Backpack Workout

hi everyone my name is Erin I am agroup exercise coordinator at Syracuse University and today we're gonna bedoing a work out using a backpack so before we get started I want you guys togo find a backpack fill it with as much or as little stuff as you think

you'regonna need um you can put some books in there and put clothes you can put cannedgoods whatever you want just fill it up so that the weight um is something youfeel comfortable doing different moves in and of course drive the video you caneither add more stuff if you

need more weight take stuff out if you want thingsa little bit lighter so make sure that you're adjusting that weight for yourown speed alright so to get started we are just gonna do some warmupsso we're gonna actually take that backpack off put it to the side for rightnow

and then we'll put it back on later once we are getting started with our moves so we aregoing to start out before we start out with our warm-up I want you guys put onsome music that's gonna get you pumped up because I will be doing this totallywithout music

so we have Spotify lists down in the description for you guys touse get some new music or put on your own playlist that you know works for youin addition to that you guys should be liking and subscribing these videos sothat every time we post a new video you

guys get a notification and you knowthere's a new work out to try alright so that being said we are gonna get startedon this warmup we're gonna start with some side lunges so you'll start on oneside of your open space actually you'll start in minutes we're gonna bealternating and

we'll just bring our butts backlunge to the side warming up those legs make sure you have enough room to goside to side alright so we're gonna do one minute of those starting in threetwo and one make sure that knee is tracking over theankle and make sure that you're

keeping that chest out you're not letting it aroundforward all right we're almost done with these guys and we're done in three two and oneall right we're gonna kick up the cardio a little bit and we're gonna do somebutt kicks so you would bring your heel all the way

into your butt as youalternate your feet for those of us with lower body issues just bring it one footup at a time eliminate that jumping aspect then protect that lower body allright we're gonna do one minute of those starting in three two and one here we goOh as

I kick my mat all right we are halfway done keep it up ten seconds left and we're done in threetwo and one all right we have got one more move inour warm-up before we get to that backpack workout so we're just gonnawarm up our arms we're gonna do

some circles backwards for 30 seconds thencircles forwards for 30 seconds but I want you guys doing this in a little bitof a squat so widen those feet a little bitbring that butt back bend those knees and just keep those knees in line withyour ankles all right so mini

squat arms out to the side and we're gonna getstarted on those backwards arm circles four thirty and three two and one itdoesn't matter how big they are how small they are as long as they are moving ina circular motion backwards if you want to deepen that squat remember

this isjust our warm-ups you don't want to be tiring out those legs too much all right we've only got 30 seconds ofthis and then we'll get started on the opposite way all right we're gonna goforward really warming up those shoulders that's arms all right we're almost done we've

gotthree two and one all right we can't drop those zonesshake them out here you can get started on our workout so our first move we'regoing to bring that backpacks put it in the center of our mat behind us we'regoing to get into a plank position to do some

plank jump overs so come down is ina plank position you'll start with your feet on one side of your backpack andyou're just gonna jump over and alternate try not to hit the backpack like Ijust did um just alternating where your feet landalright so if you need to take

some stuff out of the backpack make it alittle bit smaller please do that now um and with that being said we'regonna do one minute of those starting in three two and one here we go you want tomake sure that you're keeping your arms in line keeping those wrists

in linewith the shoulders the whole time you don't have to go high above your feet don'thave to be on a foot above the backpack as long as they're making it over andlanding on the other side that's all that really matters all right we got ten seconds and we'redone

in three two and one all right so next up we're gonna stand on upgrab your backpack by the straps and we're gonna do a bent over backpack rowso here's what it looks like from the front you're going to slightly bendthose hips slightly bend the knees lean forward and

you're just gonna bringthose elbows in close to your body to bring the backpack up and then drop itback down here's what it looks like from the side even though it's almost inkeeping that neck in line so staring out the floor as you do this and thenbring it back

down again adjust the weight of that backpack add some morestuff in it take some stuff out do what you need to do in order to do one minuteof these guys which we're gonna start in three two and one here we go it doesn't matter how many of these

youdo as long as you have blood form and these are done correctly if you're doingten of them but you're doing the right form I'd rather see back then 50 of themwith bad form alright we are doing good we're halfway there keep it up you want to keep thoseelbows

in tight to our body all right we're done in three two andone all right so for this next move we havetwo options you can either put that backpack on your back or you can put iton your front for some squats so we're going to do a normal squat

but with theadded weight you're gonna have to use your core more to keep your upper halfstraight and in line all right so we're still gonna be bringing those hips backbehind us as if we're sitting on a chair keeping those knees in line with theankles as we come down

