Biceps & Triceps Workout for Bigger Arms | कैसे बनाएँ बड़े बाइसेप्स और ट्रायसेप्स | Yatinder Singh

Greetings to all the viewers Hope you all are doing well We are back with a another workout video And todays’ video is especially on arms training A lot of people had messaged me that they do train Their biceps and triceps individually But if they want to train their

complete arms in a single day What should be the combination of workout? How to puzzle the muscle in order to increase the size of their size In todays’ workout video I will share with you all All the exercises you need to perform and combine to train your biceps

and triceps In todays’ videos I am being assisted by Saurav Sen Who is going to demonstrate how to perform the exercises in the right way let's start our video The first exercise which we are going to perform to train our biceps muscle Is barbell curls but here we

are using an EZ bar instead of a straight bar Before starting the exercise make sure you check The distance between your hands It should be at shoulder width Next you need to keep your chest lifted and core tightened Then lift the bar up Whenever you lift the bar

up do perform the full range of motion So that you are able to squeeze the peak of your biceps muscle After squeezing the muscle at the top bring the bar down slowly In a lot of gyms I have noticed that when people release the bar down They do

not release it completely and because of this my biceps muscle Isn’t able to stretch completely So whenever you release the bar downwards do not lift it back again Till the point where your bar touches your thighs Whenever you lift it up, breathe out And perform the exercise in

a controlled way Also keep in mind, while lifting the bar you cannot swing your upper body too much Todays’ workout schedule is focused on muscle building So try to keep the repetitions limited to 10 Number of sets will be four The second exercise which I am going to

perform is lying triceps extension In this I will focus on the triceps muscle We will use an EZ bar here as well Before starting straighten your elbows and slowly release the bar towards your forehead Then lift it up again Whenever you lift the bar up do perform the

full range of motion So that you are able to squeeze the muscle properly Then release it slowly By performing the exercise in a slow and controlled manner you are better able to focus on the muscle in use And you will avoid chances of elbow pain as well Number

of repetitions will be 10 And number of sets will be 4 The third and fourth exercise will be performed in a combination Third exercise will be one arm dumbbell curls for biceps Lift up, squeeze and release slowly Whenever you lift the dumbbell turn it a bit outwards And

bring it back to normal position in half the way downwards Focus on the muscle as much as you can while performing the exercise Breathe out, squeeze your biceps and release it slowly Immediately after completing 10 repetitions I will switch to the triceps muscle Here the exercise will be

one arm dumbbell triceps extension Slowly bring it down and extend your hand completely So that you can squeeze your muscle properly Release it slowly without a lot of movement in the elbows Fix your elbows at one place, down, up again and breathe out Here as well the number

of repetitions will be 10 After doing dumbbell curls I will immediately perform this exercise without taking any rest Perform 3 sets in this manner and the rest between sets will be of 60-90 seconds The fifth exercise will be for biceps muscle The exercise will be kneeling both arm

barbell curl using a straight bar The distance between both your hands here will be 6-8 inches Now place both your hands on your knees and lift the bar up Squeeze the muscle and release the bar slowly like this Whenever you lift the bar up, breathe out While performing

this keep in mind that you cannot sit too down Your hips should be lifted so that you are able to stretch the biceps muscle When you release the bar down Also don’t move your body too much, stay stable and focus on the biceps muscle Number of repetitions will

be 10 and number of sets will be 3 The sixth exercise will be for triceps muscle The exercise is close grip bench press Whenever you perform this exercise the distance between your hands should be 6-8 inches Lift the bar, bring it slowly towards the chest Lift it up

again and try to use your triceps rather than your shoulder muscles Bring it down slowly and when you bring the bar downwards Your elbows shouldn’t be too much inwards or outwards Keep them free and focus on your triceps muscle Perform the exercise in a controlled way and breathe

out when you lift Number of repetitions will remain 10 and number of sets will be 3 Seventh and eighth exercise will again be in combination In this first we will do an exercise for biceps muscle Which is one arm high cable curl Hold the handle, move away from

the machine and keep your other hand on your waist Chest lifted, core tight And whenever you pull, pull it until your biceps muscle is properly squeezed Secondly you cannot move your elbows too much when you pull Keep it locked in one place Release it slowly, pull again and

just squeeze your biceps Whenever you pull remember to breathe out As soon as 10 repetitions are up I will perform an exercise for the triceps muscle with the same hand The exercise will be one arm triceps pushdown Before starting bend forward a little bit so that you are

able to better involve your triceps muscle While performing this exercise when you release your hand upwards Do not bring it too up and limit it to this point at a 90 degree angle Press this the point your elbow is completely straight So that you are able to squeeze

your triceps muscle properly Perform it in a controlled manner Whenever the weight goes against the gravity, breathe out As soon as you complete 10 repetitions with this hand Repeat the same with your other hand 10 reps for biceps and 10 for triceps The rest between sets will be

of 60-90 seconds And as this is a finisher exercise the number of sets will be 2 This was our video for today Hope you all liked it If you all enjoyed the video Do like and share with your friends and family I will continue bringing content like this

Till the take care And thanks to Saurav to spare his time for us Keep watching Thank you

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