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welcome to the long-awaited part 3 of the Marcos news weightloss special as we interview Kerith Rahman who shares her secrets for having a sizzling hot timeless body despite the fact she's almost half a century old have a pan ready this change your life okay hello miss Robin hello it's Randy thank you for being with us today yeah I live here so every day alright today's topic is weight loss and being thin and good-looking which obviously you are and I'm going to just try to answer ask questions that I know people are going to obviously ask and that they're thinking hey its genetic be she's always been like that she's lucky she's this year's know what it's like to be us poor victims of wait so how old are you um be 47 in December wow so you're almost 50 first off people are going to think well she hasn't hit menopause yet wait till she hits menopause she's going to have that amount of post menopause pooch but I've already hit it you've already been there you know and hormones has a lot to do with weight gain there's this myth out that you need once your your ovaries is shut down and everything that you get your hormones from the fat in your belly so that would mean theoretically you have no hormones right and well I do have and quite a few I was I mean more than any like 20 year old I've ever met so obviously you don't need a pooch to have hormones and you don't have to have that out you don't get a pooch after post menopause that's right if you're treating yourself right so have you ever been like bigger than this yes and how much was your biggest weight that was 180 180 yeah but I was pregnant but the only weight baby only weighs 7 pounds so we did 50 pounds extra that's right it took me four months to lose it were you totally into raw food at the time no so that would explain the weight gain yeah I put on the 50 pounds do you know what it's like to be overweight yeah I've been there you've done it even when I was a 140 pounds which I'm when I try and stay between 120 and 127 how tall are you 5 9 okay so that's pretty tall but when I get in past 130 I start feeling depressed and I can't be in that funk so I set up got a rail it back in for those of you who see my paintings of Debbie that I was with for 15 years she was 5 3 she like 99 to 100 pounds and that was normal for she never liked that was her weight so you know people think well that's anorexia that's another thing a people gonna ask is right I'm too skinny are you starving yeah that's easy with your Z on the starvation diet you're just starving yourself out of a you know that's unhealthy and I'm a chef I love you too much I can't starve I'm going to deprive myself so it's what you'll eat right it is and it's also when you eat but I don't eat myself until maybe 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon I'm not hungry till then now a lot of people say well breakfast is the most important meal and you're proof that it doesn't have to be there's a video I'm gonna be coming out with really soon on something that's pretty important and revolutionary it's called intermittent fasting where you don't eat breakfast some of the biggest stars in Hollywood do it and they are not starving themselves actually bodybuilders are doing and they're finding they grow 3 times faster with muscles they have 2, 000 times the hormones if they fast for one day a week or if they stop eating at dinnertime and they don't eat to lunch the next day it's called the 16 Abell talk more about that in another show but you've been doing this automatically you didn't even know about that you just felt you listen to your body and you're doing it automatically and then I heard about intermittent fasting and I'm like oh my god that's what I was really doing and I think because of that I really think that that's what I've been able to maintain a healthy body weight in the same body weight I've had since I was 20 I told a girlfriend of mine who was wearing a half shirt and she had a roll on her tummy I said you know if you don't eat for just two days that go away you'll be flat and she said forget that I need my food too much and I thought well it was kind of vanity for me back then I'd rather fast then have that for those of you who've never fasted it sounds kind of scary but after you've done it once or twice it actually is an amazing experience you feel so much lighter more spiritual you feel your mood is elevated you wake up with more harm once the next day you feel stronger you feel cleaner you feel like a new person yeah it's a little tough the first few times because you're craving food but the interesting thing is um while you're fasting you start appreciating the cleaner foods you actually look at like I look at my rough or raw food cookbook and I go I can't wait to try some of this stuff this is I Roxy crave this stuff now I don't crave the nasty stuff I got the bad food you start creating the good foods because the more cleaner you are and more cleaner the foods you you want you