Black Panther Fans Are Worried About Chadwick Boseman's Dramatic Weight Loss

life has certainly been good for chadwick boseman since he became the king of Wakanda but fans of the Black Panther star are suddenly worried for his health those worries arose after Bozeman took to Instagram to post a self shot video and celebration of what would have been Major League Baseball's Jackie Robinson day with professional baseball suspended indefinitely Bozeman who portrayed Jackie Robinson in the 2013 biopic 42 chose to celebrate the day anyway with a video post that was also meant to commemorate the launch of Operation 42 a collaboration between Thomas Tull and FIGS who manufacture surgical scrubs the noble collaboration made a 4.

2 million dollar donation to supply medical gear to african-american communities hardest hit by the pandemic they're going to execute the distribution of those scrubs of those masks of those isolation gowns to those hospitals that have been impacted the most rather than celebrating Jackie Robinson day and operation 42 s huge donation alongside the actor Bozeman's fans were instead taken aback by his appearance in the video noting specifically his dramatic weight loss the comments section on the video quickly filled up with questions about Bozeman's health the video itself has since been removed from the main feet of Bozeman's instagram page but it can still be seen in the IG TV section of his profile Bozeman is indeed not looking like his usual self in the video with sunken eyes prominent cheekbones and a shaggy beard given the current state of the world fears over Bozeman's health are probably a bit more heightened than usual the good news is that Bozeman still seems very healthy in the video and genuinely excited that operation 42 has been such a success however the fact that the video in question has been unceremoniously removed from the main portion of Bozeman's Instagram feed is still a bit worrisome that coupled with the radio silence coming from the actor and his management team is fueling the fires of concern on all fronts looking at the video one might be inclined to believe Bozeman has probably begun a weight loss regimen in preparation for a future role that is after all a familiar enough tactic for actors having been utilized by a listers like Christian Bale Matthew McConaughey Anne Hathaway and most recently Joaquin Phoenix in his oscar-winning Joker turn still those actors their reps have historically been quick to announce the planned weight loss and tend to do so literally the moment pictures of the sometimes dangerously thin performers begin to surface with no announcement coming from Bozeman's camp yet fans imaginations are left to run wild and we all know just how wild those imaginations can be while we await news as to what's really going on with chadwick boseman shocking weight loss we can offer a little insight into what role he might have lost wait for a peek at the actors IMDB page will show you that he has a handful of projects in the works with Marvel's blacc panther2 obviously being the standout but given the physical nature of Bozeman's MCU work it's highly unlikely he'd go through such a dramatic transformation for the sequel there are however a couple of projects in Bozeman's future that could explain the weight loss he's set to star in a sci-fi series entitled the black child as well as a biopic entitled Yosuke which finds the actor playing a 16th century slave warrior who went on to become the only known samurai of African origin either of those roles could necessitate weight loss and a gaunt physique while many are concerned over Bozeman's current appearance starkly different from the muscle-bound physique there used to him sporting on the screen in the MCU there are some who have argued that when he isn't bulking up for a movie role the actor has always been thin I wanted to go old-school for my first day yeah bet the elders loved that notably filmmaker and journalist Zilla Valentine headed to Twitter with the video of him interviewing postman in 2017 during a junket for Marshall a biopic in which the star played the first black US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in the caption of the video Valentine wrote that Bozeman is quote just as skinny dude he continued back in 2017 when I interviewed him for Marshall we joked about our dinner at Red Rooster and how he is now vegan he has been this slim activist April rain also noted in a tweet that Bozeman is simply a slender guy and that there isn't cause for concern here she said having had the privilege of being in the same room with chadwick boseman a few times my experience is that he's naturally thin perhaps many of the roles you remember him for require him to bulk up but on the regular he's fine y'all she also cheekily added that bowsman is an attractive guy no matter what at this point any and every opinion as to what or may not have led to chadwick boseman x' weight loss is pure conjecture check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more looper videos about your favorite stars are coming soon subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell so you don't miss a single one [Applause] [Music] you.

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