CBD Tea For Weightloss And Nutraburst Review |Iaso Tea(Hemp)Resolution Drops

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It is coming at you with another video now if you new to my channel Make sure you subscribe hit the like button hit the notification Now today we're gonna be talking about the CBD tea ISIL tea.

I know everybody's been talking about it So I'm gonna talk about it today I'm gonna give you my review on the CBDT And they also have the regular ISIL tea they have the raspberry flavor with zero percent THC.

So I'm gonna talk about that I'm gonna also talk about their neutral burst was just liquid vitamins, and I also want to talk about the resolution drops Which is like lipo on the bottle So stay tuned so we could talk about that and give you my honest review on the products and you can make a decision if it's something that You would like to purchase for your weight loss journey.

My review do help you guys now I'm gonna start product I would like to talk about is the I so tea with hemp now This is basically the winner for me.


This is what I've been using I have used this in the raspberry flavor I will talk about the raspberry flavor next now what it looks like it comes with 25 sachets in here So this is one of the sides you just pour it in your water You take it 30 minutes before you're about to consume your first meal and what this does it have the CBD in this Now CBD is pretty much gonna help with you know weight loss weight management skin sleep anxiety Things like that.

It's gonna flush her intestines your organs.

So it's gonna clean you out really good That's how you lose the 5 pounds in 5 days.

So that's no joke You're really gonna lose the 5 pounds in 5 days because you're actually flush changer and testing your organs So all the bloating and things like that that you did have water weigh All the toxin is getting flushed right out more is the flavor.

The flavor is actually pretty good to me It tastes like a lemon ice tea like an Arnold Palmer or something like that.

So the flavor is pretty good You know, you can take one or two sachets a day depending on you know, your weight loss goal your weight loss journey I'll take one in the morning for breakfast and I'll take one and in a little bit before dinner So I'll take take you thirty minutes before breakfast and then I take one thirty minutes before dinner So it all depends on what you're trying to do you could take one or you could take two It's all up to your body your next thing.

I want to talk about the ISIL tea Detox hemp instead, but this has zero percent THC so what that's gonna do is a lot of people they were a little bit of nervous about the lemon because they do have the You see in there, but it's so small You will not fail a drug test or a drug store in anything like that.

It still have the 25 sachets You know, you got the raspberry sachet you just pour it in your water.

Like I said 16.

9 ounces in the morning before breakfast or if you want to do before lunch or before dinner You can take one or two sachets a day.

Make sure you take it 30 minutes before you actually eat It's gonna help Park your appetite.

Like I said, it's gonna detox you and clean your ordinance out clean everything out for you So you're gonna you know, you're gonna use the bathroom, you know, it's gonna make sure your regular and things like that So if you don't go regular you need to take this anyways, because you're supposed to be using you know The bear from daily as far as having a good, you know bowel movement daily So this is gonna help out with that like I said this still has the medical benefits as far as cuz it has the hemp into it and it also Is gonna detox you and you know cleanse your organs out real good? So this is actually beneficial and the next thing I want to talk about is the new Traverse Now what this is this is liquid vitamins now This is equivalent to eat intense salads a day.

Now the good thing about this is to have 72 minerals There's like so many benefits of it and you're gonna take it when you need a shot at energy You could take it in the morning Like if you're not taking any vitamins, you need to take this anyways Because it's gonna protect your immune system with this coronal going around you need to be able to protect yourself This is gonna be your protection right here so Also with the detox tea is best that you pair it with the neutral burst because the detox tea is probably the toxins and wastes Out of your body.

So you need the neutral burns to add the nutrients back to your body now This is how people are losing the way they're detoxing and then they're flushing everything out of their body And they and the neutrals writing back into their body.


This is how I work you can shake it up really good here You know You're gonna pour say a tablespoon, but you know, you're gonna pour tablespoon in you're gonna take a shot Yeah lipstick on so I didn't put my mouth on it And everything like that, but this is very important You gotta get you some of this it's gonna keep you healthy healthy, you can use it for your family older people grandkids You know children.

It is very very beneficial here and have a list of everything that's you know beneficial in here It's like said two minerals, it's some amino acid in here, you know 12 vitamins 18 amino acids So an 18 vegetable, so this is very beneficial.

This is probably after your detox.

You definitely need this This is like the go-to product that everyone need in their household.

Okay now last but not least.

This is the resolution drops Now the resolution drops they call this lipo in a bottle Now the reason why they call this like one of Idol cuz you're projected to lose one or three pounds a day and what this is you're gonna shake it up 15 minutes before you actually Consume your meal.

You're gonna take this take the drops put it underneath your tongue Hold it for 30 seconds.

You use this three times a day.

You're guaranteed Is appealing your body.

So it's one two three pounds a day But if you're trying to lose like 50 pounds Plus, this is something you need Make sure you pair it up here with the new Traverse cuz you need your Nutrients and if you're gonna go all the way with it, make sure you detox first Drops, this is the mom supply.

It's gonna get you together You know, you got to make sure you take it as needed There is a 1200 calorie diet restriction with this so you have to be on a 1200 calorie diet plus you're taking is make sure you get in your new traversing so you can make sure that You're being compliant with what you're supposed to do with these drops here.

So My review wanna take now so far.

I've been using the hemp tea Now the brick leti is ISIL tea tall So now I just don't have any happiness still what detox you will still lose the 5 pounds of 5 day the regular tea came before the other flavors with the hemp So if you want something more gentle if you're not real bit on flavors and things like that, you could do the regular Detox tea, and that's very beneficial Also, you're still gonna lose the 5 pounds of 5 days when you're still gonna be able to do that Now it comes with a month supply on the regular you can actually get 50 sachets for the same price now I've but I guess it's just a little bit lower because they don't have the hemp benefits and things like That but as far as the weight management and weight loss you're still gonna lose your way So if you're on their mom supplies so far.

I don't lost 20 pounds I'm gonna show you guys a picture of myself right here I will post a picture so you can see my weight loss journey and if you do follow me on instagram social media you will post Motivational inspirational posts of others people like my customers, you know other people who's just taking in products I post them daily to let people know that these products really do work now I hope this review was able to help you out.

I showed you guys my pictures I showed you guys that I lost 20 pounds.

I let you know how to consume the products how beneficial the products are What are they're used for now? If you have any questions, you can write the questions underneath the comments I will help you out as much as possible.

I also will leave a link scription of all the products that I have here today Listed down there in case you want to make a purchase case You want to start your weight loss journey, but if you're new to my channel, make sure you hit the like button Make sure you comment, you know, say hi to me.

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You guys have a go.

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