– [Good Money] Hi Bam, talk to the people, man, let them know what'sgetting ready to go down.

– What's up, people, it's Bam Baam.

I'm here with Good Money, to show you guys how tobuild a bigger chest, doing a hundred push ups a day.

So I'm gonna start from, I'm gonna do a day one to day five, or day seven actually, so you have two rest days butit's five different routines.

So the first thing, this isa normal standard push ups, that hits almost all parts of your chest, but you know, everybody knowa basic normal push ups.

So this is day one, you do 20.

See the form? You do 20 of these.

Like I said, this is anormal standard push ups, this hit almost all parts of your chest.

Now this is a decline push up.

For the upper, the upper side, right here.


I'm doing five but in realityI'm supposed to do 20, I wanna keep this video short, for the, for short span.

So, that would make it 40 push ups, in day one.

Now this is gonna make it 60.

This is incline.


It's also good for like, the lower pecs.

It's like but the wayI do mine, it's like, it's like I'm almost doinga dip, I'll show you.

You wanna come? Come a little closer.

Just for them to see the musclethat's actually getting it.

So, if you watch, right? Cause people do their incline like this.

Like you gotta make sureyour form is correct.

Now you're gonna see my lower pecs, contract.

See? It extend and flex at the same time.

Remember guys, when you doyour push up always breathe in as you're going down, or beforeyou go down, you breathe in.

And then before you push up, breathe out, as you push up, you just.

So that's, that's 60.


Going back, so after you do those you go back to the decline.

Same way.

Do 20 like this.

Bring your legs up, so you legs up high.

Then do the other 20.

Bringing your legs up high.

Now, that's day one.

You're gonna do, from day one to day three, you're gonna do those same kinda push ups.

But day two.

Day two, you keep your arms crossed.

Keep your arms crossed.

This is, this is for, look, bring that.

You see this right here? That inner side of your chest.

You see that? See how I'm able to build this? Some people ask me all the time, “how do you put that linein between your chest?” This is what helps, diamond push ups too, but you know, it's only like, how many times you gonnakeep doing diamond push ups? You gotta change the routine.

This makes you get closer and harder.

Do 20 of those, just like that.

Same thing.

You do your other 20.

On a decline position.

I'm gonna show you guys real quick.

Other third, the third set.

Remember, gotta come up more.

Do 20 of those.

You go back again, like I showed you guys before.

20 like this.

Another 20 like this.

That's day two.

Day three.

Give yourself a rest.

Then, day four.

Instead of doing close, now you're gonna do wide.

That's it.


You go wide.

See? Do 20.

And just like how I showed you guys, you do, huh? – [Good Money] What musclesthose wide ones work? – This is also like, how can I explain it? Give me a second.

So this is for your chest to be like, it's more, it's more just like stretching it out.

– [Good Money] Expanding the chest? – Yeah, expanding the chest, you know, you know how you do pull ups? When people do wide pull ups just to make their backlike wider, like that? You know when, I'm just gonna explain.

Set up on the regular, pull them wide.

This is literally the same thing where you go in thewide, the wide push ups, to just expand your chest, like you know? So, remember the normalpush up works everything but when your body get accustomed to it, you wanna try all these different styles.


Come closer just to seewhat I'm talking about too.

This does put a lot morefocus on the shoulders more than chest but it's still working, as far as like making yourchest more wider, it works that.

You know, this is a chestworkout, not a shoulder workout but you know when you dobody weight, calisthenics it's always, it's always compounds, so you're not alwaysfocusing on the chest, you're also focusing on abs, shoulders.

You guys know it's a compound movement.

So like I said, you do the second set.


The third set, incline.

The fourth set, declineagain with one leg up.

The fifth set, with the other leg up.

So we have wide.

Now the third one.


You're gonna be like, “oh this don't really!” Yes it does like it's, you need to, for you to be able to, to be able to build up, likeany part of your muscles, you have to build up that strength too.

Explosive strength is gonna help you to be able to do the other pushups that I showed you guys.

Even the close ones that are very hard, doing explosive workoutspushes a lot of power, it's gonna help you build that.

So the same thing guys.

Do this here.

Be like also easier.

Also, decline again with one leg up.

The other decline with one leg up.

Now this is the last one.

Like I said, all these workouts are gonna help you build your chest.

In strength and hypertrophy.


This one right here is like, I would say one of the most difficult but if you go through it, you'll be good.

So what you do, start from wide.

So this is like, you're basically adding everything that I showedyou guys from day one to day seven.

If going too far and comingtoo close is hard for you, you can do it like this.

But if that's not hard for you, like I said, you do the regulars.

Count them in 20's, same thing.

You do a decline, incline, decline again with one leg up and a decline again with the other leg up.

So this is definitely gonna help you guys get a good chest workout.

You guys are definitely gonnafeel it, I promise you that and you definitely gonna see good results.

And if you add this toyour regular training you're definitely gonna get shredded.

– [Good Money] He knows whathe's talking about fellas, look at that chest there, flexing it for them, let them know.

All right Bam, good looking, man.

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