Bodyweight Workout

Hi everyone my name is Erin I am thegroup exercise coordinator at Syracuse University.

Today we're gonna be doing afully bodyweight workout.

This can be done in your house, outside, reallyanywhere that you want to do it, and it requires absolutely no equipmentnecessary.

Alright! So, to start out we're gonna be doing some warm-up exercises, and the first one is gonna be military jacks.

So, instead of a normal jumpingjack where you're bringing your arms above your head, you'll be bringing yourarms in front of your body.

So it looks like this.

For those of you who havelower body problems, and maybe jumping is a little bit too hard on your legs, you're gonna bring those legs out to the side and just tap your toes.

Bringingthose arms in front of your body the whole time.


So, we're gonna getstarted on one minute of those in three, two, and one.

Making sure that those armsstay level with your shoulders as you bring them in.

Alright! we're got 20 seconds left.

Keepgoing guys! You got this! Alright, 15 that's it! And three, two and one.


So next, we're gonna do some inchworms.

Warm up our shoulders, our arms.

We're going tocome to the front of our mat or the back of our mat.

You're gonna lean down pressing your hands into the mat walking your hands forward coming forward intothat nice flat plank position.

Then walking your hands back up bending yourknees as you need to.

Then come back to the standing position.

Alright? So againwe're gonna do one minute of those Starting in three two and one.

Now thesedo not need to be fast going at your own pace.

We just want to make sure thatwe're warming up all those upper body muscles.

Alright guys! We're halfway there.

Keepgoing! 15 more seconds that's it! One more and three, two and one.

Alright our last move in our warm-up are gonna be butt kicks.

So we're gonna startfeet hip-width apart you're just gonna bring your heels intoyour butt.

For those of you again who have lower body struggles, I want you todo it one at a time and really give those knees a chance to breath, breathe.

Alright! So we're gonna get started in three, two and one! Almost halfway there! We got less than 20 this is our last warm-up before we work move on to our first circuit.

Three, two and one.

Alright! Alright! So our first circuit is goingto be made up of three different moves.

The first of which will start out withskaters.

So I want you to come to one side of your mat, making sure you have plenty of space on the other side of your body.

You’ll be jumping from side to side, landing on one foot each time.

Looks like this.

We’re working on our balance here.

Doesn’t matter how many times we can get as long as we’re stable as we land no the opposite side.

One option: step.

Step back into a lunge.


Step back into a lunge.

On that lunge, you want to make sure that that knee is not coming too far in front of the ankle.

And we’re keeping that nice ninety degree angle on the leg.

Alright, so we’re going to start on one minute of those.

I want to you come to one side of your mat.

We’re gonna get started in three, two and one.

Remember, I don’t care how many reps you get in.

I’d rather see you balance really nicely on a few reps than do a ton of reps and yet no balance.

Alright? We got our lunging option.

We're halfway done.

Keep going guys you got it! Try and get a nice wide jump as you do that.

It’ll test your balance.

Less than fifteen.

Alright, we got three, two and one.

So, take a breath.

Re-center yourself.

Our next move we're gonna do sumo squats.

So we're gonna take a nice wide stance.

Feet are gonna be outside our bodies.

Slightly angle those toes away from your body.

We’re gonna bring our butts back as if we’re sitting in a chair.

And keeping a nice long spine, and then coming back up.

Alright? so soon ones come on up sitting downkeeping that but as far back as possible keeping our weight in our heels as wecome back up we're gonna be using our glutes to bring our bodies back up afterwe do this all right we got another minute of those we are getting startedin three two and one if anything feels off if your lower bodyfeels a little bit wrong just adjust those feet bring them in closer as youneed all right you guys know how this feelsobviously I can't see you so make adjustments to what feels right for you.

Alright we are halfway there.

You want to keep that nice long spine as you come down We got about 10 seconds left We're three, two and one.

Alright good jobguys we have the last move in our circuit before we have to do it all overagain and that is a reverse plank so come down onto the floor whether youhave a mat or is just your carpet.

You come bring your feet out in front of youyou're gonna bring your hands behind your body fingers pointing towards yourbooty and I want you to lift up into that nice plank position tuck thattailbone as we do that alright so this is working different muscles than thenormal plank would.

Muscles that you don't normally use.


We're gonna try to holdthis plank as long as possible alright? I'm gonna give you guys one minute ifyou need to come down take a break if you can do it come right back into itfinish out the minute with us.

