Day TWENTY-TWO – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey Killer Bs it's PahlaB from pahlabfitness.

com, and on tap today it's day 22 of the 31 Day Weight Lossfor Women Over 50 series.

And you guys, today I'vegot a great bodyweight only, cardio, strength and balance workout.

You don't need any equipment at all, there is absolutely nojumping and no transitions up and down from the ground.

When you're ready for thisone, I'm totally ready, let's go.

(upbeat music) All right you guys, let's go ahead and getmoving and grooving, and that means that we are getting started with some arm circles and high knees.

Oh, my gosh I'm alreadygonna slow that down.

(laughs) You know how sometimes you're super enthusiastic for a workout and you're like, “Oh, I feel so great, ” and you start the warmupjust a little bit too fast? Why, yes, that's exactly what I just did, how about you? How are you doing today my friends? We are 22 days in.

I have to tell you I was super excited when I wrote this numberon my whiteboard today because this is like, we're getting towardsthe end of the month.

You have been so consistent, we are over the three week mark now.

This is really a thing, thisis actually happening now, you know, that's a good feeling you guys.

I have such a good workout for us today, all bodyweight today, but we are really testinga little bit of everything.

Let's go ahead and do some armcrossers with booty kickers.

We've got cardio, we've got strength.

And I know, we so often think of strength as being picking up heavythings, putting them back down, well I tell you what, wecan get plenty of toning and body shaping fromyour very own body weight and of course, yeah, of course, we're working on balance too.

Even if you are new around here, if today is just the 22nd time that we have worked out together, you already know that Ilove to work on balance, it is something that I struggle with and therefore it is something I assume, that you struggle with also.

And I wanna make surethat we are as balanced as we can be, by practicing, at least a little bit every day and sometimes, sometimes like today, more than a little bit.

You guys, let's go ahead anddo some welcome to my homes.

Because welcome to my home, welcome to my sweaty, sweaty home.

You guys, here's what it looks like today.

I've go the handy dandy Gymboss here set for 20 second intervals and literally none of that is rest.

We are going, going, going.

Once the timer starts going, we're just doing the whole workout, we're not stopping, we're not taking a rest, we're not doing anythingbut moving and grooving.

So I want you to make sure, like always, that you're takingevery exercise at a pace that feels doable forthe rest of the workout and that means that itmight be a little slower than you could go, technically speaking, and that's totally okay.

22 days in, we're feeling it, this is a cumulativeaffect like I talk about in every single workout.

Over the course of a month, we're feeling it too.

So we're gonna go aheadand get stared with cardio, our first little circuit here is cardio, so we're going to get startedwith some swinging tappers.

Nice and easy, nice and gentle, basically a continuation of our warmups.

So we're swinging fromside to side and tapping.

Now you guys, here's what it looks like, I've got a handful of cardio exercises and it is a mini circuit, we're gonna do all of them two times.

So coming up next, we'regoing to do kick jacks.

They're all meant to be moderate, they're all meant to be very doable.

So kick jacks, handsare doing jumping jacks, feet are kicking.

I am taking this, truly, I feel like I've takenthis down a notch already, even since we've started the warm up.

I'm not trying to go crazy today, knowing that there is plentyahead of us.

Coming up next we're gonna do big arm side shuffles.

None of the exercises today, here we go with our big arm side shuffles, hands making a big circle in front of you, feet shuffling side to side.

Coming up next we'regonna do double knees, starting with your hands up overhead, bringing your hands to your knees and your knees to your hands, two times on each side.

None of our exercisestoday are meant to be, here we go with doubleknees, especially difficult, they're all moderate, they're all modifiable, they're all relatively simple.

It's really the combinationof the exercises, like always, that makesthe whole workout work.

Now coming up next, we'regonna do twisting step backs, which means that we'regonna have our hands out in front of us, andwe're gonna twist one way, while stepping back with the other foot.

This could be very easilya strength exercise but we're taking it at a cardio pace, once I got going I had tothink about what I was doing.

But we're twisting from side to side while stepping back one at a time.

When it beeps again here weare with windmill tap backs.

Hands wide, feet wide, reaching down and tapping back.

