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Chloe, Chloe, Chloe Ting, Chloe ting, Cholei Ting, Chloe Girl, You did this! Calm down girl Chloe Ting be doing you right That's right, so it's been a while since I've done a results video and so much catching up today I'm gonna get the body that I want, my abs are coming in, definition on side.

I just want to say a big Thank you to everyone.

This community is amazing and I'm seeing so many results videos on YouTube and some of these videos are blowing up There's like hundreds of thousands of these millions of views, like it's insane and the results are amazing as well.

I'm so happy for you guys I'm so proud of this community.

keep spreading love guys like and subscribe I am out of shape sis, you know when you finish a workout and your just like *inhales* Do I have abs yet? But you can see me like, do I have abs yet? No It's about consistency Consistency You know, some of you guys gonna see results in two weeks some people two months It's really all about consistency and everyone's different So don't pressure yourself to look a certain way just because someone got results it in a week, you know what I mean, everyone's different we're gonna do it for two more weeks.

Alright Anyways, If I don't see results i'm not posting the video, so.

I guess we're seeing results Since she posted a video.

So this marks the end of the challenge.

I'm so excited that I actually noticed a difference I can't wait to show you guys.

It's super hard, but it got easier as I went on My pants are zipping up quite okay, you know what I'm saying ladies.

I'm gonna stop, but let me just show you guys these results So, that's day one Holy crap girl, look at that ab definition that 11 line ahem I highly recommend to do this challenge.

It's super challenging.

But yeah, and it's only 10 min.

per day 14 days You will see a change and it's super.


Thank you so much girl, I'm so excited Just so you guys know some of you guys are doing just the 11 line abs or the two weeks apps That's totally fine You can do that and you can see great results for some people, but some people need a little bit more So check out the schedule because I feel that a lot of people don't actually know that I have a full calendar schedule This is something I've wanted to try out for a while and every time I like tried it out, I never follow through with it because I'm lazy.

me too girl I do have a little bit of like belly fat I Would say like definitely in the lower ab.

my goals for this I'm not really expecting much because it's only two weeks, but I'm hoping just get like more definition and more tone I'm definitely not the most athletic person.

I definitely don't know what I'm doing.

most of the time Hang on guys, let's watch this frame by frame.

So they're working out Someone knocks on the door.

rather than pausing the video, sister goes oh hell no.

Emma is laughing her ass off who's at the door? Oh shit is there What do I do, What do I do? Nothing to see here I'm not working out, she goes back into working out and that was it again get him fly Nothing to see here, I wasn't working out These are my results after two weeks of doing this workout I honestly don't notice like a huge a drastic change, but like I wasn't expecting one anyway to leave in two weeks I actually think the results are really amazing.

I can see the definition in your abs girl Don't be so hard on your self.

And honestly like this change in two weeks.

It's like really good.

That's a crazy Like I kind of got rid of like my lower belly fat not all of it, but like good chunk of it I definitely like got muscle when I like touch my stomach or like hit it like that's muscles that's different for me I love muscles and I think you should too.

I got a lot of messages that people so like they want to lose weight But are so afraid to you pack on a little bit of muscles like trust me when I say that you're not gonna turn into a Hulk just because you work out for a month to try to Lose weight or two months or three months.

It's actually really hard to build muscle So you gotta actually go for like resistance training and all of that and growing a bit of muscle is actually good for you It's gonna increase in metabolism.

It's gonna help you to burn fat more easily So it's just benefits when it comes to growing a little bit of muscles.

Does your stomach look like this? Oh my god, it's Blair walnut I freaking love her videos.

Her videos are so well edited like go check out her channel giver her some love I'm pretty sure you guys are gonna love her content because it's so bingey But you wish and dream and hope that one day it will look like this, but do not want to leave the house Lift weights socialize or do anything to get it? Well, this is the video for you Hey, I'm me and today we're doing Khloe Tings diet and workout for two weeks together Don't do it for your body do it for your health for your wealth for your heart for your fart Just so you guys know I've put everyone's video link down in the description box So you guys can check it out and just follow the journey.

This video will go on forever If I react to it because it is so well done I will leave you really great advice that I caught from Blair's Instagram story that I don't really hear often.

A huge tip I have for you guys that have been telling me like the workouts really Hard to get through I can't do it.

I keep stopping a huge tip I have is to film yourself and tell yourself you're gonna post it on your IG story because you'll be like more motivated to like finish it because People are watching so that's what helps me or doing it at the gym.

Really helps My name is Connie and I put myself through 30 of pure torture, and I don't know how I fee about it okay, so I saw some girls on YouTube make videos like this and I've seen them reach amazing results withing 2 weeks And I just felt really motivated and inspired, So here I am Music That's how you do it girl, I love the dripping sweat Music Wow, I'm already seeing progress yo Music Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

Amazing Music Oh my God Holy crap So this ab workout I noticed was really great for upper abs and side fat Um, in terms of my lower pouches, still a bit stubborn, but there is a major difference That is such a drastic difference.

