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what are the benefits of drinking oldwater mixed with the lemon and honey early in the morning do you wanna knowthe benefits stick with me stay with me and look have a look at what I have totell you Israel once again from Injibs Cosmets hoping that you stay tuned

to my beauty tips today what are the benefitsof drinking hot water and lemon mixed with honey in the morning there areseveral benefits first of all honey is very good what is what what what doeshoney do what does lemon do and what does hot water do honey is good

atgiving energy honey is very energetic honey is energetic and honey gives itboosts your energy early in the morning in case you slept with with lots ofenergy with Allah with a week with with the weakness and you you feel weak andyou may be harder some exercises and your job

before you went to bed forthose who joke in the night or maybe you need energy early in the morning beforeyou start off your work then you need some booster you need a booster andwhat's going to boost you is when you take honey raw honey when you take honeymix

it in hot water and like I told you in one of my videos I explained to youthat bouhanni also handy mixed with water honey alsomixed with milk is very very very good by boosting you're inducing sleep andusing sleep if you're about to bed and sleep like a baby

then honey raw honeyraw honey is the best durva used syrups do not use the syrups from the storesuse of real honey real raw honey not heated honey raw honey not manufactureand processed honey raw honey straight from the beehives so an is very goodwith energy what else is good

with energy raisins are very good with energybut for now I'm gonna focus on hot water I'm focused on the benefits of drinkinghot water with lemon mixed with honey early in the morning so what does lemondo lemon is very good at detoxing detoxing you lemon cleanses you detox isyou

takes out all the dark all the lemon is usually called they detoxifier orthey call it the charm of the skin of beautylemon is very good for those who actually wanna cleanstheir skins and the skin you wanted to look clear you wanna take away scarsyou wanna take away or

pimples scars acne and all that kind of stuff of deepdisorders of the skin then honey is the best honey is your friend so if you takehoney sorry and lemon if you take lemon mix it together with the water lemonwith water and honey lemon will make wonders for you

lemon is the best thingto take if you're trying to clean out all the unclean and clean if you tryingto detox if you are in a debt detoxing that weight loss and all that kind ofstuff wanting a slim flat stomach are youlooking for to get rid of the thighs

of their of the fat under your arms and thefat under your under your jaws and other on your neck then lemon lemon is thebest thing to do that mixed with honey so what are the benefits of drinkingwater I just mentioned them drinking hot water mixed with lemon and

honey now thethird one which is the main one which is hot water hot water like I always say myvideos hot water is good his varies is very good what what is goodlike I said in one in those my one of my videos about that and what to eat

theinflammation video if you go back into my videos you'll check aroundcheck check them out and you'll find inflammation videos what causesinflammation and what is inflammation and what are the types of inflammationso check that video out but anyways the hot water is very good hot water is goodwhen it

comes to to to quench and and then to when you just want to deal withthe things of the problems like inflammation and all that kind of stuffand blood being bloated and pink constipated and all of thattaking your immune system and put it back into shape into your metabolism

towork fast when you go to the bathroom you're smooth and easy then hot water isthe best thing to do I've been drinking hot water my whole life I loved drinkingwhat water when I was still a kid so until today Ihot water in the morning what exactly should it

be in the morning morningusually is the best time to drink water if you know if you know you really needto know whether the best times to drink water you need to know when to drinkwater water when you're drinking water you do not drink water anytime you feellike you

need to know you need to know the times of drinking what I want todrink it how to drink it which kind of water to drink like I mentioned in oneof my videos at the same time again that side as I keep reminding you to go checkout my videos

I've got videos that tell you what kind of water to drinkrainwater the rain water my video the title is is where do rain come fromwhere does rainwater come from that video explain how would how rain wateris very good at drinking drinking rainwater is the best the best you

candrink spring water most people drink spring water but tapwater I wouldn't advise you to drink tap water tap water is heavy has heavyhighly metals heavy mineral heavy materials and heavychemicals that are used in it in order to recycle it back to us so we can useit when it's

clean so I wouldn't advise you to it's clean to drink tap water isgood to drink but then it's good K heavy chemicals that will put that you needyou need a lot of pressure you need a lot of what in order to clean cleans anddetox detox that's those chemicals

out of your system so I usually avoidunnecessary pressure onto my kidneys into my lungs or to my organs I appointputting pressure on them therefore I usually advise if you see rain what rainwhat is the best water to drink so if you see water rain what how do you

catchrainwater for drinking when you harvesting rainwater for drinking makesure do not let it run don't catch it from the from the water of thewater that drops onto the roof then it runs down onto the roof into the pipethat drains down no make sure you get a big container

a large container widelarge container put it under in the space in your garden or on your porch orsomewhere where where there's no drainage of rain work but the rain fallslike as it falls from heaven or from the sky whatever from the clouds is justposed straight into that dish

so avoid collecting water that has ran over theway from them from the sea from the roof on the top of the roof all the way intothe drainages onto the collection of water pipes into them avoid using thatbecause what why do i why should you avoid because there are

