BEST love handles & belly fat workout \ Snatch your waist!

are you struggling with belly fat love handles gut you down we'll get ready just snatch your waist welcome to this 10 minute workout warm-up is starting with side bends you want your feet to be a little bit wider than hip-width apart fists clenched and just lean as far

to each side as you can I want that midsection nice and warm and ready to work that was good next up you want to put your back flat you don't want there to be any curve in your back arms out and just twist from side to side I'm

so happy that you are doing your workouts you're doing amazing [Music] that was awesome next up we have alternate leg reaches you're going to pop your foot out and touch the inside of your foot if you're unable to reach your toes that is fine go through your own

range of motion your body will tell you how far you can push yourself just three seconds remaining on this that was excellent side reaches now reach from side to side really extend those arms as far out as you can manage doing so good this is our last warm-up

move and then we're gonna jump into round one of this workout this workout is awesome you're gonna be so excited when you finish all right first move of the day we have a side crunch if you have a dumbbell you can hold on to it if you do

not have one don't worry about it I will be doing the bodyweight version and we will do this together you and I we're in this together all right put that one hand behind your head make sure your other arm is nice and straight no bending keep your palms

open very good there you go squeeze your abs you will feel your head acting as a weight for your body that's the whole point squeeze your abs each time you're standing back up make sure your feet are planted firmly on the floor awesome work we're gonna do the

same movement on the other side again if you have a dumbbell you want to use grab it hold onto it otherwise do the bodyweight version you just did this I know you can do it again you ready let's go your feet should be wider than hip-width apart with

your toes pointed out there good keep going lean as far as you can imagine you're trying to touch your elbows to your thigh you're not actually going to do that but think about it that's the movement you're going for raise those arms make sure they stay parallel to

the floor very good that was awesome give me a horse PNP if you have dumbbells you can hold on to them you want to be in a squatting position for this [Music] make sure your feet are flat on the floor you don't want to be on your heel

you don't want to be on your toes make sure your legs are nice and wide just reach from side to side keep that stable keep that stable keep those like stable good just reach from side to side engage your core and just twist gently [Music] perfect give me

your knee to elbows don't think about it just get into it if you are feeling good you can start the exercise straight from the preview otherwise take this time to catch your breath collect your thoughts and then jump right in with me 30 seconds pow pow pow love

that engage your core really bring your knees up bring your elbows down you may feel this in your thighs that's totally normal most people do I do but make sure your abs are involved in this movement you have only one more move after this and you get a

break that was awesome last move before the break you have just 30 seconds of standing climbers you could do this I know you can I believe in you all right raise your knees as high as they will go imagine you're trying to touch your knees to your elbows

it's okay if your body is not agreeing with that idea just go through your own range of motion raise those arms make sure they are parallel to the floor keep your palms open keep that core engaged this is like mountain climbers but you are doing it while standing

CCC very tricky we personal trainers there you go go ahead and catch your breath I'll be back in just a moment hi just a kiss you're new here I'm Cola just like coca-cola and I am married I have a son with my husband now we live in Texas

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see if it's right for you welcome back we are jumping straight in with a side hop punch you're going to do a gentle hop and then punch your haters I'm kidding don't punch your haters just punch from left to right are you ready take a deep breath let's

go each time you throw a punch make sure your eyeballs follow your fists make sure your fist is clenched I feel like you're a natural at this movement you don't even need me to give you any cues you already got this you don't have to jump at all

just a slight hop in place that's all you have to do turn your body each time you punch turn your body very good mentally prepare for this one let's go is burpees there's no escaping this one no escaping if you're unable to do the full burpees do the

modified version on the right listen decide how many of these you're going to do do your number and then just chill the rest of the time let's go you can do it make sure your core is tight if you're unable to jump don't jump just step your feet

in and out instead make sure you have a slight bend in your knee if you are jumping when you land you want a soft bend in your knee you're doing awesome five seconds to go one more one more if you're still going just one last one yes how

good does that feel we're going into hiding these necks this is gonna feel like a walk in the park after burpees get ready for it take a deep breath let's go raise those knees as high as you can manage keep your palms open [Music] you have only two

more exercises after this on this workout is complete make sure you stretch properly tonight before going to bed otherwise tomorrow your body is gonna be like what you doing girl what why you do that Burpee that was awesome very good give me those speed back punches you're gonna

shift your weight from one foot to another with your core engaged are you ready let's go [Music] tuck your abs in move those hips left right left right left right left right excellent remember you have only one more exercise after this raise your arms your arms should be

at chest level if your testicles are in the way I apologize do your best last move of the day March steps are you ready let's jump in raise your opposite knee and your opposite arms you want your upper arms to be parallel to the floor each time you

raise your arms there you go that's good very good good good good keep going tuck your abs in each time you raise your knees you want your thigh to be parallel to the floor I know I hear you I hear you is the last one last one three

two one you worked out – yes that was awesome let's jump into a cool-down with good mornings put your hands on your waist feet together and just bow make sure your back is flat you don't want to bend that back at all [Music] next up for you do

forward bends it's the same movement except your feet are wide and if you can you want to touch the floor stand up twist go back down if you can touch the floor if you cannot it's all good finally I want you to slight bend in your knee give

yourself the biggest hug ever today I just want to remind you that you are awesome you are beautiful you were made to be whoever you are so just keep being the best you you can be because I love you so much I love you thank you so much

but working out with me today subscribe to my youtube channel already tell your friends and family about cocoa Fitness visit my website cocoa fitness calm and I'll see your five face in my next workout video [Music] you

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