Ballet Body Workout | 30 Min Full Body | Barre | Low Impact (No Jumping)

hey guys welcome back to another workouttoday we're going to define your whole body with a ballet inspired full bodyworkout for today's workout all you will need is some sort of a barre I've got aportable bar right here but you don't need an actual barre you can go ahead

anduse a chair a bar stool a wall a countertop just make sure that it'ssturdy so when you hold onto it it's not gonna fall over just because we don'twant you to fall over and ideally you do want your whatever bar you're using tobe hip height so because when

you're holding on to it if it's lower than yourhip you'll be bending down a little bit soyou want to when you're holding it be able to stand up straight rather thanleaning over a little bit but if you do have like a lower chair that's okay justtrying to use

that only for support I'm just touching it whenever you need thisworkout is not necessarily a barre workout and might opinion well it's notnecessarily like my bar workout my bar workout is more of a fusion of balletyoga fitness and Pilates this is a lot of sculpting a lot of

pulses whereastoday we're mainly focusing on the ballet side so there's still gonna bepulsing but it's just a little more less impact less pulsing than what I wouldusually do in my bar workouts but I will go ahead and post one of my barre workoutsin the future but just a

heads up today's more of like the ballet sidesince I did do ballet for about 17 years so I really miss it and I thought Iwould share my inner ballet with you guys so all you need is some space grabsome water make sure you have a soft surface and

we will get started we'regoing to go ahead and start this workout at the bar and warm up at the bar justlike we would do it in a traditional valleysso meet me at the bar in first position which means heels together toes apartjust make like a little big pizza

slice if you're not used to being trying tohelp me pick go ahead and make it a smaller pizza slice because you if it'stoo wide and your body's not used to it then you're gonna start to roll over andthen that means whenever you bend it straighten your legs your

knees aregonna knock it in rather than track over that second big toe so it's better tostart smaller get your body used to it because not many people are used to thatturned out a position especially never danced before so maybe first officiallyheels together toes apart arms to the side

we're just gonna go ahead and do aforward fold nice flat back roll up one vertebra at a time and then a littleback bend back to Center take this at your own pace roll roll back bend backjust and I'll go ahead and show you a side of you I'm

not going too far back my Backlund just one more in this second position second positionis basically a wider version of first position set Toves apart basically asumo squat we're gonna do a broad place you're gonna come down and up down upgood really important make sure those knees are

coming right over your secondthing toe down and you're moving your arm if you're using your arms today moveit with purpose rather than like this to engage that back it's gonna be an arm workout for forthree more debrief we're going to add a side Bend into last one one

can go aheadand reach both this side next to the center Ron plieso we're just adding a little layer on to it down and up still warming up thebody four more four we're gonna get rightinto some inner thigh work three two more twolast one one all right when do

a little combo so you're gonna come down rollthrough your feet hands come up and then roll down without bending your kneeskind of like a magnet so I don't touch each other so down roll through upsqueeze down remember you can always skip the arms nice light grip on the

baryou don't want to like hold on you want to depend on the bar as you little aspossible so I always like to think fingertips on the bar and you want yourarm to be for just a little bit some that directly by your side last one onemeet me up

on your toes we're going to go down and squeeze up down squeeze upkeep going so you decided to do your sliding right down a wall so but isn'tgoing back down really squeeze your inner thigh make sure they're goingstraight out not in down squeeze up four four three two

little pulses here we goone so when up an inch down an inch anytime it hurtswith your heels up bring him down keep goingopen up your chest engage that core if your arm is to the side make sure it'snot chicken whipping use your back to hold your elbow up

for eight seven sixfive four three don't drive down just your heels downand up down and up so try not to come back up say nice andlow feel the burn good for eight seven six more 6:05 four more four two more two one we hold here maybe likeover that

bar for eight seven six five four three two and onecoming down shake it out real quick we got a little combo we're going to thatsecond position then we're going into a coupe eight which is basically puttingthis hit like behind your other calf and then out so it looks