dirt a lot ofstuff smoke oil particles and stuff that sit all the polluted particulars thatsit on top of this of the roof that risk the wind blows everything and brings iton top of the roof nicotine from smoking and all that kind of stuff so now whenthe rain falls

onto the roof it drains and drink re Odessa so you do not wantto consume all that stuff make sure you put a container in them in an open spaceput it in the open space in front in your yard or something like that andthen collect one of them basically

you will not collect a lot of water if therain is in that AV but if the rain is much if the rain is really heavy whenit's falling heavily you will collect at least two to three liters of each nowthat's fine so make sure that rainwater collect rainwater for

drinking rainwateris the best water for drinking is the purest water to drink even though itdoesn't have much it doesn't have much been around since it doesn't run it'snot like spring water that runs through the rocks and all that stuff andcollects all the copper and minerals and all that

stuff so it's it's does enoughall that so if you really opted for dream sentry starting to drink rainwatermake sure that you supplementary self with the supplements your self with awith a min rose with a with a self with a liquid sulfur with a with the zinc andcopper and

all of those minerals you need to supplement if you really or ifyou really chosen to go and rain water so now now after that on top of thatwhat why should we warm the word what should we walk the word we as humanswill coat we're not cold blooded without

cold blooded we don't fish we'renot reptiles we're not cold blooded we'rewarm-blooded therefore when you keep when you give the body something cold orsomething frizzy you put pressure on it you put your organs under pressure yourbody temperature since it's a warm it's warmyou put something in you give it

something called you give it a duty oryou give it labor to warm that food or that content that you put in your thatyou've given it now with in order to use it it has to warm it that's where youfind that when you're when it's so hot that you

take something so freezing orice or ice cream or something so cold then you become thirsty just within afew minutes you become thirsty completely first event first year thenwhen you took it why because after because because you've given a taskyou've given the body at some task a task you've

given it homework to workhard to hit heat and warm up that content that ice cream before it uses itor before it absorbs it or before it digests it then the good body works hardand it is exhausted it uses energy it takes energy from there from your muscleit takes

your energy that is why after it finishes the task you feel thirstierthan before why because you gave it a huge task to warm up what what you gaveit in order to use it so basically if you take but I usually love using my lapwarming up my I don't

I don't take ice creams I don't think I don't take coldfreezing stuff because they push your body or pressure then you end up withtime you get end up starting getting themhelping wrinkles developing pimples developed all that kind of disorders whyyour skin starts sagging because your skin your body

get works very hard itgets exhausted the liver gets exhausted the kidney gets tired so you need tobalance your body stop giving it too much work to do don't give it too muchwhat it's like putting toxins in your body giving your body toxins you give itso much hard work

you give it so much labor your body works day and night youare working when the body is exhausted also it has to work it has to provideenergy for the jobs you do no wonder people wake up in the morning andthey're so exhausted and tired and fatigued and they're

lazy they just wantto go back to sleep they're so exhausted and lazy the body was working throughoutthe wall night labor her labor trying to digest the toxins that you gave him bythe way let's go back to the point the point is hot water but drink hot wateris very

good to drink what water early in the morning mix it with the honey andmix it with lemon very good it's gonna detox you and it's gonna boost yourenergy give you instant energy for you to get on with your work and startworking energetic alee and be effective and and

be and your brain workingproperly and smart and quick and all that kind of stuff last thing before Ifinish this video now that you come all the way to the end with my video I'mgonna give you one more tip that's same honey one other thing that it doesmainly think

that it has it does it gives stamina honey gives stamina whenyou're trying to to resist when the body's trying to resist when you resistit gives you stamina you need stamina to resist when you're carrying heavy stuffwhen you when you occuring heavy heavy load or bleep trying to lift

trying tolift lift UPS things heavy things you need stamina to resist now what givesyou that stamina best it's the honey honey gives stamina if you are if you ifyou laugh if you take public transport and you you didn't get it probably youdidn't get a seat on the train

or on a bus then then the bus turns and shitshakes then you need stamina stamina whenyou're you know you hold on top of the bus you need stamina to stand in ordernot to fall fall or those that are sitting down you see so you need staminanow what gives

you that stamina you need stamina and for those four the fourcouples in the bedroom you need stamina you need stamina to learn to sustain youso honey is very good at giving stamina check out my other videos of how to ofhow to to o to avoid inflammation and how

to prevent all kinds of silly ofdisorders and sicknesses and what to eat what to eat in order to be fit loseweight and all that kind of stuff and keep your physique energetic andenergetic stay with me and hit the subscribe button if you wanna see moreof my videos hit

the subscribe button and remember to touch that Bell iconthere next to the subscribe button in order to receive a notification of everyevery awesome video that I upload to YouTube Israel once again for midgetsChristmas hoping that you stay tuned to my awesome videos and tips today staywell

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