Best Full Body Workout to Lose Fat 💪🏽20 mins | 28 Day Challenge

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] in 2020 and it's time to work on those new year resolutions with this 28 days flat tummy challenge this is episode 1 a full-body intense workout that's gonna get you sweating but don't worry if you are new to working out because I got no

jumping variations in quitting as always you got full daily schedule which can find on my website and remember guys you're not alone in this you've got a schedule I'm giving you meal ideas and I'm also gonna be live-streaming workout sessions on Twitch this month so you've got everything

you need including this amazing community all you need to do is to show up and also smash that thumbs up button and let's get started we've got 30 exercises today 30 to 40 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off let's start with some warm-up exercises kick your

feet backwards towards your butt and for beginners you can just follow the low-impact and take it slow [Music] [Music] well not taking any breaks yet we're going straight into inchworms walk forward into a plank position and don't forget to engage your core [Music] up next we've got cross

jacks for low impact just take it slow while the rest of us this will be a great time to pick up the speed [Music] snacks we've got lunch tabs this helps to increase the range of motion for main exercises later [Music] thank every moment [Music] made [Music] jumping

jacks on eggs stay in it and we'll have a shop break after this [Music] [Music] all right let's take a short breather and while going into high knees raise those knees as high as you can and squeeze those ABS just take it slow [Music] [Music] make sure you've

got enough space for skittle toe-touches stay save as you hop from side to side and try to touch your toes inhale as you hop and exhale and squeeze your abs as you go down after CFI they're looking me they want the best Amina best Amina best Amina best

of me the best Amina best Amina best Amina best [Music] next we've got twist ABS this is a great one to work those obliques and legs focus on your breathing [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] we're a quarter into the workout guys next we've got toe touch with the

kick make sure you do it with force and in the full range of motion and stay balanced for low impact just do it without the hop [Applause] to see if I'm lucky they want the best of me now best of me now best Amina best of me they

want the best of me now best Amina best Amina best [Music] on to the other late [Music] next we are doing a mini shuffle crunch remember the squeeze and exhale as you crunch [Music] star jump toe touches and necks for low-impact just do it without the jump a

lot of you are often afraid of getting bulky Lakes don't worry about that because that's not gonna happen so easily but instead these are the biggest muscle groups so you're gonna be burning more calories here [Music] [Music] next we have everyone's favorite burpees some of you might be

feeling tired right now so just do the low-impact even the upgrade [Music] in your [Music] let's take a little break here you can take up to a minute break and we've got push-up climber snakes if you can't do a push-up then just do mountain climbers we're almost halfway

through the workout guys keep pushing on throw me all right we've got pepto touches so sit upright then lift up like so as you do some toe touches [Music] great job everyone well halfway through the workout next we've got walking flame [Music] [Music] [Music] now get on your

mat and we're doing some bicycle crunches [Music] [Music] next get in the tabletop position again and we're doing some crab cakes this is working both your arms your abs and legs at the same time keep pushing guys and for low impact just do it slow and steady [Music]

now flip around I've got up and down planks [Music] [Music] [Music] now lie on your back again and we're doing some reverse crunches use your core muscles to lift your hips off the ground and use those Cobra soles to extend those legs [Music] like like now flip around

into a plank position and we are going to walk three to four steps forward and backward and four low-impact just do it on your knees [Music] [Music] now get into a side plank and we've got side plank crunches necks work those obliques [Music] [Music] now on to the

other side [Music] to see Fi they're looking they want the best amina amina best ameen now we have a 15 seconds break and you can take a longer break here we're three-quarters into the workout so don't even think of giving up you've come this far we're doing some

lunges and jump into a high knee if you're feeling tired just take it slow and steady and you don't want to injure yourself [Music] [Applause] [Music] to the other side it takes two [Music] just5more exercises to go we're doing some fast to tap dabs now make sure you

boys engage the whole time and make sure you do the taps fast if this is too easy then take a bigger step with your legs [Music] best Ameena best [Music] [Music] now time for some squat and twist this exercise is going to burn a lot of calories so

try to push through guys you're almost there so excuse me [Music] yeah [Music] now we are hopping side to side and doing two crunches each time make sure you take a big jump and we're almost near the end guys you've got this [Music] [Music] next we've got Caesar

run make sure you engage your core and run your way to the end of this workout guys just one more to go [Music] [Music] and the last exercise is squat with crunches let's get this over with [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and that's the workout guys I hope you

enjoyed it I'll really appreciate it if it could thumbs up this video so this video can reach more people who meets it and if you are following my schedule on my website I'll see you in the next workout in the schedule or you can end this with a

cool-down stretch if you are calling it a day thanks for working out with me and I'll see you in the next video bye you [Music]

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