Burning HIIT Workout with Warm-up & Cool Down At Home for EACH Fitness Level By 2FitnessLovers

Hi, welcome to my home workout.

My name is Teija and I'm your online personal trainer.

this HIIT workout is suitablefor each fitness level.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, or advanced fitness lover, you can do it together with your partner with your family, with yourfriend.

this HIIT workout is suitable foreverybody.

Here on your left side, you see beginners' options.

Come on, get readyalready!! the HIIT is starting! And here you see advanced options.

We are starting with the four minutes warm-up.

and then we start the actual HIIT workout.

The HIIT workout is lasting ten minutes, and then we have a shortcooldown.

If you already did the warm-up, you can skip it and start the HIITworkout right away.

Let's start with a warm-up.

Are you ready? All right, let'sstart the warm-up.

let's start with the jogging.

I know self-motivation can besometimes difficult, but we will have a great workout today.

We will have fun, right! Great, lift your knees a little bit higher up.

Also, including the HIIT workout, is it is important to warm up.

So if you did not do the warm-up, don't skip this part.

then every second up, high knee.

This exercise we aswell, have in our HIIT part.

And jogging.

And kick your butt.

And jogging.

And fast rotation, activate your core Knees a little bit soft, keep yourshoulders down.

Our first exercise today in our HIITthe workout is lunge jumps.

Three two one.

Get Ready! 15 seconds to start! Ten seconds.

We are starting with lunge jump.

Very hard start.

Three seconds, we are startingnow.

All our exercises are today very challenging, but the purpose of HIITworkout is a challenge.

After these 10 minutes you should be tired.

The pulse should be high.

you should have this feeling that we have been working out.

That's why it's called the HIIT workout.

20 seconds break, here you see alreadythe next exercise, which is burpees and push up.

Here we go! One more time! Shake it, a little break.

Then we mountain climbers, cross.

We go down.

Time is starting.

10 seconds to go! And break.

Great, let's get up again.

Then we have the same exercise that we did in a warm-up.

Every second knee high up.

Shake your legs, get ready.

Five seconds.

Here we go! Break, shake it! Then we go down again.

We have spider push-ups.

Little bit upper body strength.

Time is starting now.

This is really hard.

But we will make it.

Last one.

This was hard.

Then we have skater hops.

I go this way.

Let's jump! Now you need to balance as well.

Great! We go down.

Plank jacks here we go! Try to stay here really in a plank position, so check that your butt is not going too high up.

Then we go up again and we have squatjumps.

So let's go squat jumps! These are gonna be nasty.




Horrible, very horrible.

let's go down again.

Then we have plank hops.

This was surprisingly hard for the quads.

Come up, one more to go we will managethis.

Jumping jacks.

heart rate is high up.

Alright, the last exercise let's do this.

After this, we'll have a short cooldown.

Just easy easy.



The heart is beating.

Today is a really hot day.

I almost feel like fainting.

If I talk some nonsense, it is probably because I probably have a heatstroke.

Maybe a cap would be a good idea today.

Great, little bit marching.

But I like this HIIT workout because, it is really suitable for each fitness level.

Perfect home workout, if you're a beginner, you can do it, if you are advancedfitness lover, you can do it.

And just have fun with your partner orwith your family.

I think working out should be as well fun, and just bringingpeople together.

And if you're a couple but you have different fitness levels, it's still nice that you can workout together, I try to be a matchmaker as well.

Or a friend maker.

And working out should not be so serious.

Just bring joy and happiness right! And health.

A little bit, as you can see, I'm doingcircles with my arms.

now I can feel that my brain is suddenly really slow.

Then rotation.

I think I need to drink like fiveliters water to survive this heat.

Great, then chin on your chest, roll down, straighten your legs and cross your arms.

Do easy rotation here, maybe I go thisway.

Relax your arms roll up again.

Then short stretch for your quads.


Other side.

it feels nice to be outside.

If I can choose, I always prefer to do my workouts outside.

It's just so refreshing.

I can hear the birds singing.


Round your back.

Relax your neck.

Pull yourself up.

Round your back, come up.

Easy rotation.

Lift your chest up, relax your neck.

Give yourself a hug, you did a great job! If you did the beginner's HIIT workout, great job.

If you did the advanced HIIT workout, great job.

Give yourself a hug.

Thank you so much for joining my home workout.

I hope you had fun with me.

if you haven't subscribed our channel yet, now it's a great time to do it.

If you liked this workout, please leave a comment, like I would love to hear from you.

I wish you a great day wherever you are located and I really hope to see you soon! looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you somuch, see you soon bye-bye!.

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