today I don't even mind going to practice to enjoy the walk men and women but every intention of breaking my limbs and put me to sleep not to mention there's actually competition season

and that means that your boy got a make weep it shouldn't be that difficult because you're low season fool if I stay strong with the Cajun seasoning in case y'all wanna play run I'm not season by dog food like I already got diabetes okay what you mean inhale

it outside King obey gotta find something to fight good way especially I just finished taking a little uh caffeine but my heart aches no if I don't find nobody's gonna fight with [Music] what you mean Ewing you ain't driving today you know so I get in this workout

one way another cuz I mean this caffeine inside my system and draw it I'm trying to dead no cardiac arrest it date it look like we hadn't stayed Jim the first things first definitely got a link of my father's you know I'm gonna get myself rice because they

had like these waves looking like hurricane [Music] but right now I doing a video on how cool it is bro now you from Cali you know what I feel right about now it's about ten degrees how cool is getting Kelly you ready to go back to the west

side right about now so I bought to go and revive this hairline and bring it back from the dead y'all stay tuned for the before and after I avoid Street and now you could actually go and get some work done it step out the door just roll your

dough I'd like for my first obedient term it would be best to get you up and then hop in the back told me to drive [Music] we have Denise right here and she is from Kansas Western campus in the canoe yes yes and she's living in Ames for

quite some time so let me know how are you experiencing this letter right now I think it's about 12 degrees so I was driving home I'm used to be a high school science teacher I was driving home after school we had this terrible storm and as I was

coming through there was a semi coming on this two lane coming towards me and I saw him start to move this way so I was trying to find a way to get around without getting hit and did a three six feet into the ditch and luckily for me

there was a farmer not too far away he came out he there's about five of us in the ditch after that somebody had gone by the semi doesn't go in the ditch the final master and one of the diary pulls out the bitch but I've grown up here

names so like what's the worst type of winter that you had over the ditch so let me get this straight let me get this straight you brought into a ditch you went over to just a random farmhouse in the door they let you in right and you were

able to sleep there for two nights right and actually they were about three other people there too they were they were in the ditch also and a woman but I got a rose coming off the oven so we had a nice you [Music] not work so what your

boy is going to do basically long workout consists of a full body workout all you need is a body on the roof 40 edify poles bicep curls overhead press squats tricep extensions and then to finish it off set of push-ups so and no brakes it's a challenge from

start to finish [Music] [Music] one [Music] we finish the bond challenge you ain't need no gym you don't need no weights we [Music] done known until I bring you Caribbean content every Thursday in ten minutes and as you can see it's about that time so tune in next

Thursday for more Caribbean content in fact it's the first time we and Iowa so this – before it's just mine and a lot you ain't do this yet and you know how I go subscribe like this video bring the notification battle and fully a down boy on the

ground on the bird until then my name is Ron Smith James it is form on the phone [Music]

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