Brain Break: Flip A Coin Workout

Lori: Hey everyone! My name is Lori Watkins, and I'm a Coordinator of Recreation and Athletics at the Lakeshore Foundation.

Emily: And I'm Emily Mallard, the Aquatics Coordinator at Lakeshore.

Lori: We're so excited to have you with us today for another session that we liketo call (together) “Brain Breaks!” The activity today is called “Flip A Coin Workout.

” Now thisis a really fun fitness activity that you can do by yourself or with a partner, but most importantly you can do it at home.

Emily: So before we get started there area couple things you need to gather from around your house.

First, you need a coin.

Lori, do you have our coin? Lori: I do! I have one! Emily: Doesn't matter what kind ofcoin, anything will work.

If you can't find a coin or don't have one, you canjust get a couple pieces of scratch paper and a little cup of some kind.

We also need a list of exercises like we have here.

If you click on the link thataccompanies the video, you will find those exercises.

You also need some sortof weight.

So you could use free weight if you have one, some kind of canned good willwork.

If you need a little bit of help holding on to the item, you can take justa grocery bag, you can put the item in the bag and you can use the handles tokind of help hold on to it.

And we also need my favorite – water – because hydration is soimportant.

Lori: Super important! Emily: So we're gonna take you through a couple of examples, but remember you need a wide open area.

You can do this inside or outside, itdoesn't matter.

We're going to show you seated and standing versions.

So youcan use your own chair, you can transfer it to a chair – you just want to make sureyou're in something with kind of a hard surface where your feet can touch theground.

Lori: Yeah, great points! Alright, so as you do this activity you're going to gothrough ten rounds, and you'll see that on the link that you click.

But today wejust have four rounds down, and we're just going to show you a couple of themso you'll get the idea.

Now what's gonna happen is you're gonnastart with someone, yourself or your partner, will flip a coin and whateverthe coin lands on heads up will be what exercise you do.

Now your partner willdo the other exercise.

So you'll have a column for heads and a column fortails.

Now with each round I like to swap whoflips the coin so everybody gets a chance to do it.

Alright, so are you readyto try one? Emily: I'm ready! Lori: Alright.

So I will start with the coin, and I'm gonna flip the coin.

And we're going to see that it lands on tails! So, I'll go to my exercises, and I'm going to do Giant Arm Circles.

Miss Emily is goingto do bicep curls.

Now we're only going to do three or four of these, just soyou'll get an idea.

Emily: So with the bicep curls, this is an example of where youcan use your weight.

So I'm going to use this free weight.

Again use your cannedgood, whatever you need to use.

And if you only have one, make sure you do bothon each side to make sure you even it out.

Lori: Great! Alright, ready get started? Emily: I'mready! Lori: Okay! So we're going to try and do five of these, and we'll count themtogether.

Okay, ready? Alright – one, two, three four and five.

Great job! Emily: Alright now it'smy turn! So Lori, where's our coin? Oh wait, there it is.

Okay, so I'm not very good atflipping coins, so that's okay.

You can just throw it up in the air if you wantto and see what lands on, or you can use scratch paper in your cups.

You just write “Heads” or “Tails” on pieces of paper, and we're going to pull one outand see what it says.

So, I got “Heads.

” So this time I'm gonna doheads which is Twists, and Miss Lori is gonna do tails which is “I, Y and T.

” Sowe're just going to show you a couple of these.

Okay, ready? Lori: We'll count themtogether.


One, two, three – two more – four and five.

Great! Emily: Good, so that's justa short little example of what you can do at home.

And don't forget to drinkplenty of water, and make sure you warm up and cool down.

And movement throughoutthe day is so important, so (together) let's keep moving!.

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