Best 10 min SLIM LEG + THIGH Standing Workout with No Jumping ~ Emi

Hi Femily, welcome to my favorite standing slim leg workout This will work out your thighs your booty your calfs If you're looking for a good leg burn, this is it My legs are sore every time after doing it, but that means it works The best thing is that all these are standing exercises, so you can do them anywhere, anytime For example, in your apartment, when you don't have a mat, or not enough space or when you don't want to get your hands dirty, or when you're traveling I hope you guys enjoy this workout And we have also recently launched the Femily membership here on YouTube where you get monthly live workout, Q&A, and many more parts and you can click the join button on my channel to know more And if you guys are ready for the workout, let's go! First exercise is toes touch to warm up and activate the burn in our legs Legs wide apart, toes pointing out, lean down, one leg bent, one leg straight Touch your foot of the bent leg with your opposite hand Try to keep your back flat and alternate sides Here, remind yourself of your goals that you want to achieve The work we're putting in now is going to get us closer to those goals So let's get this workout done Second exercise is punch with side lunge One leg bent, one leg straightas we sit our butt back to the bent leg Punch your opposite arm out The harder you punch, the more power you give in each rep, the more calories we are burning Keep going guys, you're doing amazing! Third exercise is squat with elbow knee touch An intense burn for the legs, especially the thighs and also working our abs Again, feet wide apart Toes turn out, hands behind your head Squat down at least until your thighs are parallel to the floor Then as you come up, raise one knee up to touch the opposite elbow by rotating your torso Working your side abs Chest up, eyes looking to the front as you squat down The lower you squat, the more burn you get Keep going! Let the burn do the work! Fourth exercise is knee hit for our left leg Step left leg back.

right leg bent in front, hands together above your head Then raise your left knee up to the front as you lower your hands to tap it Repeat on the side for 45 seconds Go faster, no stopping.

I know our legs are getting sore.

That's what we're here for.

No pain no gain! Fifth is the same, knee hit, but on the right side We're almost halfway through! Make the most of this workout by giving your all so that we're not wasting these ten minutes just slacking Hard work and determination are the recipes for success.

You want the slim legs, let's put in the work Sixth is good morning squat, one of my recent favorite leg exercises to take the burn to the next level Hands behind your head Bend down by pushing your hip back, back flat, slight bend in the knees, feeling a stretch in our hamstring This is good morning Then bend your knees and sit your butt down into a low squat Back to good morning and stand back up Slowed and controlled.

Make sure your form is correct in each step, so we can maximize the benefit from this exercise Seventh is reverse lunge pulses, another great one to work our whole legs Take a big step back with one leg into reverse lunge to one side so that both legs are in 90-degree angle Here, do two pulses before stepping your leg back together in the center, alternate sides Squeeze your booty during the pulses Only three more minutes to go, keep moving! Eighth is the awesome side kick.

Not just a fun-leg burn, but also perfect for stress release Hold your fist in front of your chest, lift and kick one leg to the side as hard as you can, alternate sides Focus on keeping your balance.

Kick out all your stress, frustration and negative emotions in each rep.

Enjoy the burn! Ninth is split lunge, working on the right side One leg front, one leg back, lower your butt down until both legs are in 90-degree angle, come back up and repeat Keep your torso up, hold your core tight, eyes looking to the front Don't start collapsing and leaning forward The burn is intense I know, especially in the thighs That's why I'm putting this in the end Let's stay determined and finish this strong Final minute, split lunge on the left side We can do this, get ready and push it through! We're so close to the end, hang in there together with me, give it everything you got, do it for yourself! Only a few more seconds to go, give me a few more reps And we're done! Good job everyone! If your legs are sore now, that's great news.

It means the workout works Remember to stretch it out before you go and feel free to repeat this workout again for the best result If you have any questions, join the Femily membership where we have live Q&A every month and you can ask me anything Plus VIP members also get an extra live workout every month Hope you had an awesome workout today If you like this video, remember to like, comment and subscribe and press the bell button So you won’t miss all our new workouts coming your way Ahhh it's noisy Bye!.

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