Your opposite hand towardsyour opposite foot, or in my case, my knee, maybe my shin if I'm feeling real flexible today.

And you guys, this is thecircuit, this is our cardio, we're gonna go through this one more time, starting with those swinging tappers, hands swinging low, well, they're swinging, I say low swinging tappersbecause your hands are swinging back and forth low ratherthan up over your head, they're actually swingingpretty high frankly.

Coming up next, we're doing kick jacks with your hands doing jumping jacks and your feet kicking.

Excellent job, here we go.

Very nice, working atthat pace that feels good.

Maybe, maybe, even feels like not enough, are you still strugglingwith the not enough thing? Coming up next we're doingthose big arm side shuffles.

I feel, we just talked about this, about how creating a habittakes sometimes three weeks, sometimes more or less, here we are with those big arm side shuffles.

I feel like at this point, you might have settled in to this moderate amount of work.

Coming up next we're doing double knees.

But I'm wondering if that's feeling good or you're still mentally working on it? Moderation can feel tough, especially if we have alifetime of going going going, or if we have a lifetime of not going, where is moderate? Coming up next we're doingthose twisting step backs again, where we've got one hand twisting away.

It's almost like a welcome to my home, which I mean, spoiler alert, we're gonna be doing those again too.

This is the cardio version asopposed to the warmup version, as opposed to the strength version.

When it beeps again we'redoing those windmill tap backs for the second and final time.

Woo doggies, hands up, reach down, and reach down on the other side.

Now you guys, this is the lastof our cardio in the circuit, when it beeps again, we're going into strength, which is whole other gear.

Strength is slower, it muchmore concentrated on form and we're gonna start with turn in lunges, keep your feet nice and wide.

We're picking up onetoe, pivoting it over, turning it into a lunge.

Now here's the deal, I actually have a fair few lunges today.

Don't feel like lunging? Do kicking instead, working the same muscles, the same way.

Had to slow down a littlebit, thinking about form.

Coming up right now is peekaboo sidesteps.

Put your hands up in thatpeekaboo, stepping to the side and closing.

Again, this could be cardio, but we're really thinking about squeezing, open with those elbows, squeezing from your back, feeling that work on yourinner and outer thighs.

Coming up next, curtsylunges, or if you prefer, curtsy kicks.

So we can tap back and kick out or just come all theway down into a lunge, either one is totally fine.

Thinking about good form, thinking about pulling in your core, thinking about using all themuscles of your hip complex.

When it beeps again, excuse me, we're gonna stand up anddo IYW and parade rest.

I and Y and W, and then getthose hands behind your back.

Your knees are soft but strong, your core is pulled in tight, you're really thinking aboutpulling, pulling, pulling, from the middle of your back, right about your shoulder blades.

When it beeps again, hey, we're doing those welcome to my homes, put your feet very close together.

And twist through the torso.

Oh my goodness, how differentthis feels than our warmup, really thinking aboutsqueezing from those abs.

When it beeps again, we'redoing reverse lunges, again, lots of lunging today.

You are welcome to dolots of kicking today instead of the lunging, taking a big step back or kicking back, eitherway is totally fine.

This was our strength circuit.

So you guys, when it beeps again, we're gonna do those turn in lunges again.

Feet nice and wide, pivotup, turn that knee in, thinking about really good form, holding your core in, as you lunge down, not letting your knees comeover your toes on either side.

When it beeps again, doingthose peekaboo side steps.

This 20 second interval, here we go with the peekaboo side step.

Hands at shoulder height.

Feels very different for strength.

I know we don't get a lot done and that's totally okay.

The work that we're doingis such good quality that we don't need toworry about quantity.

When it beeps again, doing those curtsy lunges.

Or if you prefer, curtsy kicks, either way is fine with me.

However you're moving, however you are working is always fine with me.

And you know what? I hope it's fine with you too.

Like I was saying, I hopethat you are figuring out that this work is theright amount of work.

When it beeps we're doingthat IYW and parade rest, hands up, hands out, handsW-ing, and parade rest with your hands behind your back.

I and Y and W, and parade rest.

Coming up next is that welcome to my home.

And keep your feet together, oh my gosh, while we twist through your torso, trying to keep your hips pointed forward is truly the trick here.