crave and the more dirtier you are junkie more junk food you crave I think so it's it's really it's like we're you're resetting the more you found yes and then you do reset right and every time I'd fast I'd come back and my stomach would have shrunken so that really helps when ever I put on a few extra pounds I fast and that fasting helps me lose the weight because now my stomach has shrunk and I don't need as much food to feel full and you know the first couple i've never fasted longer than seven days but the first few days are the toughest the first two days but after the third day it's like you just you see muscles if you worked out or you just see fat melting off you and that gives you such incentive to continue first of all it's not the starvation thing out you don't starve yourself no do you feel like during the day I'm empty I crave food I need food not very there's a lot of people that are starving themselves that feel that I think it's because they're eating empty calories like food that really does have a lot of value well you know what I do kind of snack a little bit if it throughout the day sometimes and like I the pepperoni that we make and we cut and we put it in a bowl the the bat not the bad part a list over trimming yes the leftover trimmings I snack on that I'll take a couple almonds some cherries when she says pepperoni she means the not real meat pepper on our uncooked look made from plant matter just like pepperoni oh it tastes better oh my god it's crunchy like when we take it with us whenever we travel we have like a bag of it yeah we actually took some dude Hawaii like five months ago four months ago and we had like a few leftover in my bag and I forgot about it we just went to New York and I just found a few slices still in there it's still good it's so good to me and it's so happy magic Irish moss is in it yeah tomato okay that Irish moss this is important I think that that's a key it's really important seaweed is critical I noticed you have a glass of water there you drink water right yeah let's show them Shelby boy to use this is a glass and jar a glass jar it's not plastic you don't drink out of plastic I avoid plastic like the plague it's poison and toxic plastic is an estrogenic estrogenix suppress the thyroid the thyroid gets suppressed you start gaining weight hormone issues are a big one there's a lot of like chemicals in the air because we're in the modern world though a way to help fight that is taking supply of seaweed mm-hmm no but you can't just drink iodine drops because that you can actually OD from straight iodine because that that's a nice lip but if it's mixed in with it in its natural state with all the other co elements like in seaweed it's kind of hard to OD on it we sometimes eat a massive amount of sea we like we have a cake made with it we put in our smoothies the Irish moss is amazing stuff it's a thickener so you can we can use it for pies and all kinds of stuff yeah so a lot of seaweed like the Irish moss is really good for helping keep the thyroid healthy which I guess yours is well I've always dated a lot of seaweed in the morning what I love to do is um I remember you told me once I that I don't have to do your green formula in such a large I do it in a glass jar like this and you said oh you don't have to do it you could just do it in a smaller glass and I said no I like to do it in a big glass and I like to drink it you know in the morning slowly like people drink their coffee because it when I sip it I just I just can like literal feel the power just coursing through my veins yeah it just feels so good knowing that I'm doing something so good for my body I'm not paying her to say this but anyway there's a lot of people who write and say that they take the green formula and it's the it gives them so much energy and they it's an appetite suppressant that they just go all day without eating and and they lose weight so it's great for weight loss right it's great for diabetics is good for helping with the insulin issues it's funny when I see like smoothie or claims these smoothies they say oh it's a complete meal replacement this actually is complete Naomi I'm not saying telling people live off powers but there is a guy he's doing it again this month he's travelling across Norway on nothing but my formula my green powder and the protein powder and a little bit of coconut oil well like you said it's got anything that has more vitamins than what I'm eating in my salads I'll go for meaning sprouts have 40% more vitamins and sout and your green powder because I love life I want to be here as long as possible and enjoy you and my son for as long as possible and I want to be able to you know move and if I fall I want to be able to get back up and start running again not oh no I need a hip replacement if I'm lucky the other or they'll put you down like a horse yeah well you mentioned sun somebody you don't even know that she has it son I'm he's health he's almost 26 you know and look at you stand up room and it's just shell