Alright? So we're gonna get started on that inthree, two and one! Come on up! You wanna be looking at the ceiling keeping that nice long spine Keep breathing I know this move is tough.

You guys are tougher.

You got this! You want to keep those shoulders awayfrom your ears.

Pressing into the ground as much as you can.

We got less than 30! If you need take a break bring those hips back down to the ground take a breath then come back and join us.

Okay we got ten seconds leftguys only ten! And we're done in three, two and one.

Alright drop those hips.

Whoo! Shake out those hands.

That was the end of our first circuit alright! We do have to do this again though so.



I want you to takea breath grab water if you need it and when you're ready come on and stand backup so we can do this all over again! Aright.






when you're ready we got tostart back in on those skaters just as a reminder we're hopping from side to sidekeeping our balance as we do it or stepping into that lunge alright? Herewe go! We're gonna step to one side of our mat and we're going to get startedin three, two and one! You want to keep that nice long backthat proud spine as you go from side to side.

Alright? Alright we're at 30 seconds.

You guyskeep going! Alright! We got 10 seconds left that'sit.

This is the last time we'll see this move.

And we're done in three, two and one.

Alright, good job guys! Whoo! Take another breath, resettingyourself.

We got to move into those squats next so we're doing those sumosquats taking a nice wide stance with our feet we're bringing those hips backas if we're sitting in a chair keeping that nice long proud spine alright?Here we go.




what that looks like from the side is, oop, as I fall over.

Bring those hips back as we come down alright? Keeping that weight in ourheels the whole time.

So we're gonna get started in three, two and one.

You guys are doing great keep it up! Youdon't need to have a lot of equipment in order to get a good workout in.

Thesebodyweight exercises kick my butt every time! Alright! We got more than 30seconds gone that means less than 30 seconds left! Alright keep it goingguys.

We got 15! And we're done in three, two and oneall right shake those legs out we worked them hard! So.



We got one more move inthis circuit before we get to move on to our second.

I want you guys comingdown onto the ground bringing those feet out in front of youwe're bringing the arms behind us toe, uh, fingers pointing towards our body.

As wecome up into that reverse plank Keeping that nice long spine tucking thattailbone so we have that flat plank position.


Bring those handsbehind us we're getting started in three two and one.

One minute stay out as long as you can! You guys got this I know it's hard! Takea break if you need to! We are 30 seconds down you guys aredoing awesome keep it up! We have 15 seconds left if you can stay up stay up challenge yourself! And we're done in three two and onealright well we're down.

Whoo! That was really tough you guys made it throughour first circuit alright! Grab some water take a breath we're gonna getstarted on our second circuit! Alright! So.



For our second circuit we're gonna start out on the ground doing some bird dogs You'll come to on all fours positionhands underneath your shoulders.

Knees in line with your hips.

You're gonna lift upyour right hand bring it out in front keeping it in line with the rest of yourbody.

And then you'll bring your left leg out behind you keeping that foot flexedas you do so as if you're pressing it into the wall behind you.

Alright soyou'll bring it up like this then you'll bring them both down.

Then you got toswitch it up bringing that left arm in front right leg behind you keeping thatneutral spine.

Keeping that core tight.

Alright? And thenwe're just gonna alternate so.



That is our first move in our second circuit we got to do one minute of it again and we're starting that in three two and one.

Herewe go! You really want to squeeze those glutesas you bring that leg up.

Pressing that foot into that back wall.

Guys we got less than 20 left.

You got this ten seconds! Three, two and one alright! Come on back.

our next move still gonna be done down on the ground we're gonna be working ourback muscles we're doing some Supermans.

Alright so come lay down on your mat I'mwant your arms extend it in front of you legs and toes untucked behind you whatwe're gonna do is we're gonna lift our legs and our arms really using thoselower back muscles in order to lift our body up and then coming back down.

AgainI don't care how fast or how slow you guys do these as long as you're reallyworking those back muscles I don't care if you only get five reps in if you'reworking those muscles and doing them the right way that's what mattersall right so we're gonna get started on those in three two and one.

Here we go! You really want to hold at the topworking those muscles making sure that you're getting the workout that theydeserve.

Alright? [car horn] We got 30 seconds left that's it! Less than 10 keep going! And we're done in three, two and one.

Alright guys! So for this next move it's a little bit of a compound move we're gonna be doing two different things.

