Covid weight loss tip

good morning good morning so I wanted todo a little math with you this morning I said cardio and I burnt 631 caloriesaccording to this machine okay so we're all struggling with thislockdown and everything and people's eating has been a little bit off trackit's understandable it's okay but what

can you do right so here's the math justset a boundary in your day so for me as you might know for a while now I haven'tbeen eating before noon it's one boundary believe me there's chips goingon there's need some chocolate going on theres some wine going on but

the oneboundary I have is I don't eat before noon and I get up at like five o'clockso here's the math okay I haven't ate and its almost 8am, and ive already burned up 631 calories old me by now the old me would have donethis let me write on

the board, I would have had, whoa that wouldn't be goodright by now I would have had two cups of coffee and I drink my coffee withheavy creams so a heavy cream I pour it in so say a hundred and fifty calorieseach one two coffees can you see

that would be three hundred calories by nowokay then the old me I would have done my cardio in a fasted state but I wouldhave had my coffee then the old me would have had another coffee by noon sothere's another 150 I would have had my collagen shake andwhey

protein after this so there's another 140 say 340 caloriesI would have drank, then before noon I would have definitely had a latebreakfast early lunch gonna say being really conservative an extra 450calories right so right there I have 300 450 450 900 really oh my gosh so nine nine

hundred I would have had before noon 1240 calories what was the point of doing the cardio right so justby me not eating before noon me and this is having coffeeyes it's with cream and there's no carbs going on and a protein shake with mycollagen and a regular high

protein meal about 450 calories I would have atetwelve hundred forty calories before noon just find out todayI've already burned what does I say well 631 calories so I'm already not going toconsume this and I'm down 631 calories what does that take me to ? say1,900 calories I'm 1,900

calories different than I would have been the normal old mebelieve me and noon I'm gonna eat too many nuts I'm gonna be too much cheese Iactually did stop the wine so that's good but you see what I mean by settingone boundary in your day when you do the

math it can be crazy so okay so maybeyou may be good maybe go until noon is too long so maybe you go till 10:00 o clock maybe you just push it and I'm nottalking fasting fasting I mean well first thing is great I'm just talkingabout seriously making one

boundary in your day or maybe maybe you stop eatingat five o'clock six o'clock just calculate how many calories you will besaving if you set that one boundary just one not three not five we're stuck athome with this this mindless eating going on and we get it with human

it'sokay it's okay now although I am starting in May a little bit of a plugI'm starting a six-week online program if you interested contact me but for nowtip of the day one boundary doesn't have to be till noon maybe push your food byyou know maybe push your eating

by two hours three hours when we stopped eatingearlier maybe there's a maybe snacking on your computer and you'relike the one boundary you have is that you don't eat your computer how manycalories is that seriously do the math let me know because rightnot down that just surprised me I

would have ate before noon twelve hundredforty calories wow that's crazy okay so it is and the other thing if you do dothis training on an empty stomach you're fine in fact when you workout on an empty stomach its fine, it actually takes hunger away so I know you

would think it would be theopposite but it really does it really just help so don't worry about workingout okay it's almost eight o'clock so I have four hours before I eat but Iactually feel a lot better about it now so do your own math let me know

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