We are twisting, twisting, twisting, by using your abs and obliques.

And when it beeps again, we're doing reverse lunges, taking a big step back, keeping all toes pointed the same way.

Now you guys, this was the end of oursecond circuit already.

Very fast moving workout today.

When it beeps again, we'regoing into our balance circuit.

Yes, the thing you have beenmost looking forward to, I know.

We're gonna get started with star balance and I will tell you that weare doing an entire interval on each side.

So when we do star balance, we're tipping, for me, to my left, standing on my left leg, tipping to my left side.

If you can, see if youcan challenge yourself not to tap down like I totally just did.

It's always up to you, tochallenge yourself as much or as little as feels good.

Here we are on the other side, star balance, excellent job, trying very hard to comeup with as much control as we go down to the side.

It's tricky.

When it beeps again, we'regoing to do crane kicks, I'm gonna change legs, I'mgonna stand on my left leg.

Bring my right knee up to my chest, you can put your hands down.

So right knee up to mychest, and kick, and kick.

It's just an extension of your leg, really feeling this workin the tops of my thigh as well well as theglute of my standing leg.

Make sure that your standing leg, your knee is soft but strong.

When it beeps, here we are on other side, oh thank goodness.

That work gets really tough for me.

Excellent job.

When it beeps again, we'redoing everybody's favorite balance exercise, drinky birds, it's a single leg dead lift.

And what that means is thatwe're going to pull one leg up behind you, thinking aboutkeeping your back straight, your core pulled in tight.

So pulling that leg backbehind you and standing up.

If you can, we're going to go ahead and not tap down, this is all on one side.

And then when it beeps, we'llfocus on the other side.

Oh my goodness, what agood job you're doing.

You guys, you guys.

When we are done here and yes, I know this was only one time through the balance circuit, but let me tell you something.

We will be done butwe're not quite finished, coming up next is theworld's longest finisher.

You guys, we're going toadd these all together.

We're gonna go cardio, thenstrength, then balance.

So when it beeps again here, here we are with thoseswinging tappers, whoops.

So tapping, oh, my gosh.

(laughs) That was a total brain bodydisconnect right there, you guys.

When it beeps again.

See I should've taken a break, I should've had 20 seconds of rest there.

When it beeps we're doing turn in lunges, so this is what the finisher looks like, it's cardio, then strength, so turn in lunges.

Than we're doing starbalance on your left side.

So we're changing that heartrate with every interval, it's faster then slightlyslower, then slower still while we're doing balance.

I'm gonna stand on my left leg for this first balance exercise.

Oh my goodness, feeling this work.

Here we go up into star balance.

When it beeps again, comingright back to cardio.

We're gonna do kick jacks next.

Awesome job, thinking about form, thinking about your corebeing pulled in tight.

Changing modalities like this, going from cardio to strength, to balance is a big challenge and that's why it's the finisher.

Here's kick jacks.

When it beeps again, we'redoing peekaboo side steps.

Awesome job, go ahead andlet your heart rate come up, because it makes the strengthand balance more challenging.

I know, right.

Wait a second, do we wantthis to be more challenging? You want it to be just challenging enough.

Think about closing yourelbows and squeezing them open using your big back muscles for this work.

When it beeps again, we're doing star balance on the other side, whateverfoot you were standing on for the first side, we'restanding on the other side.

This is actually why Ialways start with my left so that I know that thesecond time I do something I'm always gonna be on my right foot.

Otherwise I would struggle to remember.

You guys.

The next time it beeps we'redoing big arm side shuffles.

Thinking about good formwith this balance work and then ready to go right back to cardio, excellent job.

Here we go, big arm side shuffles.

Letting your heart rate come up and down and figuring out what's moderate for you.

It's always, always gonna be something that you need to think about.

When it beeps again, we're doing curtsy lunges or curtsy kicks if you prefer.


Curtsy lunge.

And curtsy.

Some of these strength exercisesfeel like either cardio or balance or both, right? This is the great newsabout a bodyweight workout.

You can do anything withyour body in so many ways.

You guys, when it beeps, here we are with crane kicks.

For me, standing on my leftleg, doing that full extension, getting your knee tostraighten your leg out by squeezing from your quadriceps on top, pulling in your coreto be able to balance.