It's gonna be a cardio one so get ready butthis is the last move in our second circuit so we're gonna start from akneeling position you're gonna bring one foot then theother into a standing position stay in a semi squat and then we're gonna do atuck jump alright so a tuck jump you're gonna bring your knees up as high as youcan slap those thighs just like this and And then we're gonna come back down intothat kneeling position alright what I want you guys to do is try an alternatewhich leg you're stepping up on alright? And then you're stepping down.

We'regonna bring up the other foot so you're working those different muscles andworking them evenly on each side alright? So starting from that kneeling positionfor those of you who have lower body struggles and maybe can't do the jumpsas much I just want you to come up to standing position do a calf raise andthen come back down.

Alright? Here we go! Here's what it looks like from the side.

We're standing, starting at a kneeling position coming up tuck jump or doingthat calf raise then coming back down Aright? So we got one minute of those.

You guys got this it's a big cardio move so you're gonna be out of breath, but youguys get a break after this because it is the last move in our circuit.

We do have to do it again, but we won't think about that now alright? So we'restarting in three, two and one.

Here we go! [rustling] Aright we are halfway done guys! Yougot this! 15 seconds left.

That's it! We've got five, four, three, two and one.

Alright! That's the end of our second circuit! Well the first round at least.

Take a breath, grab some water and then we're gonna get right back atit.

Alright! So.



just to remind you we're starting out that second circuit on theground doing those bird dogs.

We're gonna have our hands and our feet.



hands andour knees underneath our hips and our shoulders.

We're bringing that oppositearm opposite leg out in front or behind us bringing them down keeping that coretight squeezing that glute to bring that leg out behind us and then back down.

Alright? We have got one minute of those starting in three, two and one.

Here we go! We got less than 30 seconds left! Less than 10! And we're done in three, two and one.


Whoo! Roll those shoulders back.

Give them a little bit of a break beforewe move into those Supermans.

So you're gonna come down on your belly on to thatmat feet out behind you arms reaching in front of you we're working those backmuscles to bring our bodies up and then back down.

Alright? So we're gonna getstarted on one minute of those in three, two and one.

Here we go! You guys got this keep going! Keep it up we're almost there you guysgot it! Alright almost there! Alright and we're done in three, twoand one alright! The last move.

We are so close.

We've just got those kneeling to standing into a tuck jump alright! Sojust to remind you guys what that looks like we're doing one two bring it upinto a top jump then back down alright? Alternating which foot we stand up on aswe do it we've got one minute of those that option coming from a kneelingposition foot, foot into a calf raise.

Alright! So last move in our workouttoday.

You guys got this make it strong! I want us all to be breathless by the endof this alright? We're getting started in three, two and one.

Here we go! [rustling] If you feel like you can pick up thepace I want you to try and do that but, I want you to also keep that form.

I don'twant you to sacrifice the gains you're making for speed.


We got lessthan 30! Keep it going! Less than 10 this is it! And we're done in three, two andone.

Alright! Great job today guys! You guysmade it through our bodyweight workout.

Not a single piece of equipment exceptour own bodies was used.

You guys crushed it! We're gonna move into our cool downnow alight? So I want us all to take a deep breath in and release.

One more in and release.





I want you to bring those arms out wide stretch themout.

Bring 'em together wrap them around your body give yourself a big hug you guysdid good work today! Alright.

Reach 'em out again now I want you tofold over at your waist flat back and just let your body fall over hangingtowards the ground.

Alright I want you to widen your stance a little bit movethose feet farther apart.

Now I want you to walk your hands toyour right foot grabbing onto your foot, your ankle, your calf, your knee whateveryou can reach.

Feeling that stretch in the back of yourleg.

And walk your hands over to the other side again grabbing on to whateverpart of your leg you can reach.

And come back to center.

Try and get alittle bit deeper into that stretch you can walk your hands backwards try and doso.

And come back up alright! Now I want you to come feet togetherstep one foot back sit back into that leg keeping that front leg long.

And come back up feet together set the other foot behind you front legout.

Alright come back up.

I want you to grab your foot with one hand bring theother hand up reach, reach, reach for the ceiling.

Really stretching that body.

Andrelease grabbing the other foot reaching with the other hand up.

And coming back down.

Alright we're gonna do two more deep breaths in and out.

Alright one more in and out.

Alright! Thank you for tuning in today guys! Hope you had a great workout andwe'll see you next time.

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