like this so whenyou second coupe a second cooping notice my like that's near the bar stays in thebent position out and try to get nice and low for eight seven six more sixfour five four three more three two one we're not staying here right here we'regonna come up

onto our toes and then bend down heel comes down up and oh yesjust make sure that he doesn't go forward stays over the second victimdown press up show you side view four four come on three more three you can doit two last one we're gonna hold in that

releve position sink down and we justhold for eight seven six five four three two and one oh we are done on that sideso whatever you're doing we're gonna do the other side real quick keep thingsmoving so I don't have a bar on this side this one'sdifficult to move

so I won't mess with that so we're going to meet me in Fritzposition again I'm going to take it from the top so nice forward foldwe're only doing three this time roll up and then a little back bend are yourside you just one more time we're going to

get to those Rock playsso maybe in that sumo position or second position you can come down and you're gonna I already feel in that legthat we just worked down and good okay nice and a little lower this time nowthat you're like should be warmed up for four three

two more to one we're goingto add that side but so lean towards the bar back to Centergroan plie so bar ground playing woo don't pull over just two more last one one we're going to take you tothat down relevé up squeeze down really engage your core for this

one especiallyif you're not using a bar laid out two more last someone we're going totake it down and up we're going to do those pulses so much go down and squeezeup down and sir pretend like you're sliding right down a wall definitelyhard without a bar sometime just gonna

pull down here for eight seven keepgoing six five remember you can always drop those heels on four three two moretwo pulses here we go little pulse up an inch damage things slide out for eightseven six five four three two one we hold just hold for eight seven six

fivefour three two and one we've got that combo so you go secondposition coupe a second coupe a nice big movement really use all of your armsso basically just don't like mindlessly movement with purpose Oh feeling thanthat like standing like eight more eight seven six five more five four

three morethree two one tabi here when it come up onto your toes and then back down soI'll show you from the side real okay and down a little create at the bottomwhich is basically a bending your legs down and four four sorry eight more sixfive more five for

three we hold into two for one highup on your toes bend the knee we hold for eight seven six five four three twoand one Oh shake it up and then go into Samar'sso we went to curtsy position so everyone go ahead and step on your rightfoot and the

left is gonna go back and 45 degrees backwards and then a slightbend in that front leg so we're going to move into some arms that front leg isturned out just a little bit 45 degrees so we're gonna go ahead and take you toa fifth position back to a

second position fifth second so pretend noticemy back hand leads and then it flips so at the back of your hand is alwaysleading down good really press you squeeze your back when you come to theside eight seven squeeze six five more five four three more three two one sowe're

just coming up gonna make that smaller so up and down just a littlefaster for ten nine oh eight seven six more six with your shouldersare down the back by four more four three two more two one go so you'regoing to state that seem like there should be side

view hinge from your hipsto the side across its alternate which arm crosses in front lifting your elbowsback he's calm ten more tennine eight seven six five four the four babies down and out a little bit – whydo we Swan arms smooth air down and up nice big movements

sound like your birdgood pressing down and up using your legs to help you this is where we end onthis side three eight so we keep going big movements don't make them small fivefour three four three two and one Oh alrighty shake out those legs whenstepping onto our left

leg slightly turn off slightly bent right like it's outback each 45 degrees we're into our triceps now to do reach forward pumpdown sweep your hands with the recessive back three pages just hanging like the airsand triceps squeeze don't just swing foreight seven six five four five three repulse

into one hold it up up stay upwe pulse up just little pulses so don't let it come down keep her up here makesure you are able to feel behind here art for ten nine eight seven six fivefour three two one don't drop your arms palms come in we

do those little swansagain so they're gonna come like this in and out kind of like you're trying tohigh-five your hands in the back but nice little bow just keep your hands updon't let it drop this is very and seven sixbut basically like this to one I'm going to

go 5th positionwe're just gonna do one around attend winner so just stay with mejust one or minute I'm down and up good fight the air nice and big air seven to six in your neck five fourthree more three two one don't let your arms to the other side

