Chris Heria Workout Challenge + Home Meal

– What's up? It's Chris Heria.

Welcome to another vlog.

Today I have an upper bodyworkout challenge for you guys.

Let's see who can do it.

Now before we get into thisupper body workout challenge, you should know that setting goals and conquering them is the key to success in anything you do, working out included, And having goals givesyou purpose and directions and also allows you tomeasure your progress.

For those of you who cannot yet do this challenge, keep this workout as a futuregoal to one day conquer and to keep you motivatedon your fitness journey.

Now the purpose of this challenge is to test your current strength level relative to your bodyweightas well as your endurance.

I know there's gonna bea lot of people out there that's gonna see this challenge and say, “Oh that's what too hard, I'm not gonna do that.

” Remember trying anythingfor the first time is always gonna be difficult but the more you get accustomed to trying and mastering newthings, the more benefits you're gonna receive bothmentally and physically.

There was a time when Icouldn't even do 10 pull ups but I continued to challenge myself to get to where I am today.

If I would have madeany excuses for myself then I wouldn't have madeit to where I am today and maybe I wouldn't even have started.

So I don't wanna let yougive yourself any excuses.

Let's start right now and let'sget this challenge started.

Today we're gonna be doing three exercises in a row with no break.

We're gonna start off with muscle-ups, go straight into straight-bar dips, and finish off with pull ups.

Ten times each without letting go.

Doing all these exercises consecutively will greatly build muscle, strength, and endurance as well as a strong grip.

Allowing you to increaseall hanging exercise repetitions without tiring from the lack of grip strength.

And each of these threeexercises overall will improve because you're doing ithanging all consecutively without letting go of thebar resulting in your body becoming more efficient atworking together as a unit, increasing the time under tension, and building more muscle.

Now if you can't yet dothe exercises in a row you can break them down towork on each one individually until you've been ableto build the strength to complete the set.

And as you build yourstrength you can always put two of the exercisestogether instead of three like muscle-ups and straight-bar dips.

And once you build morestrength and endurance you can finally try this set for less reps and eventually build up yourrepetitions to 10 reps each.

And if you can not yet doa muscle-up, pull up, or straight-bar dip, checkthe previous videos on my channel to learn howto do them step-by-step.

So with that said I'm gonnajump right into this challenge.

Remember to get this workoutchallenge on your phone as well as my personal workout programs that's gonna build yourstrength to be able to do these exercises, you wanna download the Heria Pro app in the AppStore or Google Play Store.

All right so I'm gonna go for it then I want you guys to go for it.

Let's get it.

(synth music) All right there we have it.

My last couple reps were a little rough but I'm gonna continue to work on this and you'll see I'm gonnado a lot better next time.

That's the whole point ofthis challenge actually.

Now that I know where I'm currently at I can use this as a goal to surpass and you can see in just a couple weeks even one week I canmake a major improvement and do this a whole lot better.

But like I said, now it's your turn.

I want you guys to try it.

Make a video, tag me on Instagram.

I'll be reposting some of my favorites.

Now some of you out theremay be able to do pull ups and straight-bar dipsbut just can't muscle-up so I want you guys to do jumping muscle-ups instead of muscle-ups.

10 jumping muscle-ups, then go straight-bar dips, 10 pull ups.

And remember you can alwayscheck my previous videos if you're having troublewith the muscle-up or any of these exercises.

If you guys enjoyed it, smash that like button.

Let me know down below what you wanna see in the next challenge.

And remember you canalways find progressions to build your strength to be able to do these exercises implemented into my personal workoutroutines that I create on a weekly basis for Heria Pro, then make sure you become a member.


com to getfull access to all these routines and start taking yourtraining to the next level.

All right guys it's a new day.

We're gonna go for thischallenge one more time.

Let's get it.

(synth music) Piece of cake.

There you have it.

10 muscle-ups, 10straight-bar dips, 10 pull ups and if you're training for this, one of the best pieces of equipment that you can use to take your training to the next level andexcel tremendously faster, you're gonna wanna pick upone of these weight vests.

And we just got ourbrand new weight vests in at chrisheria.

com sohead over to the shop, pick out your favorite color, and start taking yourtraining to the next level.

This is the only piece ofequipment that you're gonna need to make major gains fromabsolutely anywhere.

We also got brand new hoodies in the shop go ahead and check those out.

And now I wanna show you guyshow to make a super quick meal or snack thatabsolutely anybody can make that's super high in proteinfor some major gains.

Let's head to the kitchen.

All right guys we're back in my house, we're in the kitchen, nowI wanna show you something that you can make really fast.

