Calisthenics Leg Workout ( NO EQUIPMENT )

– What's up, guys? It's Chris Heria.

Welcome to another vlog.

A lot of you guys have beenrequesting more workouts with no equipment.

So I'm gonna be taking you guys downstairs for a calisthenics leg workout routine that you can do anywhere.

Let's get started.

It's kinda chilly today out in Miami so I wore my new Heria hoodie.

We're about to get warmed up.

And I know I said I wasn't gonna be using any equipment today, but to take this workout to the next level I'm gonna be adding some extraweight with the Heria vest.

And if you want to buildmore muscle and strength then I would highlyrecommend to use one as well.

You can pick one up at ChrisHeria.


But you don't need the vestto do any of these exercises, it's still gonna be a highlyeffective leg workout routine.

And we're gonna be targetingall the muscles in our legs from our glutes, hamstrings, quads, to our calf, as well as your inner andouter quads and hamstrings.

So if you have your Heria weight vest go ahead and put it on.

And if you don't, try this routine.

And when you're ready to buildmore muscle and strength, pick up your weight vest at ChrisHeria.

com to add more resistance to yourexercises and your workouts.

The only thing we'll be usingfor today's workout routine is an elevated surface, so go ahead, open up to the Heria Pro app, find your calisthenicsleg workout routine, and let's go ahead and get this started.

The first exercisewe're gonna be going for is squat jumps side to side.

This is gonna be engaginga little bit of everything from your glutes, outer quads, hamstrings, and your calves.

Let's go for 20.

(upbeat techno music) – [Automated Female Voice] Heria music.

– Woo, all right.

You should start feeling that already.

All right, so let's go aheadand put how many you did.

Next exercise we're gonnago for is sumo walks.

These sumo squats are reallygonna engage your glutes, hamstrings, and outer quads.

Make sure you stay low theentire time and engage your core.

Let's go for 20.

(upbeat techno music) – [Automated Female Voice] Heria music.

– Woo, you should definitelystart feeling that by now.

All right, let's go aheadand check that one off.

Next on our list we have curtsy lunges.

Let's go for 10 each leg.

Aside from maintaining a tight core, go slow and take yourtime with this exercise as this exercise does requirebalance and stabilization.

Let's go for it.

(upbeat techno music) – [Automated Female Voice] Heria music.

– Woo.

All right, make sure to checkthe curtsy lunge off the list.

Next we have is box jumps.

Let's go for a quick 12.

(slow techno music) – [Automated Female Voice] Heria music.

– All right, let's go ahead, (sighing heavily) checkthat one off the list.

We're almost through with the first round.

Next we have alternating toe taps.

Let's go for 20.

We're gonna bring one leg up.

(slow techno music) All right, three more exercises left.

Next we're gonna be goingfor assisted pistol squats.

Let's go ahead and do 10 each leg.

(upbeat techno music) – [Automated Female Voice] Heria music.

– Woo.


That's so much harderwith the weight vest on.

It's crazy.

All right, two more exercises left.

We have calf raises, and then we're gonna finishoff with back and forth lunges.

Let's go for 20 calf raises.

(slow techno music) – [Automated Female Voice] Heria music.

– Oh, my calves, hamstrings, and glutes are fired up.

Now for the last move tofinish off the first round, we're going for back and forth lunges.

Let's go for five on each leg.

(slow techno music) – [Automated Female Voice] Heria music.

– Woo.

That completes round one.

We have three more rounds to go.

That's gonna finish this workout routine.

So thank you guys somuch for following along.

Play this video back three more times to complete the workout routine.

If you're doing it with the vest on then maybe try it two more times.

Training with the vest is a lot different than lifting weights.

It demands a greater type ofstrength from your entire body and builds more muscledefinition in a different way.

So if you want to take yourtraining to the next level in every way, build more muscle and strengthduring your workout routines then pick up a weightvest at ChrisHeria.

com and start taking yourtraining to the next level.

And while you're there, check out the new hoodiecollection dropping this month that you see me wear here on the vlog.

With words to live by from the vlog series like perfect practice makes perfect and big risks, big rewards.

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So with that said, thank youguys so much for watching.

I'll see you next Thursday at2:00 p.


USA Eastern Time.

Mad love, peace out.

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