Brazilian Flow | Full Body Workout | No Equipment

Ola! this is Chardét with Corpao Fitness.

This is a different kind of workout.

It's a Brazilian Flow so little bit of cardio, a little bit of strength in a short amount of time.

You don't need any equipment.

Let's go ahead and get started.

OK, guys, let's get started in this Brazilianflow workout, it's a little bit different.

I'd be curious to see what you guys thinkabout it.

I'm gonna go ahead and get started by comingto the edge of your mat.

Walk it on out into a nice downward dog shapebending the knees, pressing the heels down, really pressing the body down, feeling thefull length of it here.

And on your next breath, you're going to exhale, come forward to a high plank and then inhale press back.

Exhale coming forward into a nice high plank, exhale press back.

Three more coming forward.

Nice high plank inhale take it back, two morecoming forward.

Last one going back and final one holdingit here.

Now this is where it gets a little tricky.

Take your left foot forward so that both ofyour hands are on the inside of that leg.

We're gonna bend the elbows back for 8, for7 for 6, for 5, 4 more here.

For 3, for 2, Last one.

Hold it.

See if you have the strength of those arms.

And go ahead and press away, step back intoyour plank and we're going to press the right foot forward, so opposite foot forward.

Same exercises.

A Jacaré, by the way, that's bending thoseelbows for 8.

For 7.

For 6, 5, for 4, 3.

For 2, last one hold it, feel the strengthof those arms.

Press back into your high plank, thrust thehips up.

And then slowly, slowly roll the feet andhands together, rolling all the way of the standing bit by bit.

Now, as you come forward, we're going to lunge, the right leg forward.

The left leg back.

Bring your arms over that front right thigh.

Big twist.

And then as you come back around, you goingto pull your back knee forward.

OK, so this movement Bencao is very carefulhere.

We're going down deep.

And then pulling up here as you get the hangof it, you can go a little faster.

Really lifting You've got three more here.

Two more.

One more.

Bring it down to hold hands come into thatnice high plank.

Step it back back downward dog.

Walk the fingertips and toes together.

Slowly roll up.

Left leg forward.

Same movement.

So arms by the side.

Now taking that back knee forward and back.

So you're just flowing through these movementshere, 4 more, for 3.

for 2, for 1, stepping it back hands to thefloor, nice high plank pushing back those hips, downward dog.

Walk the fingertips and toes together.

Slowly roll up again, right leg forward, thatBencao.

This time we're going to take it to kicks.

So leaning around pull straight leg up andback down.

Bent knee if you need to.

If you're falling all over the place.

6 more.

6, for 5, 4.

for 3, for 2, for 1.

Take it back into that plank.

Big breath back with that exhale downwarddog.

Walk your fingertips and toes together.

Slowly roll up.

You see how we're heating up here yeah? Left leg forward arms go over full kick ifyou can.

Nice and high.

And down.

Really squeezing the glutes as you rise.

Let's do 6 more here.



4 more.

3 More.



Take it back down slow to that high plank.


Press back downward dog and slowly walk fingertipsto toes.

Walking all the way up to standing.

Now, we're going to make it a little bit differenthere.

Right leg forward.

Hands come up to the face like you're blockingsomeone.

And then you rotate down to the side, circlingback to the center.

Fancy yeah? Again rotate down to the side and back.

This is a Circular Block here around and back.

Always lunging the finish.

For 5.

For 4 For 3, for 2 For 1 hold, arms come down, you remember isthat nice high plank that big press back downward dog.

Fingertips to toes, slowly roll up, we gointo the other side, that left leg forward.

Hands at the ready.

You gonna see me from behind? We can do this you ready? circling around and back into that lunge, circling around and back into that lunge for seven, six, for five.

For four, for three.

For two more, last one, hold hands come down.

Step inside this hight plank hold the downwarddog this time, just hold it and breathe.

We're going to do a little floor exercisehere, a little floor combo next.

So wide arms, wide feet and just drop thehips.

Nice little hip drop, hips down and back upto start.

This is the easier version I'm about to showyou the hard stuff here.

Staying with this one for now.

And see three more like this.

Two more.

Last one, pulling it up.

Now we're going to go under the fence withyour head and your chest and press back.

It's just like a dive bomber push up, if you'veever done those again, coming around and back, you guys can stick with your hip drops ifyou want to stay here.

This is fine.

Stay with it, though, a few more so in Brazilianflow, we're just flowing from one movement to the next.

Four more like that, four more.

Total Body here! three more Two more.

Last one.

Press the hips up nice and high.

Lower to your forearms.

New move before we have a break.

Now you're with me.

