Chia Seeds For Weight Loss | Lose 2 Kilos Without Dieting

did you know that by just adding chiaseeds to your diet you can lose four pounds maybe doesn't sound much butthink about it you don't change anything in your diet or training routine justadding the chia seeds crazy right now if you decide to eat healthier and exerciseyou will skyrocket

your weight loss want to learn more about how to lose weightwith chia seeds you're watching the right video before we dive in and if you are new tomy channel I would like to introduce myselfhi my name is Ola I'm a mother of two adorable angels and a big

cellulitefighter in this channel you will get a ton of tips and valuable info aboutcellulite reduction weight loss and a healthy lifestyle for this reason I'minviting you to hit that subscribe button so you won't miss the content Ipublish every week chances you heard about super foods foods that are

so richin vitamins minerals and antioxidants that they have healing properties chiaseeds are superfood you don't want to miss the benefits of chia seeds arecrazy here are some facts about the chia seeds they have eight times more omega-3than in Salmon six times more calcium than in milkthree times more

iron than in spinach and 15 times more magnesium thanbroccoli a huge amount of fibers and more protein than soy beans now let'stalk about the benefits you will enjoy consuming those miracle seeds one weightloss chia seeds considered a superfood so it will provide your body withsignificant amount of nutrients

that will boost your metabolism help you toburn this stubborn fat you have on your stomach and other areas of your body theseeds will swell inside your body and make the feeling of fullness andsatisfaction so we will eat less also chia seeds willbalance your blood sugar helping to prevent

diabetes chia seeds fight cancermy dear woman pay close attention to this research published in 2013 provethat the alpha lipoic acid family chia seeds helps to stop the growth of cancercells in uterus in breast the study showed that the acid killed cancer cellswithout harming the healthy cells those are

great news for us women chia seedsmake our bones stronger the calcium magnesium and zinc in chia seeds willhelp us to maintain healthy and strong bones and teeth as well as gooddigestion and metabolism chia seeds make a heart healthy and our arteries strongomega-3 found the seeds helps prevent heart

and blood vessel disease and theinflammatory properties of chia seeds helps to control blood pressure andcholesterol levels 15 grams of chia seeds a day and you will enjoy all thebenefits of a healthier heart chia seeds will detox you and will make you youngerfilled with antioxidants chia seeds fight free

radicals fixing the damageand may slow down the aging process the fibers in chia seeds will detox yourbody getting rid of toxins and making you healthier and beautifullchia seeds promote quality sleeping and fight depression an amino acid calledtryptophan found in chia seeds boost serotonin and melatonin production thesetwo hormones

are well known for their abilities calm us down and make us sleepwell serotonin is responsible for good mood and fights depression and anxietychia seeds helped recover from training reaching the museum calcium copper niaczin iron zinc and many antioxidant Chia helps to return nutrients beinglost during training many athletes

consume chia seeds before and after theexercise but that's all nice and and well that's all very nice but let's goto the real interest of us women can you really lose weight with chia seeds theanswer is of course you can Australian study checked 68 overweight peoplesplitting them into four

groups some of them got 20 grams chia seeds a day andsome got fish oil some worked out for 45 minutes fast walking three times a weekand some didn't they didn't change any meal habits and didn't go into any dietthe only group who lost weight of 2 kilos after

three months were the group whohad cheated and trained three times a week maybe two kilos don't seem to bevery impressive for some of you but think about it they didn't change anyfood habits now let's talk about the side effects of chia seeds chia seedsare known as relatively safe

superfood but please pay attention to a few rulesto avoid side effects chia seeds absorb liquids before using them you should letthem sit in a glass of water almond milk or whatever liquid you like for at least 20minutes you will see them swollen and youyou'll see this little jelly

thing around it you can sprinkle chia seeds onyour salad or cook with them just be sure to drink one glass of water forevery one tablespoon of chia seed another thing to be aware of is thecalories you will find in chia seeds a hundred grams of chia seeds containsaround

450 calories it's just something you have to be aware of how can youimplement chia seeds into your diet into your food routine chia seeds have a nicegentle taste so you can use it in many foods soak one tablespoon in one glass ofwater or ground them for baking and

more the seeds can replace egg in veganrecipes be nice topping to any salad or smoothie and so much moreI'm so glad you watch this video until the end I hope it was helpful for youplease comment below if you using chia seeds and which way see you in the

nextvideo bye bye warriors

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