a little over anymore five four threetwo you're number one you're going to shake that real quicksecond sip and then back down so second nice and slowat first it down yes your shoulder should be burning and second fifth firstgood if you're not feeling it engage your back lift your

elbows and two morelast one one we take a little faster slow it down so one count a littlefaster in the air on the pace we're almost there we're almost done nice longsculpted arms here six five four more four three two onehold it to the side I'm going to

go ahead and do Swan arms palms face downthis is where we end so you guys can see it's just moving like this sound likeyou're having a dog or something sink down load this is hurry and oats upfor eight seven oh six five four more four three two and

one whoa way to golet's keep those arms little strips so take your left arm across your arm rightarm comes underneath and hold it back look over your left shoulder Oh crazy wedidn't even use weights do the other side so right arm across your chest okay we're gonna go

ahead so you mightwant to have a bar in front of you or lick to the side just in case becauseit's a little a lot of Bounce melody is a lot of Mahlon so if you're not used toit go ahead and use the bar and then do this video

a couple times and thenyou'll notice how your balance improves so we're gonna go ahead and step on ourleft foot so you're gonna go ahead and mirror me for this and step on your leftfoot right foot comes into the air your left foot is slightly turned out andthen back

legs slightly turned out so that means ideally your thigh wants tobe shining towards the front rather than just slightly turned out as much as youcan so we're gonna go ahead and do an arabesque so we're going to come into itpasta and then arabesque passing and rest so you

can hold on to the bar in alittle closer down it's not going to arabesque that's itcenters so this is the plastic if you don't want to lift your leg that high uphere bring it down to your shin completely finding better than hikingyour hip up so here we go

dumb passe goodlots of balance make sure that standing leg is slightly bent four more fourthree two one hold your leg out it's tapped out lift up your arm makes itsame as your life you're eight seven six five more five four three slight Bendthat left knee to bless one

hold your leg up in our little pulses yes nineeight seven six five four three two and one stay right here you're gonna comehold on stir bar if you are not already you're going to come to a cooping andthen that better to coop a back attitude so I'm gonna

face you here down down and feeling that standing like downnotice I need is to drop down stays in that back attitude please lifted me andthat's four more four three two one bend standing like just a littlebit fat that those little pulses lifting from your knee a map from

your toe goodten more ten nine eight seven six five four three two one keep your leg upwe've been and then you straighten bend and straighten you should feel this inyour standing like don't sink into it lift up four four three two more two onehold it out 45 degrees

right here keep going eight seven six five fourmore four three two and one Oh give your legs a quick little shake you everythingon the other side too and stand on your right leg left leg goes back to yourleft arm is going to be out in front of you

right arm behind you click right nowon your left arm behind socotra mirror so we're gonna start in that passe to anarabesque little but definitely a little rusty so I'm goingto take it down here down and we're just working your balance here first six fivefor three more three

two one little lower lip so awesome let me downdown and up stay nice and full and that's daylight perfect7:6 more four three two one little pulses up init damage you should feel this in your backas well you're going for eight seven six five four three two and onegrab

onto a bar if you have it keep your left leg cut back in the tube we'regonna come down lift up a little light on that bar eight six to one of you guysmove all that's in like just that backwards five four threeto pull that leg up please straighten

and then then straight in in men six five four one four three two more -want to hold it on society little test good and then I came to look at you guyslike I'm teaching a life us six more five four three two and one go ahead auntielater stolen

right leg back into my futurethe left leg is slightly too now invent 200so much and then just tap outside so get nice and low tap outmake sure your knees over that standing toe sure from here down to have thatgood I'm gonna add the arms down and up good

for more forward at a kick or aboutmy and three two one so you're gonna add a kick so you're gonna come down kick tothe side down to the side make sure that's how is pointed keep goingdon't let your knee come in keep it up down and up for

