Beginner Full Body Home Dumbbell Workout | 10 Minute Beginner Home Workout

[Music] growing up parents got me a guitar since you could do anything kid you could go far you can be the president fireman racecars the sky's the limit kids to shoot for the stars so I strum that guitar every day found the passion for music never went away

I joined a couple fans and played a few shows and you try to impress the girl in the front row but soon enough everything starts to change as you grow up nobody treats you the same they try to take the future and make it real safe you could

be a doctor recounting to some say we go whatever happened to the sky was the limit I fell in love with music never thought it was a gimmick I were so hard on every tune in every single lyric my whole identity dependent on being artistic now you want

to strip that away so you feel okay cuz if I make it to the top what does that really say that you shouldn't have given early you made the mistake but if I fail you feel much better about taking your Lane right yeah these are gonna get better

real soon yeah but just to me you just do you I swear it's gonna get better real soon don't let anyone tell you what you should do I got a clear field [Music] [Music] is what you got to lose [Music] [Music] let's be honest life's a competition so

it from going to play then I'm gonna play to win if I refuse to sit and rot and a desk all day unless I have a passion I'm working towards okay I'd rather be dead on the outside and inside a bullet to the head than 25 to life

in a cubicle alone just trying to give by building someone else's dream instead of building mine if you're hearing me this is meant to inspire if you ever dream or if you have desires hug girl and your knife is making you feel a fire go fight for her

man go die for her man cuz you only have one life a chance to do it one chance to prove it to yourself so don't lose it you got this fam just keep pushing on do it one day you'll look back so glad you pursued it yeah these

are gonna get better [Music] yeah I might just do me you just do you I swear it's gonna get better real soon don't let anyone tell you what you should do I got a clear view [Music] what you got [Music] what you got [Music] action with passion we're

rocking out in tick-tock you found the drugs talking down and all my irritated start so hard to talk me down but they can stop the sound already on throughout everything is growing faster than a cute cow goes down [Music] unless you were broccoli now [Music] like [Music] every

day that I wake up I wake up in a nightmare every day that I wake up I can never see quite clear when I look at my surroundings and everybody still doubts me I want to live to hear a crowd saying how my lyrics so loudly I miss

a time when we would all get together I guess it's fine but I really wish that we were better real talks have been dreams without all the pressure now everybody needs to think about posting whatever when people ask how I'm doing I've never been bettered that's really not

a conversation I'm willing to answer how come we all continue forcing out all this pressure I'm just sick of these opinions and all these lessons [Music] stedy be rich I'm scared of being poor scared of being lonely but I'm scared of being boring sometimes I get really angry

and I don't know why sometimes I really do hate me can't even pick my own saya what is even going on what the hell do I write songs what the hell am i doing here man I guess I don't understand a thing damn yeah but maybe ignorant is

bliss duh I'd rather lay in the abyss and be aware of what I missed especially if I quit yeah I say the hell is your last day when you see what you could have became that day would drive me insane so I can't stay in my lane yeah

I picked a path and I picked the page yeah I want a pair that won't ever change yeah sometimes I'm mad sometimes I'm okay yeah I know I have what I want something [Music] [Music] hard to be okay when everything has changed yeah it's hard to be okay

when I can see everything the best part of everyone's day it's on my iPhone on display no matter what I do can get away this isn't healthy I don't feel the same yeah and destiny is a weird thing yeah cuz it's easier to believe that everything is out

of your hands in spite of a plan so there no need to worry don't let your brain be blurry yeah look don't you get journey yup and you can stop real early you could be 13 you could be 30 oh but it's your night to live yeah yeah

so what you got to give huh yeah you better get after it don't you dare quit don't you dare kids you got dreams then you love me so try like me so fight like me take a hold of your life and drive like me see you go and

I feel the play gods they all feel the same I don't wanna be each other take me away tell me it's all gonna be okay I wanna feel like I'm still [Music] and all I know is I keep bond and minds running and my heartbeats racing I'm

not the same since your heart gave out on me on me wish you would stand but I know you gotta go I hate changing I hate being alone and for the same the beginning always loved me okay [Music] [Music] I hope you enjoyed that beginner a full body

workout and you could even see I'm sweating a little bit just because I titled this the beginner full-body workout doesn't mean that if you're an intermediate or even advanced training it you can do this I call it for beginners because these are exercises gotta feel target the whole

entire body and then are very safe as long as you practice your mobility get your foam rolling work on your stretch and stay hydrated eat nutritious foods this full body beginner dumbbell workout can really work for you so we hit a back exercise in the beginning I like

starting off a lot of workouts that can include the full body that have back exercises I even have an Instagram page called back exercises if you want to check out because it's one of the missing links in the body that you don't generally hit when you're at home

without equipment or let a little using a dumbbell so the second move we went into is a pullover really great for hitting the lats and also in the top of the chest and of course then we did a dumbbell Romanian that I love to squash etc we hit

our lower back we hit our quads our glutes and we finished up with a little bit of arms at the end okay so I spend four minutes towards the end this is just a 10 minute workout this would be a great routine to go through two times yes

it's only 10 minutes but again with a lot of these workouts that I put out go ahead and try them two or even three times if you're feeling a little bit more advanced and you want to push yourself further because I really do honestly feel that especially during

the time of me shooting this video of this coronavirus people are just getting wiped out by this thing and they're not sure what to do they don't have any work house that they can do so that's why I'm going hard I want to try and upload two workouts

a week I've been doing weekly workouts but during this time I want to make sure that you have access to every single piece of information and equipment and workouts that you can do so following with me and my journey if you're new here please go ahead and subscribe

click that notification bell so you never miss any of my latest content and please give this video a like that would really help me out and also share it with a friend because I want to put push this content out to more pain that hopefully it could help

and serve a friend a family member or loved one that you may know that needs help getting in some exercise it could benefit from my information so again thank you so much for tuning in and I will see you in the next workout [Music] you

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