jello and what you look like and you can see over there yeah yeah that's pretty amazing huh all right and here's some pictures of what she looks like I mean everywhere we go it's a photo shoot I'm a skin I can't help it it's like she's a walking Sports Illustrated photo shoot well you know this is the this the body I have is just a byproduct of eating clean healthy food that whoever set us up here on earth we weren't dropped in a slaughterhouse we were dropped in the Garden of Eden you're so in the morning vegan-vegetarian oh you don't want any our product absolutely not there's no reason to because and you don't cook your food you know it's not like I avoid cooked foods it's just that I prefer raw foods because it just satisfies me so much but as far as also genetic it's not genetic because I've three siblings three of us are vegetarian and we're all very you know thin and and one wasn't and he was overweight very overweight he has since changed he quit eating meat but it's not just meat it's also bread flour pasta you know I remember in grade school used to make glue out of flour and water and that's what bread is made out of I call it a gut bomb it's terrible I drove from Florida to Las Vegas a few years ago and I got um dried fruit and nuts and bananas and apples I prepared all that for my trip so that I wouldn't have to depend on restaurants to fuel me I towards the end I ran out of my fruits and my food so I stopped at an Olive Garden and I ordered the all-you-can-eat salad and I ordered a bruschetta which is just bread yeah with tomato sauce on it I just took a couple bites of the prosciutto and I had a salad and for the first time since I started my trip pains in my stomach as I'm driving do you remember we ate out once I immediately it felt like I had food poisoning and I came home and you gave me ozone water and immediately the pain went away I'm kind of bacterial and look at how the ozone water just immediate I mean within within a matter of 45 seconds I literally felt it like a video game going to dinner killing all the bad stuff so in the morning I really love fruit salad and especially now since it's summer and I make my almond milk I just cut up as much fruit as I can I don't care and sometimes it's a big bowl other times it's a medium bowl but it's a lot and I top it off with cacao nibs and it's just the most delicious thing I've ever had it's like eating candy you know for a child it's as exciting as that that's about you know between 12:00 and 2:00 and then my savory salad is later with mainly kale and dandelion leaf tomatoes avocados and all the other stuff that one would normally put in a salad and then I put superfoods on our pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds spirulina lots of seaweed goes in there sauerkraut lots of garlic I mean I'm getting so much concentrated vitamins in that I put quinoa that I've soaked and sprouted then dehydrated yourselves a huge sometimes like I can't even they are huge and sometimes like I don't eat all of it and I just leave it on the counter overnight and then I'll go back at the next day and I'll eat it for breakfast like more delicious you can't leave meat out overnight but do this stuff I'd prefer it left out overnight you said to put it in the fridge I go no no leave it out I really like it like that um I don't like fruit juices they actually scare me because I don't want to raise my blood sugar level while you drink I juice cucumber I mix it with half water and then chia seeds and I always have those in the jars in the refrigerator on hand it's very refreshing especially in the summertime mainly plain water and smoothies your green smoothies and the green formula because I've actually acquired a taste for that it's delicious and when we go to the joke celery juice just celery juice gym for the gym vegan a gym a lot of people are gonna say oh well she works out all the time it's easy to look like that if you work out all the time when I met you you hadn't worked out in 20 years or something and you just started since you met me in the last what eight months or anything it helps but the raw food is the main thing that made you look good and that's right right when I was leaving Florida my last couple months there I was staying with a woman who's who really her third kitchen and refrigerator was really a turn-off it was full of me and stuff so I just never even went in the kitchen I kept my food in the in my room it basically it was just Brazil nuts I ate like like like its person in the jungle I had an animal in the junk that's greens at exactly and I just eat it and I remember I really I was kind of getting thin and I was liking it I was loving it and I remember I looked at my body in the mirror didn't even exercise but I really liked what I saw and it was just from eating and you use oils to sow oils own the healthy oils don't make you fat right I never cook with olive oil but I don't but I use a lot of olive oil I actually up olive oil and our great fruit smoothie that's one of my favorite drinks