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Hi, I'm Andy the Northern Diver.

Welcome to “Stay Dive fit using Dive Kit!” In getting this right, not only will you be fitterand stronger, but you'll be more comfortable by the time you reach thedive site and ready to get into water.

So you'll be less out of breath, less swetty, less of a mess and you'll have a much more comfortable dive.

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If you'd give us a thumbs up too, that'd be great! We're going to be going through sixfunctional exercises, to help you be a better diver.

We're going to do pressups, to simulate you climbing out of the water into a boat We're going to do deadlifts to biceps curls, as though you're picking a cylinder up from the bottom of a boat, and passing it up to your buddy.

We're going to practice the squat as though you were standing up with your dive kit on.

Then imagine you were picking up a cylinder out the boot of your car and ready to move it to a dive site, we're going to do a barbellrow.

Lastly a Cylinder carry as though you're taking it from the back of your car, to the Dive Center.

To simulate the action of climbing out of the water into a RHIB, we're doing press ups on the side of the cylinder.

So hands with fingers pointingforward, thumbs pointing backwards.

Toes on the floor, locking out your knees and your hips.

Push and extend the arms, don't allow your hips to go too far up or too far down.

The next exercise we're goingto use the cylinder for is a Deadlift.

Keep your knees and feetshoulder-width apart, just at the side of the cylinder, taking a nice tight hold the base and the neck.

Keeping your back straight, stand up.

Not bending my back over, I'm using the legs to stand up.

So notice my arms don't move, my back stays nice and straight, and chest out.

Now using the cylinder for a Biceps Curl.

I'm going to lift it from the waist bending the arms at the elbow bring it up anddown nice and slow locked out the shoulders bending at theelbows and the wrists.

Next exercise we're going to do is Squats.

Holding the cylinder against the chest.

Feet, just wider than shoulder width apart, toes slightly pointed out, chest out, shoulders back.

I'm going to a squat position.

I've grabbed a cylinder ateither end, bent my knees slightly, resting the cylinder on my knees and then goingpull it up to my chest.

So nothing other than my arms and my shoulders aremoving.

Then last but not least, we're going to do the cylinder carry.

You can hold these with either the pillar valve, or by using a carry handle.

Just keep going for a bit andwander round! Keep going for as long as you can! Certainly for most of these exercises, if you're finding it too hard withthe weight, use the DSMB instead.

If you're finding too easy, wear a weight belt around your waist.

If you'd like me to demonstrate any of these exercises in a full workout, leave me a comment below in the comment box andif I get enough – let's say I get five comments saying “Andy do the workout” I'll actually do the workout.

I'll do it in the garden and I'll post the video and then you can join me in your own time.

I'll writedown in the description of the video a 20 minute workout for you to do.

If nobody's bothered about watching me workout, if I don't get the five comments saying “Andy do the workout” I'll leave in the description of this video a 20-minute workout so you can do it on your own.

It's important wheneveryou do workout, that you do a nice warm up and cool down, at the end probably only five minutes just do few stretches, get your heart rate up alittle bit and certainly make sure you've got a full bottle, to hydrate.

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I really appreciate any likes I can get, and certainly if youleave any comments I always get back to you.

Hopefully I'll see you in the next one, thanks for watching! [Acoustic Guitar music plays] See you on Instagram!.

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