Amazing Connie! What I really like about Connie's video is that you can see that her from for the spider man plank Was not that great on week one but when you compare it to that weak 4 you can see that she's, her form is on point like she's Smashing the workout She looks so much stronger and she's getting leaner as well, it's freaking amazing Big butt in one minute.

I think I'm gonna enjoy this video.

We're gonna grow big booty and get define abs I will sacrifice my soul to sport diamond and suffer each day for five weeks Participating in Chloe Ting's challenge Chloe Ting is my master Yoda my Gandil and my MorphOS who provides me with awesome programs Awesome program.


I find it easier to work out with support.

So I introduce a new animal with snail It's actually really cute It lives with me for five years, but I still don't know how to call it he will assist me in this challenge I never thought I would like a snail, but this snail is special.

I didn't find warm-ups in any video within this challenge So I offer you my ways to get your blood boiling.

Do I not do enough warm-ups guys? No shit I only have one warm up video Thats a good warm up yeah warming up the legs, the arms I think I should get her to do my videos with me.

I'm gonna need this routine down for my next warm-up they're All like, can you please share your routine? Oh, stanky leg what is she doing This is so ridiculously entertaining What am I watching what's going on here guys Holy crap.

On a new level girl.

This is how you warm up Bravo, bravo.

Best warm up on YouTube Finally we're working out So it looks like there's no results in this video because she's doing the new 35 days booty program and she say that's just gonna create a second video with results, and I'm so looking forward to that So if any one of you are doing the booty paragraph the new booty program please please please do send in your results for a results video and I'm really looking forward to that because It's my resistance bands.

I'm really looking forward to see the booty gains.

We're gonna capture my reaction watching Chloe Tings video Just two weeks look at her abs.

This is the best my stomach has Ever looked in my life.

So now you're gonna need to create a video of you reacting to this current video of me reacting to your Reaction video of you reacting to me reacting to your video.

This is just gonna get too confusing inception Am I really seeing what I'm seeing.

Am I really seeing what Im seeing her? Yeah, didn't smash that like button, you know who I can rely on this girl here Another It's my hype girl, you know, boo Chloe tings challenges, you know, take that flab flab away.

I just wanna see you know, I just wanna see if your girls coming through And this time this challenge is gonna be the three week lean arm challenge I just wanted to see if she can take some of this jiggle Woah hold up, what's going on so my right arm is exactly at 10 inches And my left arm is now at Ten and a half inches over all, I see a big difference in how my arms look.

look at those guns, no flab.

Great job Dennaboo They look much more defined than what they used to be That is really good, and my back is looking good Do you have a little more flub than fam? Oh you bought my merch Do you have more tum then you can run Do you look a little bit more like this when you'd rather look a little bit more like this? Everyone's seeming to get nice little tight bodies and I want that.

I frequently go to the gym, but I never ever ever do abs no other reason than the fact that I'm just lazy Same girl, high five Look I was exactly the same when I first started training all I would do in the gym was legs No abs no arms.

Nothing else or I relate to that Completely.

So today was day one of Chloe Ting's ab workout and *beep* man it hurt so much So much.

The fact that it was so hard just kind of goes to show you that I need to work on my abs strength uh-hum Because I don't think it should have wore me out the way that it did.

It's not a quick fix Weight loss kind of thing.

I don't think that you can really get rock-hard abs in two weeks I just really want to push myself and See where I can go with this keep in mind that you do have to combine this with Healthy eating and like a little bit of cardio.

So you lose me a little bit of stomach fat um, you can't just get abs from like working out your abs every day if you're not eating right and not Losing fat as well.

That's really great advice guys So, you know combined with eating healthy and also follow the full schedule instead of just doing the 10 minute workouts It's gonna really help.

results time before Holy crap, I mean you lookec really great before but the after is like tight Your abs your waist Look tight Af So she lost two centimeters on her waist.

The more I ate healthy I found myself wanting to go further by starting a fitness routine So I went on YouTube and searched for a 10-minute workout that I can do every day I came across Chloe Ting's 30 day abs challenge Chloe ting let's do this Let's see if I will get a flat belly like yours in 30 days.

When we're waking up at 6 a.

m To do our morning workout or saying no to cakes and chips.

It's easy to lose sight of what we're doing this for So why do we need to stay healthy? We need to stay healthy so that when we blow out the candles on our 90th birthday, we're able to dance our hearts out I want to grow old with my husband.

I want to be there for our kids milestones I want to witness them grow up and fulfill their dreams.

Thank you so much for creating this video Curstie I really like the reason why you started a fitness routine.

It's because of your family You want to have a healthy family? You want to be there for your kids? It's so great and refreshing to see the right mentality over here after one week.

I weighed myself Her workout is not easy, ok, and after all that work I just lost 1 pound I was expecting like “Oh my gosh I lost 10 pounds, five pounds” But no Remember, it's not about the numbers.

All right, you lose the weight over time the fat over time It's all about consistency, It's about consistency So being fit and healthy is my goal and that doesn't happen over night.