too that's in the cookbook with the salads so we use a lot of coconut oil in olive oils yes a lot of coconut oil in desserts well I make you know the vegan cheese cakes that's good too right and what else do I put coconut oil in oh that's right the chocolate and that's you know when we want a sweet treat that that's so satisfying and that's your freezer chocolate for the most part I eat simply because that's what my body feels the best when I'm eat simply and I'm so full of energy when it's just a little bit and it's simple I'm very active I'm always running around too so that helps but also when like I'm juicing you know I try and practice proper posture and just get the most out of every normal everyday movements you know I try and turn those into almost a workout or a stretch like when you put the picture of me on my hands and he is doing the floor some people are like oh she's just doing that for the picture that's absolutely not true that's the only way I can get the kitchen floors absolutely spotless and when I'm in that position on all fours it's a great yoga position I'm doing I'm stretching I'm stretching my back I'm stretching my muscles and a lot of bodybuilders say that their absolute best after a competition because they are holding them tight the whole time they're like standing straight holding them tight and that flip that tightens your muscles but if you're sitting slouching all day right on a computer right are in the office then you're compressing in you're getting this bulge and it just kind of becomes permanent right just like it becomes permanent if you can hold it in my brother told me that once a long time ago he said just hold your stomach in and it'll stay in of a conscious of that you know if you hold it in even while you're sitting in the computer working in a car holding up against it's great as far as working out how much do you workout now three hours a week so what one hour three days a week yes I wish I could do more I feel guilty not doing more I wonder what I could turn myself into if I did more because you could always improve but you're always cleaning and doing things and you're always active you're outside in the backyard with your plants and doing stuff you're right you're not just sitting still all the time right not having a TV really helps that's a big one and I am really good at not being addicted to Facebook or the computer you know I can shut it down because I know that you know you've log on and then next thing you know it's a few hours later but there's just too much life to live and too much to jail I do like to do juicing at least once a week which consists of dandelion greens and watercress and kale and purple cabbage and broccoli so green stuff not fruit right I never touch fruit juice because it raises spikes your blood sugar level and it I believe stuff like that kind of accelerates it's hard on your body and when it's hard on your body it accelerates the aging process so is that true sugar cross links the proteins in your skin so it helps wrinkles form faster oh that's right pancreas keeps shooting out insulin so it gets worn out after why you burned out a dream little tired greens keep you going steady it keep you all mellow and steady all day long fruits great if you eat right if you blend it with the fiber right just don't separate the sugar from the fiber cuz we eat a lot of fruit I don't want people to think upward I had the fruit we a lot of fruit we eat the whole fruit or we put it in a blender so you've got the whole thing so I don't what other ways do you cleanse the enema is amazing I remember you well Marcus you turned me on to enemas and and you turned me on to my neti pot too when you first had me do the neti pot I remembered I said oh is it oh why don't I take a string and put it in my eye and pull it out on my nose while you're at it that's the neti pot it's amazing especially in this dry right climate we live in in Vegas it's absolutely important to do that but the enemas I wish I would have known about enemas so many years ago because now I found that I have to do is an enema and that horrible feeling is gone even gas or bloating a glass of gas and bloating it cures it all immediately better at night you're more calm it makes you feel so lighter it cleans everything oh it's amazing and you know I know some people might say well that's not natural because you know your body should do it itself but its water and this isn't a natural world right do cars computers jet fuel in the air that's not natural we have to help the body that'll go with the modern world right so any of the way you can help it another thing that affects weight gain is a deal with the adrenals burnout you know they're connected with with hormones and digestion and everything else your body just doesn't work as right so if you don't get proper sleep then you're all reminding me of all this yes I try and stress to my son so that please go to bed at least once or twice a week at 10 o'clock p.


so you get the healing hours 10 p.


to 2 a.


