good morning guys and welcome to day twoof the weight loss challenge so it is 11:00 in the morning so I have beenfasting for 16 hours I'm not really hungry so I'm gonna keep it going aslong as I can but today is way and day and day to get measurements of my bodyso first things first I want to go weigh myself so let's go do that it's been awhile since I weighed myself honestly uh I don't know yesterday I predicted 210but let's go see where 207 point 2 jeez so my weight for starting thisweight-loss journey is 207 point 2 which is pretty bad honestly I think theheaviest I've ever been was like 209 so I'm not like bigger than what I've everbeen so that's good but still 207 is quite a bit of weight I am 5 foot 9inches so I think I should be around 150 or so so 57 pounds to losethis is going to be it's gonna be a journey for sure but uh I'm down for thejourney so I got my weight and now I need to take my measurements of my bodyso we can track that as well so I got this tape measure let's go ahead and dothis I've never done this before by the way alright so I wrote down someinformation we got the starting weight on 411 and then I'm about to take themeasurements I'm gonna do my neck chest belly hips thighs and calvesall right so here is my measurements let's say we got neck at 15 inches chestat 43 inches belly at 43 and 3/4 hips or 43 inches thighs are 25 and 3/8 and thecalves are 15 and a quarter all right so there is my starting weight andmeasurements for day one I guess day two but we're gonna call it day one we'restarting measurements and weights but 4:11 20/20 which is today by the way butI probably check my measurements probably once every week I don't wannabe doing every day that's just ridiculous I don't know how I don'twanna do it every week I'll weigh myself every week and give my measurementsevery two weeks I'll do that I really don't wanna be doing this every dayI barely want to even weigh myself just cuz it throws me off if I don't see theright numbers I won't like it so I don't want to do this too much but I am gonnakeep track of it just for this documentary so there is day one so I'vegot my measurement and I'm actually getting pretty hungrythe longer I sit here it's like it's just adding on so 16 hour fast I thinkthat's great 16 hours of fasting and then 8 hours of eating that will be goodI'm going to go eat I'm gonna go get some fish I've got some in the fridgestill so I don't want it to go bad so I will start with fish today alright sohere is my breakfast I got five fillets of fish it's just some crappie and wegot some seasoning and some butter in there I'm on a low-carb custom keto dietso I can't have butter but I stole this knee ovenwe'll let that cook for about 15 minutes and then we will eat some breakfast I'mpretty hungry so we'll get all this temptationwe're very this is my favorite but uh I actually don't want any right now I'mstill going strong I'm not having no cravings no once for junk food that'sgood I'm doing pretty good so here is my breakfast we got five pieces of crappiewhat's going to weigh it and get in a measurement and look up the macros andall that but the scale was dead so not gonna weigh it just gonna eat it andenjoy it but here is breakfast just eating it plain no sauce it's stillpretty good that's pretty seasoned so it's good I think about to go fishingactually it's a pretty nice day so gonna take advantage of that and go fishingand catch some more I already have a bunch of fish in my freezer but uh youcan never have enough fish I'd probably eat fish a lot I know you're notsupposed to I'm gonna finish this and then probably go fishing so I just saybreakfasts have a spicy fish I put way too much seasoning but uh it was goodand now I will I guess coefficient and I probably be out there all day so Iprobably eat much today look at her she's falling asleep onYouTube workout actually I'll do it tonight I'll work out tonight when it'sdark and I'm not wasting a great day so breakfast is done um I don't I feelgreat I mean there's nothing to really talk about right now this is just day -I'm not having like any crazy pains or side effects or anything yet so it'sgoing good I want to give you all a quick update on day 2it is now 1:30 I still haven't ate yet besides the fish I'm still not hungrybut I am drinking a Gatorade zero so I did want to document that I feel like Ishould document anything that's not water I'm not gonna document my waterintake just cuz it's water you know it's no carbs nocalories nothing so it's basically nothing but uh I felt like I shoulddocument this this is going to be the only thing I drink besides water I'm notgonna have any diet cokes or nothin like that so that's it there is a quickupdate I haven't ate since the fish earlier I'm still pretty full from thatso I will see y'all next time I get hungry and eat so it is now 3:30 and I'mgoing to eat lunch I got some ground beef here some cheese and then half of achicken breast I'm going to chop up the chicken and then mix this all up heat itup and then that will be my lunch for todaygonna had some taco sauce it's only one carb one gram of carbs and five caloriesper teaspoon so I'm gonna had a little bit of this just to add some flavor thatshould do it I would use normal hot sauce but we are out at the moment there's a launch all right so with this7:00 p.


I'm about to eat supper but my mom just showed up with a bunch of foodcheck this out this is some more temptation so she got some Reese'ssticks more chocolate some queso hot fries two bags of hot fries Oreosall of my favorites that I cannot eat honestly she probably got the greasessticks just for me I don't think she knows I'm on a diet but uh yeah there'ssome more temptation from day to awesome but I'm going strong I still don't wantit I mean of course it looks good sounds good but I want to lose weight and dogood on this weight-loss challenge and stronger than my want for this chocolatemy sister made some green beans some lobster rolls or red lobster rolls ofcourse that I cannot have because it's carbs and then some ham also I'm goingto add this chicken a little bit of chicken on my plate as well so that ismy supper for tonight for day two so I just ate lunch and I just started myfast as well I started the fast at 6:55 so once again I will wake up to a 15hour fast did pretty good today and more temptation and I resisted so doingpretty good day two is over I still need to go run on the treadmill but that's itand then they too will be over I guess I can eat the shampoo my momjust hook it up with the Easter basket look at all this temptation oh man myfavorite Reese's eggs mini Robin eggs whoppers sip well can't eat any of that there's anasty guys the temptation today has been reala mom just surprised us with some Easter baskets full of candy full of Reese's myfavorite especially the Reese's sticks and Reese's eggs those are my absolutefavorite and that's basically what that box is filled of so man today has beentough I'm not gonna lie I want a piece of candy super bad but I'm not gonnaallow myself to have one whiny little piece of candy is not worth the last twodays of eating great and I'm not gonna let one piece of candy run that soalthough the temptation has been tough about 30 minutes ago I was craving aroot beer pretty bad there's some in the kitchen and I'm starting to let myselfdo it you know I'm not gonna let one can of root beer ruin the last two days soI'm still doing good still going strong I am getting cravings and thetemptations are definitely getting to me but I'm not gonna allow it to happen sothis is the end of day two I hope you all enjoyed this video don't forget toLike and subscribe and I will see y'all in the next one.

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