Burn Belly Fat at Home ABS Workout

– Hey what's up? It's Chris Heria, welcome to the blog.

As I mentioned in the last video, we're gonna continuethe Home Workout Series.

And for today, we're going to be burning fat at home withthis abdominal workout.

Yes, we're going to be burning fat throughout our whole entire body, which includes our belly fat.

So let's start burning some belly fat today with this routineand one of the best ways to burn fat is to start sweating.

So we're gonna take as minimal rests as possible to make sure that we keep that heart rate up, and keeping high intensity throughoutthe entire workout routine.

So if you're ready to get started, jump on the phone, open the Heriapro app, schedule the burn bellyfat at home workout routine and let's go ahead and get started.

And of course if you don't have the Heriapro app, go ahead and download it right now in the Apple store for IOS or Google Play store for Android.

Alright, so getting right into this routine, for the warmupwe have jumping jacks and 50 pushups for a total of two sets.

And of course, if youwant to check your form or if you're not sure how to do the move, go ahead and watch the video.

Perfect, so we're gonnago for 60 jumping jacks and then 50 pushups, twosets, let's go for it.

(energetic music) ♪ Heria music ♪ Alright, let's go right to the pushups.

Quick 50.

If you need to break them up into 10's, 25's, or even if you need to do them on your knees, let's get those 50.

Here we go, keep the form.

(energetic music) ♪ Heria music ♪ ♪ Heria music ♪ Alright, I think thatwas a little more but, I got some extra credit in there.

So let's go ahead andcheck those right off and input how many reps you actually did.

Alright, so I got one more round of that, we're gonna get rightinto this workout routine.

Alright now we got our heart rate up, just finished the warmup, the first move is gonna be L-sit kicks and then the second move is gonna be knee raises, so if you don't know what that looks like, go ahead click on the video.

Now we're ready to get started.

So for this exercise, I havetwo chairs side by side, we're gonna go aheadand do some L-sit kicks, and the most important thingis to support your body with your arms, keeping your core tight, and the goal is to try to kick straight into a horizontal line, 90 degrees and L-sit, but if you can't yetbring your legs that high, just do it as high as you can, but let's finish those reps.

Let's go right into it.

(energetic music) ♪ Heria music ♪ Hold that last one.

Whew, alright.

Now remember what I said, we want to take as minimal rest as possible to make sure our heart rate is up, so if you need to go ahead and take a breath, take a second to catch your breath, and then let's go rightinto these knee raises.

Start off the same way, kneesup, then down in front of you.

(energetic music) ♪ Heria music ♪ Whew, alright, so we're gonna be done with these chairs for now.

Let's go ahead, check thosemoves, how many you did.

Alright next move we have isSwitching Mountain Climbers.

Let's get right into it, here we go.

If you're feeling fatigued, you don't have to go that fast, try to go slow, but don't stop, whatever you do.

If you can, try to get your knee all the way to your elbow.

(energetic music) ♪ Heria music ♪ Alright, moving on, input how many we did.

Next we have Crucifix.

Alright, let's go ahead and go for 20.

So out like a cross, come in, touch the heels, come back out.

Make sure to get a full extension in your legs and in your arms to really activate your abdominals.

(energetic techno music) ♪ Heria music ♪ Last ones, go hard.

Whew, alright, we aregetting through this.

I'm starting to feel it now, let' go ahead and check that one off.

Next we have Plank SideHold Reach Through.

I'll show you guys what that looks like.

We're gonna go into a side plank, from the side plank, you're gonna go ahead and reach through your body try to touch the wall on the other side then come right back up.

Let's go for 10 on each side.

(energetic techno music) ♪ Heria music ♪ Whew, alright, great job forall of you hanging in there.

So the last two moves of round one is gonna be Plank Knees to Elbows, and then it's gonna be Star Crunches.

Let's get right into it.

Get into plank, and your knees all the way to your elbows, and back down.

Again, if you're feeling fatigued go slow, but don't stop.

And if you still got more energy, increase the intensity.

(energetic techno music) Remember to regulateyour breathing as well.

And engage your core.

Tighten and squeeze your core as hard as you can while you'redoing these exercises.

Alright, last ones, don't stop.

Star crunches.

♪ Heria music ♪ (energetic techno music) Alright, that was round one.

Let's go ahead and check that off.

Plank knees to elbow, done.

Star Crunches, done.

And that is round one.

So we have three more rounds to go.

That's gonna complete this workout routine and as you can see, this workout is highly effective, I'malready dripping in sweat, and I'm gonna go ahead andfinish this routine off.

So thank you guys so much for watching.

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Mad love, peace out.

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