When it beeps again, goingright back to cardio, we're doing double knees.

Hands up overhead, bringingtwo knees on one side, two knees on the other.

You guys, I promised you, the world's longest finisher, right? You are doing such a great job, we are, we are more than halfway done now.

When it beeps again, doingthat IYW and parade rest.

Slowing it down a little bit, I, Y, W, and parade rest, awesome job.

Up, out to the side, pull those elbows down, feeling that work in your lower back.

When it beeps again, I'mgonna pop my left knee up to chest height, more or less, and we're doing cranekicks on the other side.

Very nice.

Beautiful job, pulling inyour core super super tight to be able to do this balance work.

When it beeps again, goingright back to cardio, twisting step backs.

Gonna have to really think about that.

You are twisting away from whichever foot is stepping back.

Nice job.

Hands are just about chest height.

Hands moving quickly, feetmoving as quickly as you can.

When it beeps again, turningthis into welcome to my homes, yes, the same movement isboth cardio and strength.

Feet together, really twisting now.

Really feeling that workin your abs and obliques.

Slowing down the pace, focusing on form.

When it beeps again, we getto do drinky birds, yay, we've reached that part of the workout, where we are back to drinky birds.

And I'm gonna start onmy left foot as I do.

Tipping forward by pullingmy right leg up behind me, wobbling quite a bit andthen standing it back up.

When it beeps again, gonnado those windmill tap backs.

Excellent job.

Thinking about what we're doing now, but ready to change the pace, here we go, windmill tap backs.

Hands up, nice and wide, feet out, nice and wide.

When it beeps again, going into reverse lunges, this is our last cardio, our last strength, and our last balance you guys, we are almost, almost there.

Reverse lunges.

Stepping back and forward, stepping back and forward.

Awesome job.

A big step back so your knee isn't over your toes.

This is balance work butit's about to get tougher, coming up next we'redoing those drinky birds, for the final time.

So for me, that's means my right foot, my allegedly stronger leg.

Almost never works out that way, but you know what, this isour last interval you guys.

The next time it beeps is thelast time it's going to beep because you have done such a great job.

And we are better thandone, we are finished.

Oh my goodness thatwas a lot of fun today.

Let's go ahead and do some arm circles with these nice low tappers.

And really stretch that out.

Today was many differentkinds of challenges.

I know you've noticed over the course of our 22 days together that I like to challenge yourbrain as well as your body, that is honestly probably my biggest thing for us this month is to rethink the way that you're doing workouts, to rethink the thingsthat you've been doing.

Thinking about moderation, choosing workouts that are challenging in such a different way.

Not just going hard, going heavy, going fast, but thinking about your balance, thinking about your core, thinking about what's moderate.

Thinking about what's rightfor your goal of losing weight.

My friends, today'sworkout was just right.

Let's go ahead and stretch our arms out.

That feels so good.

And then close them uptight, stretch out your back that we worked really hard today, while giving yourself a big big hug.

So proud of you, such a good job.

Open it up.

(exhales) Taking a nice big deepbreath at this point.

It's actually my favoritereason to cool down, is just to be able to get that big deep breath again, you guys.

When we are thinking, thinking, thinking, even though I'm talking the whole time, sometimes I'm not breathingas well as I would like to be, making sure that you are breathing and taking in that big, deep breath.

You guys, up here on screen, I am gonna have anextended cool down for you for my friends who have thetime and the inclination, I have a really nicefive minute cool down.

It's all standing, just reallyhelps cool down your muscles, stretch out, feel more flexible, feel really really good about your day.

On the other side of the screen I am gonna have aplaylist that has so far, 22 videos in it, at the end of the month, it'll have all 31, and that way you cancome back to these videos again and again and again, and keep getting the weightloss results you're looking for.

On the bottom of the screenthere's the letter P, that is an invitationto go over to Patreon, where a pledge from youhelps me make free workouts for all of us.

Thank you so much for that.

On the other side of thescreen, that's a picture of me, that's a subscribe button, click that and the bell notification so YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new video.

You guys, thank you so muchfor working out with me today, make sure you click the subscribe button and I'll see you tomorrow.


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