🏆BEST Resistance Band Chest Workout for MORE STRENGTH BETTER PHYSIQUE ✅

Today I'm going to show you the best resistantband chest workout for gaining strength and getting a better physique.

Are you guys ready? Or ladies? whoever's watching.

I'm gonna go ahead.

My name is Brent Kasmer.

I've been doing this for 17 plus years.

I'm super excited to bring you guys this information.

I know we're all stuck at home right now.

But guess what, it's okay.

We're still getting great workouts while we'rewatching some pretty good content.

So, chest workout, here we go.

Let's get started.

We got a pec deck.

So I'm gonna hook this onto the fence here.

We're gonna be doing a pec deck, right likethis.

So how you do pec deck with a resistance band, you're gonna slide these handles down your forearms, keeping your arms nice and straight.

The biggest thing with the band is you wantto make sure that it's equal.

So just kind of make sure it's equal.

And I want to do this at an incline.

Alright, so we're going to be leaning forwarda little bit.

And there's a reason why I'm doing it in incline.

So we're gonna come at all the angles.

So we're gonna be hitting the top part ofyour chest, your pec major is your pick clavicles up top, your pec major in the middle, andthen underneath the bottom part of your pack too, because that's why we want to get thebest chest workout.

So incline chest pec deck.

If you want to make it more difficult, you'lljust walk forward a little bit challenge yourself.

You still need more, add another band.

So where there's a will there's a way.

So incline pec deck with the resistance bands.

We're right into an incline chest press.

Alright, so incline chest press, same thing, same angle, going forward with it.

Bring them together, it'll easy walking ona step forward.

Biggest thing is making sure that you hookinto something sturdy.

You don't want to come and fly in at you.

So this, we’re now going right into jumpsquats.

So squatting down, jumping up.

Why are you doing squat jobs with your chestworkout? Know why? So what happens is you get your heart rateup, you get to breathe and heavy.

So then that way it makes your chest cavityopen and close.

So when you're working your chest, your chestcavity, you get the extra pump and you also get it opening up more so you got the abilityto gain more muscle through this.

Another reason is, legs stimulate growth hormone.

So that's going to give you the ability togo ahead and get stronger, increasing that strength, getting that better physique.

So right into the incline, pec deck again, right back to your incline press.

Alright I was getting carried away.

I wasn't gonna go through this twice, butI just thought I just had to guess.

I don't know what happened.

So then the next one's going to be a regularpec deck.

So when you are logged in at the bottom ofin our description we give you guys the workout templates.

Also workouts that are, you know, PDFs, they’llbe sent to your email, that way you guys get them, the whole workout, the rep ranges, howmany sets you're doing, I'm just going to run through all the exercises.

Alright, now we have our pec deck.

So now we're straight up and down to keepingyour back nice and tall.

Same thing walking forward, putting thesehandles around your forearms and squeezing your chest.

Alright, squeezing your chest muscles.

And then we're gonna go right from that.

So see how we're super excited.

We're trying to create blood flow, creatingthat pump driving that, you know right into the muscle and then followed right into astrength exercise.

We're going into a band of chest press rightinto that chest press.

If it's too difficult, just walk backwardsif it's too easy walk forwards.

If you need to hook two bands in, you needto challenge yourself all right, the only way you make gains is by challenging yourbody.

So we had our superset or triceps.

The first one was the incline pec deck.

Then we had the incline chest press.

Alright, and then the jump squats.

The next one was the PEC deck, then we’regoing right into the chest press.

And same thing back into the jump squats.

So up and down, getting a good squat jumpsin.

Gets the same thing, gets the chest cavityopening contract and getting the breathing going, getting the blood flowing.

Then we're going right into a decline press.

Alright, so decline press.

I'm just going to go lower.

So you want to hook into something like thebottom of the fence, just like this.

Incline press is a little bit weaker thanthe regular chest press.

The decline press, it's probably one of yourstronger exercises so you can get further away.

So, a lot of times you want to get this thingout to where you want it.

If you want to draw some lines in the sand, you're not in the sand.

I'm not in the sand.

It's kind of just a figure of speech.

So we're right here.

Right in our chest press.

Decline chest press, squeezing those chestmuscles.

You can bring your hands all the way in together.

This is super setted, or tricep with pullover.

So stretch it back, chest pullovers.

Squeeze in that chest.

Always feel what's your working.

Guess what this is tricep with.

So we got our pullovers, creating the bloodflow, power movement, decline chest press right back into those jump squats.

All right, I got nice and dirty.

So squat jumps, right back into it.

What are we doing? We're getting that chest cavity opening, closingso that way you can get a better pump, make those muscles get a little bit stronger, gettinga better friend, getting that better physique with that.

Alright, so those are the first those arethree circuits you just had just right there.

Okay, the last circuit just to finish it up.

It's gonna be a single arm pec deck, whichis pretty fun.

So we’re gonna do this, just like this.

Hook this over, coming around with it, youput you could put both on here.

What I'm gonna do is I'm going to hold onone handle, shake it so that way it gets nice and even coming out to where the point wherethis is tight.

Get your hand out in front of you just tryingto bring that arm keeping your forearm nice and straight.

Trying to bring that arm all the way across, get a good squeeze on your pec.

Single arm pec deck, okay? And do the amount of reps.

You'll switch sides to the other arm.

This is very similar to the pullover, thechest pullover we're going to be doing.

And this is I hate calling it this but that'show they have in Google is a tricep straight arm press or tricep press down straight armright here.

In this kind of hooking floors, just likeyou're standing now, for the same effect as you would be doing for chest pull over, butnow we're just standing up.

Same thing trying to feel in your chest, allin your serratus anterior, Squeeze in, good control.

Finishing up getting that finishing that pumpfor your chest, and then going right back into those squat jumps again, all the waydown, getting that chest cavity expanding, contracting, getting that good physique.

Alright, so, today I just showed you the bestchest workout using resistance bands.

What do you think Berg? High five! All right, so we got the best resistant bandchest workout.

My name is Brent Kasmer.

We've been doing this for a long time.

And I just hope you guys are getting greatcontent from this.

So you know if you liked this, thumbs up, share it.

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You get all the best content, whether it'snutrition, exercises, you know, just to make sure you guys are staying knowledgeable outthere and getting the best bang for your buck.

All right, see you next video.


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