and coming back up so we're doing it from the sidehere's what that looks like this weight is bringing me forward so I have to usemy back muscles to keep my body upright all right so you can either keep thatbackpack on the front or switch it up and keep

it on your back which worksdifferent muscles all right so either way works for me it's whateveryou feel more comfortable with I will probably be putting it on my front sowe're going to do one minute of these starting in three two and one here we go alright you wanna

make sure that thosehips and knees feet are all in line we are 30 seconds to go that's it all rightwe are almost there we have got three two and one alright so for our last movewe're gonna put that backpack on our backs if you have a small stool

orsomething that you can step up on please grab that now we're going to do somestep ups with the added weight of our backpack so you're going to plant onefoot on your stool make sure that the stool is balanced you're not leaning iton one side so you're not going

to flip that stoolso you'll plant your foot bend that knee and you're gonna tap the groundtap the stool tap the ground tap the stool the whole time this planted footis planted leg is gonna be stationary gonna be active and bent alright so youjust gonna tap and tap tap

and tap and then we'll do 30 seconds on one sidewe'll switch it up bring up the other foot tap tap in tap alright so we'regonna get started I'll start on my right foot if you wouldlike to start on your right foot as well please do so so come

on up to that stoolwe're gonna do 30 seconds here and we going to get started on that in threetwo and one all right you want to make sure thatyou're keeping that tall spine as we do that even with the backpack all right you are doing great that leg

may startto burn but we're done in three two and one all right shake those legs out we dohave to do the other side so we are gonna get started on that thirty secondsin three two and one all right this is the last move in ourcircuit before we get

to do it all over again we are done in three two and oneall right so we have made it in the end of our first round in this circuit hopewe're feeling good cuz we get to do it all over againall right so move that stool off to the

side take that backpack off your back ifyou need to grab water take a pause take a breath then lay that backpack down inthe middle of your back or whatever open space you are currently usingalright just as a refresher we're going to do those plank jump overs we're comingdown

into that plank position our feet are starting on one side of our backpackand we're just jumping over you want to make sure we're keeping that core tightas we jump our feet over all right so we are one minute at starting in three twoand one if you do have

lower body issues just swamp your feet from side to sideeliminating that jump all right so make sure that you'rekeeping that core tight make sure that as you are jumping you're landing aslightly as possible we are halfway done I know you guys canfinish this out all right we are

done in three two and one Oh take a breathbefore we get back up grab that backpack by your straps and we're going to do abackpack row so we're gonna come over take those straps and we're just gonnabring our elbows back and down all right we got one minute

of those rows startingin three two and one here we go you want a slight bend in those kneesyour bending at the hips keep those elbows in tight all right we got lessthan 20 seconds left we're almost there and we're done inthree two and one alright so we are

putting that backpack either on ourbacks or on our front and we're gonna give those squats if you want switch itup put it on the other sign your body this time you're getting a little bit ofdifferent muscle activations alright so we have one minute of thosesquats just as a

reminder hips are coming back knees are staying in line with theankles and we're coming back up keeping that nice flat backproud chest keeping it lifted alright so we're are getting started in three two andone Alright we've got less than 20 we're donein three two and one alright so

for our last move we are bringing our backpacksonto our backs grabbing that stool or whatever we are using to step up on planting one foot coming up and just tapping thatother foot down all right so we got 30 seconds on each side pick whichever footyou'd like to start

in I'll be starting on my right I'm gonna get started on thelast moving off circuit is three two and one here we go you want to make sure that is keepingthose shoulders and that chest up and open you're not punching over keepingthat nice round back alright we're done

with the right in three two and one ooh shake outthose legs we got 30 seconds left in today's workout before we get to cooldown we gotta switch it plant that opposite foot we're gettingstarted in three two and one let's go all right and we are done in three

twoand one alright that is the end of our workouttoday remove those stools up on to the sides take that backpack off again moveit to the side and we're just going to do a little bit of a cool down andstretch out those muscles alright so I want you to

reach those arms wide to theside and we're gonna hug one arm into that chest point that thumb down to theground keeping that shoulder away from the ear I'm gonna stretch out those arms all right and search it up reach out to the side bring that other arm into

ourchest pointing that thumb to the ground keeping the shoulders down and reach itout again I want you to bring those feet wide we're just gonna reach towards yourright foot bring those hands down to your knees your calf your ankle your toeswhatever you can reach all right and walk

those hands throughthe center to the other foot again grabbing whatever part of your leg youcan reach and come back down to the center justlet your arms and your body hang in there for a second and roll on up onevertebra at a time so you're back to standing all

right we are just gonna doa couple of deep breaths right here in and out and one more in and back out allright thank you guys for joining me today for this backpack centered workout

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