Day 2: Disease Resistance – The 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya

(calm, sitar music) – Sat nam, welcome yogis to our second day of this weight loss challenge.

We'll we working towardsa healthy and strong body.

So we're doing a kriya, which is disease resistance.

We cumulate toxins all the time and this is a great wayto just get them out and really get thatbody radiant and strong.

So let's begin, rub ourhands together to tune in.

Bring them to the sternum and let's begin.


And inhale.

Ooonnng namo guru dev namo.

Ooonnng namo guru dev namo.

Ooonnng namo guru dev namo.



So let's begin our set.

We're going to come sitting on our heels.

So, if you feel that at this moment, this might be uncomfortable for you, you can always put a littlepillow underneath your buttock and that will give youthe necessary support.

So, as we sitting, we'regoing to raise our hands up and they're behind ears, and while we're here, we're gonna inhale, exhale and on an empty breath, we're going to pump the stomach up.

Inhale when you feel the need.

Exhale completely.

And pump.

Keep going.

Let's do that one more time.

Exhale, relax the hands.

Just stay here for a second, feeling how the whole bodyfeels vibrant, awakened.

So come in with the same posture, sitting on the heels, arms are going in bear grip twist, which is your fingers needto clasp and form this fist.

We're going to place that fist right in front of our sternum.

Arms are parallel to the ground and there is this little pull motion which you should feel all the way to your shoulder blades and back.

So we're going to inhale, suspend the breath here.

Remember do not force thebreath, just suspend it.

And pull, try to pull the handsreally far from each other.

Pull and you should feelthis trembling sensation, pull the breath in, pull.


Now do it at your own pace, but remember put the pressure until sweat breaks through your body.

Let's go.

Pull strong, exhale.

Remember set your intentions into it.

Really pull, feel the shoulder blades.


One more time.

Keep going, keep pulling, come on, let's do it.


Relax for a second.

And as we are remainingin our favorite rock pose, we will hold in Venus lock, interlacing the fingers behind your neck.

So find that naturalplace where they can hold.

Need to inhale in the upper position, and you're going toexhale all the way down, forehead to the ground.

Inhale up, exhale down.

Really trying to touch the forehead, reconnecting the thirdeye to the magnetic forces of the Earth beneath you.

And inhale up, stretch, hugthe chest into the middle.

And relax.

And now immediately, we're going to stretch our legs in front and we're going to come with our hip towards the thighs and thechest and chin towards the foot.

So try not to curve thespine, but elongate.

If you can, with the firsttwo fingers and the thumbs, hold onto the big toes.

We're going to inhale stretchand exhale and come forward, long and breathing.

And gently come up.

Stretch the spine up and come back.

So come into easy pose.

Legs are in front.

Holding onto your knees.

And we're going to do neck rolls.

Gentle rotation of the neck, ear to shoulder, back, ear to shoulder, chin to chest.

Feel all the work stress release, allowing toxins to leave the body all the way from the top chakras, down through the first chakra and out.

And reverse.

Really feel how we opened a whole area.

Mentally make a noteif any part of the neck feels really tight and work on that.

Come to center.

Now we're gonna do cat-cow.

Coming onto your fours.

Arms are going literallybelow the shoulder.

Knees are hip width apart.

We're going to do it rather vigorously, so we can burn some toxins out.

Inhale up, arch, as if somebody's sitting on top of your back.

Exhale, curve.

Release the tired.

Also, adjust sexual energy by the bell-vet-door in the lower back.

And it also builds heat in the body, which by now, I'm sure you've noticed.

The last few, let's speed up.

We do even faster, let's try.

And inhale, arch up, hold, exhale, cat, hold.

Well done, come to child pose, stretch those shoulders out.

And come up, well done.

Coming again into easypose in front of us, holding onto your knees, we're going to alternatethe shoulder lift.

So one goes up, inhale, exhale.

Feel how you're releasingany muscle tension.

Inhale both up, squeeze, exhale.

And now we're going to lay down.

Come into shavasana.

Relax the body here, letting go, freedom at the ankle, wrists.

Allowing all that heat tospread across the body.

Just feel the joy that you've created, this awakened body now.

And inhale deep into the belly, fill up the whole body with prana, exhale.

Inhale, and let's get up.

So, we're going to comeinto a downward dog.

Coming to all fours, tuck the toes under, arms are again underneath the shoulders and slowly and with care, welift up into downward dog, making sure weight is equally distributed between the hands and the feet.

Feeling the pull andthe push from both sides of this balancing posture.

It's great for the nervoussystem, for the mind.

So feeling how the whole body releases and you must have patience here.

Deep breaths into the belly.

We're going to stay here for a bit.

So make sure you're comfortable.

If your heels are notcomfortably positioned on the floor and yoursitting on your toes, you might want to roll amat underneath the heel so you get that further extension.

We're gonna breathe long and deep, allowing freedom of the neck.

Do not strain any part of the body, just find a natural balance.

Balancing the upper chakraswith the lower chakras.

And this is a masterposture for immune system, strengthening and preventing the body from any disease that's around us.

Keep breathing.

And if you can, stay still, making less adjustments to the body.

And breathe.

Keep holding, it mightbe a challenge for you, you might be sweating by now.

That means the body is releasing, so keep holding theposture, you're doing great.

And now inhale and walk yourfeet towards your hands.

And we're going to hold our shins and without bending the leg, so there is absolutely no bend across, we're going to start walking, it's called the elephant walk.

If the surface is hard, it's even better.

So let's walk.

And we can have a little laugh as well.

It's hardly any day you'regoing to do this again, so let's go.

Oh who knows, maybe that's the new way to walk into the officeon a Monday morning.

I've never tried it, I'm sure it can work.

Let's do it, almost there.

And come back to your mat.

Whoo, as you can see, this stirs up the whole blood circulation into the body.

Brings it to the head and you'll notice your mind is sharper.

The body is lighter.

Relax the body, just go inside.

Notice the difference between how we began and how you feel now.

It might be worth it, whilewe're doing this 40 days, that you create a littlediary of your experiences every day, sitting down writing it, will actually bring you to consolidate the benefits of the practice.

So, let's rub our hands together and place them at the sternum, feeling the spine now muchmore elongated and aligned.

We're going to inhale deep.

Exhale and inhale.

Ssssat nam.


Ssssat nam.

Last time.

Ssssat nam.

Sat nam, hold an intention for your day, for peace and tranquility, for radiance and health.

Sat nam, have a great day.

(calm, sitar music).

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