ray makes so much sense when I go to bed at a decent time I feel so much better I could feel it the next day so let's recap the basics of how you look so amazing you don't eat till lunchtime and I donate after 6:30 and when you do eat it's only raw food that's right fruits vegetables anything from the plant world I spent 98% of my time in the produce section getting good my groceries and then I'll just go out into the into the middle of the store and I'll get olive oil sun-dried tomato and coconut me and coconut water I mean just those few ingredients in the center but the majority is they sell coconut me in the freezer section now so you don't have to scoop out the coconut yourself so let's recap so we don't eat first thing in the morning also I really try and do one meal a day there's nothing wrong with doing one meal a day Yogi's and religious people in different countries only have one meal a day at one o'clock in the afternoon and they go to bed at least an hour too and they wake up with the Sun actually my bodybuilder friend Danny Dalton I did a video on him the raw food bodybuilder a lot of time he only eats one meal a day it's a big one but he only it's one time a day it makes sense yeah what that means for like 20 hours a day he's fasting right and he's not getting skinny he's gaining muscle but you only gain muscle if you built working out that's right because my body didn't have all this food to digest it was healing whatever was wrong with me whenever I would injure myself which I did a lot working in that restaurant heaving and hoeing I would hurt for maybe a couple minutes and then fine my body was not busy digesting food energy your body takes up so much energy digesting food I could physically see inside me I could feel what it was doing it's like I'm like I don't have any food to digest so let's go up and do what we were intended to do clean and protect the body and fight off whatever's Glan I felt like oh my god she's got a little bit of cancer I'm sprouting up here let's get it you know 15 – you know and they got rid of the cancer hope she just she just banged her foot and I got the chills my body went into shock it hurts so bad for three minutes gone I know that if I wouldn't have been eating that if out of it on a regular cooked food diet I probably would have broken my foot well think about I probably would have had diagnosed with cancers that's what we do as people on our day off we clean the house you know we take care of notes on our desk we we take care of unfinished business that's been like so fasting is the body's version of that well it's it's day off it doesn't have to digest so let's see what loose ends do I have to clean up here and what you know and right cleaning the kitchen of the body right and you know same as sleeping is so important really that's really right and you know your brain never shuts off and it's and it has to clean – and remember who-who was that amazing scientist back in many a month years ago he said our brains flush itself at night and somehow he knew that and actually that's true they come to find out that only when you're sleeping does that function happen in your brain yeah co-leading action and you can only cleanse and sleep really well if you haven't eaten before you went to bed otherwise right not totally sleeping it's really important to know all these things there's so many things that to know that that you can you know different ways you can help your body it's not how much you eat it's right well it's not a quantity it's the quality the life force and the power within what you if you eat raw powerful food especially wild plants and stuff that's why I made the green formula you don't need very much you just need a tiny tiny bit and you've got all the power and minerals and Sapna's and sterols and alkalis and glycosides everything that you need to be fully working this is kind of important I need to say something I don't endorse 800 calorie a day diet after doing that for two or three months I felt one day my boss actually shutting down it was like and I was working in the restaurant and it said no no more and I had to take off and go lay down and I had somebody bring me some almonds and dried mango and I slowly ate it and it was like I had to force myself to eat it and I was like oh my god this is kind of like what an anorexic must feel like when they eat food you know just so weird because I have a barely ate it's not good I mean a low calorie diet short but that was just too little amount of food and as soon as I started you know eating I immediately felt my body coming back alive and I said okay no more Joseph hill the other guy on this weight-loss special he said he all you want as long as it's raw food or I said you can eat all the fats and oils and tiny food nuts greens vegetables fruits as long as its raw plant food from nature you can use much as you want well you know you're not supposed to over eat anything right I don't think he overate but the point is people count calories on it oh yeah I don't never no idea we we just we just do laughing we're not hungry for for a day we don't eat for a day if we're hungry we eat a lot I mean it's it's just whatever we feel at that moment another indicator that I'm gaining a little weight and I have to reel myself back in is