It takes patience dedication, hardwork Ok my camera Cameras says no.

camera doesn't want to listen to the good message day Hey, look at my mom.

She is 62 years old and she is fit and healthy Wow, your mom is so gorgeous and fit She's my ultimate fit-spiration if she can do it then so can I.

She's 62, I want to look like that when I'm 62 So as you can see, I have a big tummy with the measurement of 32 inches and now dun da da dun da duuuuun 30 inches.

Oh my God, two inches That's 5 centimeters, guys that's a lot So do I have abs like Chloe Ting, Nope Not yet, not even close But I am one step closer to reaching my goal, which is to be fit and healthy.

great job Curstie I don't want you guys to compare your progress with another person or with me because everyone is different and we have different fat Composition.

Some people have more fat on their bellies some people have more fat on their legs.

For me It's always been legs I don't always look shredded.

I'm not always ripped I have my bloating moments and I'm going through loads of gut issues right now.

So I'm always bloated I just want to say this to you guys because I feel like you know we often compare ourselves to other people on social media and I think that's really unhealthy and I Don't want you to see this as a video to compare to it's just a way to feel more motivated Instead of like oh, I gonna be like this person.

Oh, I'm not seeing progress in two weeks It's not working.

You know, sometimes it just takes a little bit of time.

It's about doing something that makes you feel good Hey guys, it's TM.

Basically, I want to keep this whole video very raw natural I have no fucking makeup on, obviously my skin is really just at its peak of ugliness recently Because I.

Don't tell yourself that Very insecure about something.

Recently I've just been putting off my health for a while.

I just do not like the way that my body looks and Yeah, and I'm just a really.

Okay, I recorded a video Recently and I haven't published it because I felt like I was way too vulnerable and I don't wanna put it out there.

I don't know, Like I know how you feel honey, when it comes to putting yourself out there and being vulnerable Okay, so this is what I look like right now Okay, so this is me from the side bitch, I have no ass You can look at that.

Yeah, you can really see.

Yeah, this is where I'm at and of course, like everybody's ideal like idea of beauty and whatever is different, but I've just I'm not I'm not happy.

Honestly, I think that you look great but I get it I get it because we are all our own Like biggest critique like I critique my body all the time as well, but girl you should know that you look great Okay.

I'm gonna be honest with you.

Like I'm not really super happy right now I just found myself more lethargic and honestly alone.

I'm very lonely right now I definitely go through times and moods where I feel You know Sad and down and not like myself girl you're not alone.

The problem is, we are afraid to talk about it That's the reason why we feel like we are alone but all I want to say is a lot of people, a lot of us are Feeling the same way and I think knowing that has helped me a lot and you know trying to get out of this Self-destruction mode in a way.

You know what I mean.

I just finished the last workout of the program -Yay you look awesome- day 26.

I'm gonna flash up the first day pic, so you can kind of see how my body has changed I can see that you abs got a lot tighter, which is amazing It is crazy just in those photos and it's just amazing to see the progress things that changed about myself and I didn't think we're gonna change.

The first thing was a mentality and My overall mood.

As you guys saw at the beginning of this video I was really down and I wasn't in that happy of a place I just didn't really feel like I had a super amazing purpose at that point cuz Nothing was really going on in my life at that point.

But this fitness program really gave me a purpose and nearly every day I had something to do when I woke up or before I went to sleep I had this cool program that I was working on and it was just great to get a good sweat in and really push myself That comforting feeling of, Okay every day, I'm striving to make myself better every day I'm working a little bit towards a big goal.

I really like that message Everyone wants to get results quick but i know the title of my video says abs in two weeks That's for SEO purposes, and I've talked about it before it but obviously in two weeks you're gonna see some sort of progress It really depends on where your journey is, it's not gonna fast forward it like from two months down to two weeks, you know what I mean it takes time.

we gotta be realistic because anything that's achievable in the short amount of time It's normally not as sustainable.

So I want to say a big.

Thank you to Chloe ting I know she's not gonna watch my video.

She has way better things to do But if she is watching I am so grateful for the free workout programs that you put out I know you can definitely charge for what you do and the fact that you don't and make it accessible to everyone is awesome I really appreciate that.

I appreciate everything about your channel.

I think your channel is awesome She does travel videos too, which are really well done You watch my travel videos And I just really appreciate everything that you do so keep up the good work You seriously are goals for everybody man.

Like you really put in the work and it shows.

Thank you so much I love that I'm goals to everybody, but you make me feel good about myself.

So, thank you so much for that Love you Tia.

all right guys I'm so sorry if I wasn't able to feature your video There's just so many of you guys sharing really Amazing results and watching and editing a video like this takes such a long time So I'm gonna give a quick shout out to these amazing people music So I hope you guys enjoyed today's video, I hope you guys got some sort of Motivation out of this.

know that you're not alone we're all in this together We're, all in this Fitness Journey together.

So, yeah.

I hope you guys have a great and I'll see you in the next video.


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