It's very cost-effectiveand you can make this as a snack or even a meal andit's super high in protein.

This is something that mymom used to make me as a kid.

We're gonna be making deviled eggs and it's super simple to make.

There's only one main ingredientin it and that's eggs.

You can buy a cartonof eggs for around $2.

And aside from the eggs, all you're gonna need is some salt, pepper, and somemayonnaise if you'd like.

And eggs are packed with protein so it's gonna bring you major gains.

Each egg is about 7 grams of protein and about 70 calories eachegg so this is a great way to pack in some protein andit's a lot easier to eat than scrambling up a whole bunch of eggs and in my opinion it tastes a lot better than just eating plain hard-boiled eggs.

So let's jump right into this.

The first thing you wannado is put some water in a pot and set it to boil.

Now once it's boiling, you'regonna wanna drop in your eggs.

All right we got five eggs in there.

Let's go for six.

All right we're gonna leave that to boil for exactly 11 minutes.

Now after these have beenboiling for 11 minutes the next thing you're gonna wanna do is take out the eggs and immediately put them into ice-cold water.

And the reason why youimmediately wanna put it in ice-cold water is sothat when you're taking off the shells it'sreally easy to come off.

If you wait too long or you don't put it in cold water, it's gonna be a lot harder to take off the shells and sometimes the shellsget stuck to the egg.

All right it's been 11 minutes.

We're gonna go ahead turn this off and we're gonna put oureggs into our ice water.

There goes the first one, two.



There's the last egg.

You only need to put it in the ice water for just a couple secondsuntil the eggs cool off and then you're ready to get 'em crackin'.

All right so I go like this, make a little indentation, roll 'em around a little bit, and then inside the wateryou can peel it right off.

Of course you wanna make surethat the counter is clean before rolling any eggs on the counter.

If you did this correctly, this shell should just come right off.

And we have our first egg.

(synth music) All right now we got our hard-boiled eggs.

Let's go ahead and make some deviled eggs.

All right now we're readyto prepare our deviled eggs.

All you're gonna needis some black pepper, salt, I'm using Himalayan pink salt, and like I said before, mayonnaise but you can also add some mustard.

It has zero calories and it's gonna make it taste a lot better.

So let's go ahead.

First thing we wanna dois cut our eggs in half.

All right once you'vecut your eggs in half, you can grab a spoon, take out the yolks, and put 'em into one bowl.

All right now on these last two eggs, I'm just gonna go aheadand throw away these yolks so there's not as much cholesterol.

All right now once we have all our yolks in one bowl, we're gonna go ahead put some black pepper, Himalayan pink salt, you can really use any salt but this one's gonna be nicer.

Now when it comes to the mustard and the mayonnaise it's totally preference on how much you wanna put but keep in mind when you're putting in the mayonnaise this doeshave a lot of fat in it so you might wanna goeasy on the mayonnaise.

That's about a spoon ofmayonnaise right there.

All right let's ahead and mix this up.

All right I'm ready fora little taste test.

That tastes pretty good.

All right so we're ready to just put this back in to the littlepockets in our egg whites.

And that's gonna completethe deviled eggs.

Now as I said previously about the yolks, when you put in themayonnaise or the mustard, depending on how much you put in that's gonna make howcreamy this yolk is gonna be but of course if you don't wanna have too much mayo inside, you want this to be as healthy as possible.

It's gonna be a little bit less creamy but it's gonna be a lot healthier for you.

Another thing that my mom used to do when she would make theseis just put a little drop of ketchup right on the top.

That also makes it more tasty.

And in my opinion one drop of ketchup isn't really gonna hurtespecially if you made this with not so much mayonnaise.

Ketchup with no sugar added.

I'm just gonna do these to a couple just 'cause this is what my mom would do.

All right there we have it.

Now the last thing you can do if you want is just sprinkle a little bitmore black pepper on these.

All right and there youhave some deviled eggs super packed in protein, super easy to make, and just about anyone that I've ever met has always loved deviled eggs.

Now something thatwould go great with this if this is not gonna be a snack and you wanna have this as a meal would be a really big salad.

It's always recommendedto eat a really big salad every single day and thisis gonna top off your meal.

All right so now let'sgo ahead and try one.

All right guys now I wantyou to try it for yourself.

Let me know how it goes.

Now before I close out this vlog, I've got something toshow you guys real quick.

All right guys beforeI close out this vlog, I wanted to show you my brand new single that I've been working on.

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Now I want to give youguys the first preview before anybody has a chanceto hear my brand new single “Hold Me Close.

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