I call this one sexy bike, although it's notsuper sexy.

You're going to let the knees go down to thefloor without touching and back up.

Continuing to drop and back, this is workingthe shoulders, its working the glutes, the abs, its working everything! We're going to do a few more here so 4 moreif you can, 4 more.



One hold press the arms back up.

Come into that downward dog walk the fingertips and toes together, forward fold, roll up, shoulder roll.

Let's go ahead and go wide.

New sequence here for you.

Relax the shoulders roll.

Hopefully that was OK for you.

Excuse me, I'm going to sneeze.

No i'm ok we're good.

So we're going through next year, which isQueiscada.

So one arm up, one arm down.

This leg is going circle around.

You may have seen these in my cardio videosbefore, so joining me when you're ready.

Going a little deeper.

The faster you go, the more cardio you get.

Straight legs if you have flexibility here.

If you don't have as much, don't worry aboutit.

Straight circles, lets do five more.

Four more.

Three more.

Two more, last one hold, switching the armswe go to the other side, same thing start out with bent knees always because you neverknow what your flexibility is for that day.

Straight legs if you feel ready, five moreher, for four, for three, for two, one hold switching out the arms, lets go the same sideor otherside rather second set.

Taking it down a little faster.

It's up to you how deep you want to go intothese straight leg if you want, five more.



Two one hold switching out the arms, otherside trying to get really deep in those squat.

You can feel the breath coming here five more.

Four more, I'm going to switch into a newmovement here in three in two, one hold switch arms, lean to lift the knee, kick, come backinto a squat, ok? So kick down into the squat land softly.

This is 100% a workout you can do at homein an apartment as long as you slam your foot onto the floor.

A little bit higher kicks faster, kicks softerlandings four more.

Three more.

Two more.

Last one, I'm going to switch the arms otherside.

Same thing.

Fast kick.

Soft landing, squeezing the abs, pressingthrough.

Little bit deeper into those big kicks youfive more and then we switch to the other side again.

And four in three in two and one come down, switching the arms.

Same thing.


So this is my baby I love this combinationof exercises.

I'm always teaching them in person.

I thought it's time you guys got to know thema little bit, four more here.

Three more.

Two one switch it out.

Other side, same movements, really kicking, really breathing through this one.

A little more.

We're doing five more here.

It's five, four.

It's three.

two, one come into the wide squat arms goup and arms go down.

Lifting up without rising all the way downand back up.

So we're going to slow your heart rate a littlebit from all that movement here, raising it up and down.

And I'm going to take you into a little thingcalled Balanca.

So four more of these three more.

Two more, last one to hold hands like you'reholding a case, and then you can get a little bit smoother with it sinking low.

Technically, this is a recovery exercise, but you can still feel it in the legs.


Sinking a little deeper into this one sinkinga little lower.

We want to do four more, three more, two, one.

Slowly rotate into a lunge, step back intoyour nice high plank, push the hips up to breathe.

Nice long stretch here.

So we're going to come forward get into anice high plank here.

You remember what we did in the beginning.

Left leg forward.

Finishing the way we began hands on the inside, Jacaré, we bend, the elbows for 8 for 7.

for 6, 5, for 4, 3, 2, 1, hold squeezing hereand keeping the abs engaged.

A little bit longer of a hold this time fourmore, three, two and one, take it back to that plank, switching legs.

The other leg comes forward.

Same thing.

Bending the elbows for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.


Squeezing tight here.


Breathing through with me for four, three, two, one step it back, pushing into that nice downward dog, easy breath really holding here.

We've got one final tiny little bit.

It's not that much here.

Come into a nice high plank, we're going toround it out with a little strength conditioning.

So all you're doing is holding this plankwith me.

Sixty seconds.

See you always round it out with some corefinisher here.

If you want, you can even raise one toe.

I'll let you know when to switch.

Holding here, keeping the abs engaged.

Letting that breath move through.

Switching legs, if you need to here.

Keep holding keep squeezing those abs, don'tlet it go.

Breathing with me, we're almost there.

We're going to push into a downward dog infive in four, three, two, one.

Give me the best downward dog you can, reallypressing those heels down, finishing this workout strong by bringing that chest to thethighs pressing the heels down.

Last big breath in.

Last exhale and then slowly walk the fingertipsand toes together, little forward fold.

And very softly roll up to standing.

Nice job guys! let me know what you thoughtabout this Brazilian Flow 15 minute workout.

And if you'd like to see more Brazilian Flow, this is my baby.

It's my creation so I'm really curious tohear what you think, what movements you want to see more of.

Generally, we don't time it, but maybe wecan if you want to, let me know in the comments.

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