I haven't I don't know I should say this if i inner thighs touch I like you're gauging that that's a good system but counting calories it's it's that doesn't make sense it's it's not correct anyway I don't think there's any way to really know for sure how many calories anything has because it's all right so many factors that sound right is actually and it's not like that it's how well are you digesting and assimilating the nutrients you're eating and where was it grown was it growing in soil that has no nutritional value like most farm food you know that's why I made the pile right I got to know really know my farmers at the farmers market and talk to them and your wilds formula is exempt from GMOs as well as the sprouts that they sell I'm sure every farmers market has a sprout farmer that offers sprouts now they're grown indoors in a container and I know I'm safe with that too and I know my strawberry farmer he's far away from GMO farms so you have to really get to know you know your armors and don't trust just because it says organic but a world we're living in usually when she makes me something like something a really amazing dessert or dish she takes one bite gives the rest of me exactly but she's never hungry but but it's just it's not that I do it because I want to be skinny its I do it because I just feel so good and the first time I fasted like my third day I was like oh my god when you fast from doing anything be it cussing fasting you notice how many people around you do it so then they do it so frequently and you're like my god you feel so separate almost you know angelic yeah I'd no idea how spiritual the feeling was you know when I first got stood at 25 I was so clean and there was no layers of toxic and food and stuff so like the every day I think every hour maybe you don't eat things are falling off you right and you become clairvoyant the mental clarity that you feel it's a feeling that you could you can't buy for all the money in the world I started being the repealed thoughts it was yes very freaky and I know how animals are yes that's how animals can sense things without understanding our English language right it's finally got an understanding of how animals communicate cleansing being clean physically emotionally mentally is is a big part that the cleaner you are the less you need the less fuel you need and if you have really powerful fuel you don't need much of it only eat it during the sunlight hours as soon as the Sun Goes Down stop eating right and Marcus let me ask you um when your body is busy digesting food that learned that heavier breakfast that in your lunch then a dinner doesn't that take its toll on your body or cause acceleration it doesn't that take you quicker to their grave yeah you're working around the clock here it's like any worker that gets overworked after a while you just kind of drop you're wearing out the engine of your body you know if you give it a chance to heal it's like going on vacation you come back a new person yeah and you do this every day you take a little mini vacation every day you come your wor wake up a new person look anybody goes to bed with a full stomach they don't totally sleep because their body's digesting the whole time they're trying to sleep then they wonder why they wake up tired why their adrenals are shot why did bags under their eyes why they're not happy why they can't think straight yeah and you did all this instinctually I do it feels right but you're just affirming what I've been telling people all along you just did it naturally you didn't know why exactly you just knew it was the right thing to do and that's what I tell people you don't need to know why how a car engine works you just know you get in it you turn the key you push the gas and it goes you listen to your inner self and you don't know how or why it's working you just knew it was the right thing to do now I mean what I know now it's like if somebody would have showed me that back then that you don't like our cookbook you don't have to eat alfalfa sprouts this is what you can eat pizza pasta sushi crumble a candied apples yeah that can't be real I know so many people out there they don't know the first thing really about well what do I eat so I already did the book that's why we did the book and that's why we continue to suggest ideas or like breakfast like I really love that avocado breakfast that I make you I remember the the princess set of the Cinderella video yeah because you know people usually make avocado mashed avocado savory nope you ever made it guacamole yeah yeah we make it into a sweet dessert yeah I remember us yeah friend said wow I never knew you could make avocados sweet yeah that was 25 years ago now you know people are getting hip to it and putting it in their chocolate mousse avocado date maple syrup or whatever healthy fats and oils which you need for your brain to work right that's right well thank you I'm sure we can talk forever here I really hope this helped you should stick around and like live here or something Jeff and extramural all right that you can sleep in my bed thank you your cell phone you're an inspiration to so many I hope so everybody wins when you eat like this see you next time fine go to Marcus news.

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