Complete Arm Workout (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

– What's up guys, it's ChrisHeria, welcome to another vlog.

I haven't trained arms in forever, so today we're gonna bedoing an arms workout, and we're gonna be training the muscles that specifically make up out arm, our shoulder, bicep, tricep, and forearm.

Now remember, each musclecategory is actually a group of smaller muscles together that make that muscle group.

Your triceps actuallyconsist of three muscles, which are three tricep heads, your long head, whichis located in the back, your lateral, on the side, and your medial, right here atthe bottom of your long head.

The bicep has two heads, your long head, and your short head, and even connects into your brachialis, and brachioradialis down inthe front by your forearm, and for your shoulders, there's three muscles, your frontal, medial, and rear delts, and lastly for our armswe have our forearms, which consists of a lot more muscles, and flexors, and extenders, that are gonna beengaged while we're doing all of these exercises, because for this workout, we're only gonna be usinga pair of dumbbells, and we're gonna be switching up the grip with every single exercise, to be sure that we're getting a full, well-rounded workout for our arms, and developing real strength, and solid muscle in your entire arm, not just your bicep, or your tricep.

So, do this workout, and to be sure that you'regrowing your arms efficiently, and as I said before, today's workout isgonna be dumbbells only.

With a pair of dumbbells you can train in literally any corner, or any room of your house, and I wanna show you guys that you don't have to go to a gym, or have a bunch of fancy equipment to start making some solid gains.

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All right, so the first musclegroup we're gonna get into are gonna be biceps, and for the first exercise we're gonna be hitting outbiceps with pronated curls.

All right, let's go for 10, and when you go for them, I want you guys to come up, and then come down slow.

All right, now for these exercises, I'm actually gonna be puttingmy back against the wall to reduce the amount of momentum, and help, and assistancefrom other muscles.

Now, when we're doing it pronated with our palms facing down, we're engaging our biceps, but we're actually engaginga lot of our outer arm, and forearm as well.

(upbeat electronic music) All right, moving on to the next exercise, we're gonna do these supinated now, still working out biceps, but now working differentareas within our forearms.

All right, let's go for10, back against the wall, curl straight up, come down slow.

♪ Heria Music ♪ Now, quick tip guys, the more you're curlingright in front of you, you're engaging more of your short head, and the more you're out to the side, you're using a lot more ofyour outer head of your biceps, so do 'em both.

All right, moving on to the next one, we have neutral curls, or hammer curls.

Let's go for it, back against the wall try not to swing, heels straight, come all the way up, down slow.

♪ Heria Music ♪ All right, there you have it, next we're gonna bemoving in to our triceps.

All right, now moving onto our triceps, I have another threeexercises for you guys, to make sure that we're hitting all three heads of our tricep, the long head, lateral, and the medial, and the first exercisewe're gonna get into is gonna be overhead tricep extensions, and you guys can do this with two hands if you're just getting started, but eventually the more strengthyou build in your triceps, you'll be able to do it with one.

So, let's go ahead and go for 10 each arm, all the way up, all the way back down, switch.

♪ Heria Music ♪ All right, moving onto the next exercise, we're gonna need to do these laying down, we're gonna go for layingdumbbell extensions.

All right, now all theseexercises for our triceps are engaging all threeheads of our triceps, but each on is emphasizing abit more on a particular head, and that's gonna ensure that we're getting a proper workout for our triceps, and really working outour whole entire tricep.

So, now you're gonna go intolaying dumbbell extensions, you want your elbow pointing straight up, and you wanna come straightup with the dumbbell, straight back down to the side.

All right, switch arms, all the way down, all the way back up, keep that arm straight.

♪ Heria Music ♪ All right, all right, there we havelaying dumbbell extensions, next exercise, supinated tricep kickbacks, the last exercise for the triceps.

So, we're gonna go ahead, take this position, hold onto our shoulder, and come up with a90-degree angle in our arm, you're gonna bring up fromthe elbow, come straight out, and back in, let's go for 10.

All right, switch the arms, pull up the shoulder.

All right, there we have thelast exercise for our triceps, fully worked out our triceps, we're gonna be movinginto the next muscle group that's gonna be out shoulders, and our first exercise is gonnabe dumbbell shoulder press, let's go for 10.

You wanna have the dumbbellsup over your shoulders, keep a 90-degree in your arms, go straight up all the way to the top, come right back down.

Make sure to regulate your breathing, squeeze your core, we're doing this standing up, so you're gonna engagea lot more of your core while doing this exercise, using a lot more stabilization muscles, getting you a whole lot morestronger then sitting down, and getting you a whole lot more shredded, giving you a lot more results.

All right, moving onto the next exercise, we're gonna be going intolateral to frontal raises.

Now, this exercise isgonna emphasize the most on your frontal and medial delts, so make sure that's whereyou're concentrating the most of your efforts, let's go for 10.

So, both sides is one, that's one rep.

♪ Heria Music ♪ All right, we have one exercise to go that's gonna complete our shoulders, and this next exercise for our shoulders, is gonna be emphasizing mainlyon our rear delts this time, we're gonna go for reversedumbbell flies, 10 reps.

Make sure you're emphasizingthe most on your rear delts, squeeze your core, keepyour back straight, let's go for it, regulate your breathing.

♪ Heria Music ♪ All right, there we haveit, shoulders complete, biceps complete, triceps complete, and we were hitting allthe different muscles, extenders, and flexors withinour forearms the whole time, by holding onto dumbbellswith every single exercise.

Now, I have one lastexercise for you guys, and this last exercise, you should put all your energy into it, you should let it totallyfatigue your arms.

We're gonna be going forfarmer walks, maxing these out, and this is gonna fire up everysingle muscle in your arm, especially your forearms, and working out yourbody to complete fatigue, is gonna skyrocket yourtraining, your physique, and your strength to the next level.

Remember, while doing farmer walks to regulate you're breathing, that's gonna be super important, that's gonna help you last a lot longer.

You also wanna make sure that you're constantly engaging your core, and retracting with your shoulders, all while holding a solid grip, squeezing the bar as hard as you can.

All right, so there we haveit, the full arm workout.

Now, of course, we could have done a lot more other thingsduring this workout, but the goal was to strengthen our arms, and to hit every singlemuscle within our arms.

Ensuring that we'regonna be building muscle, and getting stronger, and that'sexactly what we did today, and doing this workout routineis definitely gonna increase the size, the strength, andmuscle definition in your arms.

So, if you we're ableto complete round one, congratulations, you're doing a great job, and the more you do thisyou're gonna get stronger, eventually you're gonna be able to build your strength enough to be able to complete four rounds, to complete this entire workout routine, and to have an actual effective workout, and for this workout to be most effective, and remember, the amount of weight that your holding is irrelevant.

What's most important, and is gonna give you the most results, is using the proper amount ofweight that's right for you, and that's the amount ofweight that's gonna allow you to perform all of theseexercises with perfect form, but still challenge you toreach the required repetitions, but with that said, thank you guys so much for watching, definitely come backto this workout routine on a weekly basis, for a quick and efficientworkout to build your arms, and if you like the video, then definitely smash that like button, leave a comment down below, and let me know what you want me to make my next video about, and share this video with a friend that's trying to train their arms, and of course, if you haven't already, subscribe to the channel.

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