eight oh seven six fivemore five or hang in there three lightgrip on that bar two wonderful backinto that curtsy position and pulse flip over that bar for ten nine eight sevensix five four three two and one shaking out those stay on that rightleft like we go to reverse

lunge so your feet are actually moving parallel thisis more fitness II when you reverse lungetap to this one so basically just that's what we did a different direction sofrom the side ninety-nine and back like pointing down waitrelease your arms if you are this is your little cardio verse

four more threetwo mark to one we're going to add that kick you're going to come down a littlekick I'm hanging the wall down and kick yes keep going yeah two more two lastset of two I'm sorry stay that reverse lunge pulse it up waving his and yourheels at

the front like four eight seven six five four three two and oneshake it up bring on street to the other side so you stand on your left leg rightleg sit on your right leg left leg goes back as I say position I'm going to showyou guys on the

farm that my glutes are shaping alright so down 10th decidedhave to say good so don't like dip into your head likethat big down not to the side 4 more 4 3 weadd that kick in to one side legs hug down kick or about my high get low yes

65 5 4 3 2 more 2 1 stay here let's pulse it out let go that far for 8 7 6 5 4 3 2& 1 shake it out get the reverse lunge rightleg forward left leg back reverse lunge little tap delete' n44 as I kick in 3

21 let's have a cake so we go okay analise you can't can choose your breathit's that heart rate up four four three two we've got this one stay herepulse it out click on that bar for eight seven six five four three two animal IDoh shit yeah check it

out using g-girl water affinity your oldest son we just have some quicklittle apps we're gonna stretch it out arms coming to a first position or thatposition that looks like yes keep going keep your feet together toesapart you'll see there's a friend's name four three two and oneslowly come

back down Hansel so the lower your legs are the harder itis you can brush your hair down for this just keep it nice and low unless youfeel it in your lower back bring your legs for more per side anymoreturn your head up okay little finale you're gonna meet

in aplank position so hands our high plank position takeyour right knee into a pasta row teeth it outback to the center place back in and then left leg rotate in and set here wego this is where we I mean we can do it whoops it Center good just

four more perside for three more three more gave the straight down and out to the top of yourmat three more per side too that's one I'm gonna do that static cling hold itfor twelve eleven ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one gentlydrop down to

your knees Child's Pose oh we made itI did it so great don't stretch it out to meet me on your back to figure fourso take your right leg across your left my feet you touch me feel that stretchin your right boot I'm sure you're still breathing I'mgonna take

your other leg so left leg crosses over right and slowly releaseyou in the slowly roll up extend your right leg forward left leg comes in takea big inhale up exhale fold over good feel that stretch in your hamstring for more miss Jeff make sure you flexthat front foot

and then roll back up switch out feetinhale up exhale fall forward I'm gonna go ahead and meet in astraddle or place inside as far as you can go ahead and reach your right armand fold over finances let your toes point forward make sure your toes arefacing the ceiling

build a stretch right here to the other side try to keep that opposite fit on theground and we're just gonna walk it upas far as you can try to keep your toes facing up nut forward you know this onehere inner thigh when you're ready go and wash your

handsback meet me in a standing positionif we were to go ahead and stand on your left leg right leg back in the curtsyposition where I Levin took one big inhale up together and then end with alittle curtsy exhale down Oh alrighty thanks for working out with meguys oh

my voice went well hi there I hopeyou guys enjoyed that workout a little different than my fitness workouts but Ireally miss ballet and I thought I would share it with you guys and let you guyssee my inner ballerina and it's nice to do a low-impact workout sometimes so

ifyou guys liked it please give it a little thumbs up so I know you enjoyedit so I can come out with more workouts like this and if you're not subscribedto my channel please subscribe to help support me in my workouts I would reallyappreciate it cuz I'll be coming

out with moreworkouts like this and then hiit workouts song workouts Pilates workouts and thena barrre workout too which will be different than this valley he'll be morelike sculpting and pulsing like like traditional Barre classes whereas thisone that's more belly and I'll see you guys in the next workout


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