this room I demanded salt yeah that's what I'm doing oh well you see it as soon say that they know what to do – it listen to you yeah I don't know what I've been doing Oh trust me you guys my name is Richard and today I'm gonna

bring you guys with me because we're gonna train some arms but first we're gonna start off with a good warming up let's go so always when I get to the gym I like to do five to ten minutes on any kind of coring machine just get my body

moving get the blood flow go going on and yeah just to get in a zone know and think about the workout that I'm going to do so yes that's kinda my ritual before my workouts and yeah you can pick any machine you like you can also do it

on a bicycle or another machine whatever you like just make sure that you get a good warming event because that is really important before you had to wait we're starting this workout with a barbell girl it hits the bicep and we're gonna start with light weight just to

warm up the muscle properly and then we're gonna slowly increase the weight so I always do do or three warming up sets just to get used in the movement warm the muscle up properly and then gonna increase the weight to my actual working weight and then I'm going

to do four sets keeping the rest line between 60 to 90 seconds mistrust this room I said a minute it's old yeah that's what I'm doing oh well you see it as soon say they know what to do – it listen to you yeah yeah I don't know

what I've been doing at us trust for you don't get it so this one you have to keep in mind to not swing too much you know keep your arms close to your body like this and try to control the way down and really focus on my muscle

connection because that's really important when it comes to weight training and but biceps I just like to keep it simple no fancy no fancy exercise needed just stick to the basics and you'll make some good games so moving over to the first tricep exercise there's going to be

a dumbbell over this tangent first we're gonna start off with some light weight to warm up the joints because when I start with heavy weights I always get some elbow elbow issues so that's why I really like to warm up properly first and then you can decrease weight

try to tighten my front only face coming through the bag come upon this out one more lead to pass up in the best way I'm moving in a hard pass all class with a book bag and now what you can also do it standing but I think that's

when you do it see that you have more control and focus more on really really squeezing the tricep so that's why I like to eat it and you also have more upper body stability where you sit on a bench like this one now with this one again it's

important to keep her elbows and like this don't put them out like this and do this but keep them in I really I really tries to focus on the squeeze at the top you know and that I control the weight back down so those are the most important

things but there's exercise and when you do a overhead extension doesn't matter if it's where the dumbbell or the cable you hit the long head of the triceps so let's test part and that is also the biggest part of the tricep so that's why I like to start

with some kind of override extension because it is the biggest part and you obviously want to crow that and keep in mind that your triceps make 2/3 of your arm so that's more than 60% of your arm and that means if you have big triceps you have big

horns you know so yeah keep that in mind okay moving over to the next bicep exercise on by the way we're doing six exercises in total so 3/4 biceps and 3/4 triceps and we're doing bicep tricep bicep tricep just to give the muscle a bit of rest you

know so the next exercise is going to be a hammer curl and again I'm going to do that one seated because I see a lot of people do this when they do hammer curls I see a lot of people do this you know swing a lot use a

lot of weight and it just it's just not that effective you know they don't control the weight they don't think about squeezing the muscle at every rep so I like to do most of my exercises seated to really have a good core stability and focus on squeezing the

motto my biceps are warmed up already from the first exercise so with this one I'm not gonna do a warming upset because they warm already so for jumping today for my let it out you know I can't stop watching i mama did it now yeah I got green

and I got a Swiss cheese but I'm looking for the chilling now I'm coming to keep your arms close to your body and not swing too much like I showed you and that's almost with every single exercise you do for arms keeping your arms close to your body

and not swing with your upper body think those are the most important things with all my exercises and I like to do this one because it's a neutral grip like this and that's one also hits the forearms pretty good and in my opinion if you have well-developed forearms

it just looked more aesthetic you know so yeah also one of my favorites for biceps so the next one is going to be a rope push down to triceps and this one really hit the lateral head of the tricep I I think that you can't go wrong with

any cable exercises or triceps because you have constant tension and it's in my opinion one of the best exercises you can do for triceps so today we're going for rope but you can also use a straight bar or just whatever grab two like no but today we're going

for this one and make sure with this one that you keep your arms close to your body like this and extend them in front of you I really push your chest out like this I see a lot of people do do this you know look at the shoulder

shoulders rolled forward and there's a lot of tension on the front out but you need to give them back push your chest out and extend forward and as you can see I open up the rope at the bottom like this and that gets a naval battle squeeze audit

art is not going to apply Lumpur now go in there encore for this exercise bicep it's going to be a Machine Co why I like this one is because you have constant tension and because your arms are supported with this bench you can't really cheat with this one

you know so you keep your homes still all the time just make this movement and with this one we're also going to do a drop set with the last set so that means that we're going to drop the weight with 50 to 60% and go all the way

to failure but I'll show you that with your last set on top a smaller muscle part you know so that's why I like to keep so that's what I like to keep the rest I'm pretty sure and keep the density high this figure subduing I'm doing they wanna

keep me so sad man I'm gonna keep it moving up in the morning I'm throwing it take on more I know it keep me from making it [Music] yeah Oh heavy last one for triceps it's going to be a single arm double kick back and I like to

do single arm movements because a lot of time you see that people have uneven uneven arms that one arm is stronger than the other so for example with the machines go you do both arms at a time but it's possible that one arm is stronger than the other

and is doing more work you know so that can create uneven arms so that's why I like to do single arm movements like a double kick back or a single arm cable down till I'm su but it goes well I make it I don't know time is running

down the back though pretty gotta open does come up bands for the show say making money up the flows yeah I decided go show ya gotta keep your money told that's fine you see that I also keep my arm close to my body and I only do this

movement I don't move my the upper part of my arm I only do this movement I already squeeze at the top and you also see that I when I when I squeeze at the top I twist to dumb a little bit [Music] data set for this workout I

hope you like this if you do so make sure to give it a thumbs up also subscribe to this channel and yeah that's all I have for you guys today I hope you liked that and I'll see you guys next time [Music] you

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