Athletes Try Working Out On A Vegan Diet For 30 Days

I'm used to eating burgers and fries and stuffs so recently I watched the documentary the game changers on Netflix which is all about how a plant-based diet can improve your athletic performance so I know that the athletes in the documentary saw a huge difference when they cut animal

products out of their diet but I was curious to see if this would actually work for some of my friends at the office so I decided to ask two of my most athletic friends Betsy and Troy to go vegan for 30 days to see how it would affect

their performance I usually exercise about four to five days a week and that routine can be anywhere from a hit workout to yoga or pilates to a long run I oftentimes play beach volleyball so I really try to find ways to stay active on a daily basis I'm

really excited to see how this plant-based diet will affect my energy levels as someone who kind of has hectic and crazy schedules from time to time I find my energy levels consistently fluctuating I'm really hoping that I'm able to maintain my athletic performance feel really good get creative

in the kitchen get my hands dirty my current diet is a lot of meat probably 90% meat growing up I played football through college and I was always told yeah get your protein and the way to get protein was eating meat so and that's how you get the

gains so yeah that's what I've always done I typically do CrossFit about four or five times a week it's definitely a high intensity workout the thing I'm nervous about for this challenge is that I won't have enough energy during the workouts I never cook so now I'm gonna

be able to make my own meals my family has a history of type 2 diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol so I'm excited to see if this can help bring all my numbers down so Troy and I are on our way to one medical most Hollywood get some

blood work done our blood pressure taken that way we can compare our results before and after the challenge just left one medical now we're gonna ahead and do our physical fitness test it's gonna help us measure our athletic performance and we're gonna do this again after the challenge

to see if we improve so I just got back from Ralph's I needed to just get a couple things so that I can get through the first couple days it's a lot harder than I thought going by myself I'm trying to read things and so for now I

just got some beyond sausage some beyond burgers and I'm definitely gonna be cooking and stuff but for now just to get through the first few days I'm like okay in the beginning of the challenge it was a little hard for me to realize like oh I can't eat

that like I can't have that especially being a tasty producer and being surrounded by so much incredible food and delicious food all day and really realizing that a lot of the stuff I eat is not plant-based at all or has very little nutritional value but I just tried

to get excited for the food I was making myself and I knew that hey this is making me feel really good just finished first workout since switching the plant base energy it was a little low but I also haven't really been eating enough so I just gotta figure

all that out okay so this might be a little TMI but I just finished a hit workout and I was farting like crazy I'm assuming that this is a side-effect of the plant-based diet so I just want to apologize to all those who are just working out next

to me I'm really hoping this is temporary so I feel like a lot of diets out there are very anti carb or low carb people see carbs it's like this horrible thing is that a myth factual so carps are very important as an energy source especially for athletes

because our body stores carbs as glycogen and so when you're exercising your body gets its fuel from its glycogen stores so once your glycogen is depleted you start to fatigue faster so if you're not eating carbs so if you're on a low-carb diet you can imagine that your

glycogen stores are gonna be already they fine load then we start working out they're gonna be even faster depleted so it's really important that you have complex carbs of an hour before you work out like whole grains beans lentils of goom's make sure you're picking the Whole Foods

as opposed to refined carbs like white rice white bread crackers to give you enough energy to keep your workout going plant protein is more ideal than animal protein for a few different reasons and the animal proteins you get cholesterol and saturated fat so cholesterol only exists in animal

products in the same way that fiber only exists in plant foods so when you're eating animal protein you're getting in that cluster or getting that saturated fat to things that lead to heart disease if II and then excess we're as your plant proteins and naturally do not have

cholesterol I have little to none saturated fat so the more protein dense foods are your beans lentils nuts seed and whole grains but vegetables even to certain extent have a smaller amount of protein so you really don't have to worry about not meeting your protein needs on a

vegan diet as long as you're eating a wide variety of foods starting off we two worked out this morning got really good crushed the work out recovered pretty quick a little breakfast nor oatmeal so my fruits and stuff in it start off week two bang after meeting with

Delilah it definitely became easier to think of meal ideas because she kind of provided me a nice foundation of easy items to incorporate into every meal I was feeling more confident in my meal prep I'm actually really having a lot of fun with it too and my husband

loved it one of the favorite foods is pesto so I just made some vegan pesto that I'm gonna have him try I basically substituted Parmesan cheese for nutritional yeast he's exactly the same the same yeah I'll put that on everything I noticed to change my energy levels come

week two I really noticed during my hit workouts or doing a long-distance run that I was taking fewer breaks and that I felt like I could go longer I could have probably done a few more reps I felt like I could maybe run farther it was easier community

get up in the mornings I didn't feel like I had to like sleep in or like hit the snooze button it was a really fun change for me to seek one of my close friends Cassandra she really really helped me a lot with this because she took me

food shopping the first time she was just explaining everything to me she was reading all the backs from me like show me what's what my homegirl Cassandra made me vegan dinner sweet potatoes tempeh and Brussels sprouts I am eating it very slow I do like it I do

like it I'm used to eating burgers and fries and stuff stuff child:yeah I never would a Brussels sprouts before and they were actually really good I just got back from a really long run usually after a long run I'll come home and make a nice smoothie for myself

today we got to change some things up because hashtag plant-based I got some oat milk instead of Greek yogurt or regular milk almond butter some flax seed and some plant-based protein powder about a friend of money gave me really good honestly doesn't taste too different than what I

usually make easy substitutes just finished my first real cooked meal I host it all gone was pretty damn good I gotta give myself some credit for that and I gotta say I'm gonna put that on the chef's now I gotta start telling people that but I could throw

down in the kitchen I was just cooking a bunch of different things and trying out new things and it was cool and I was surprised at how good everything is coming out once I started eating enough my energy levels split way up I just felt great I was

like getting right back on the barbell getting right back on the pull-up bar whatever I needed to do get out for the run so I just felt myself get into it quicker and improving and it's not like I was working out any more than I was before the

only thing I changed was my diet living in Los Angeles provides me with a lot of delicious plant-based menu items Rachael just dropped off some vegan tacos for me to try it really tastes like an al pastor taco maybe it's because I haven't eaten meat it's like three

weeks ago but like this looks like just like me right I was introduced to a new protein powder which was a pea protein and I was so skeptical about trying it but I actually really liked it and so I ordered more for myself and I'm gonna keep using

it so raychel allowed us a cheat day because she knew Thanksgiving was coming up one of the days I had a friends giving I think there was like maybe like one or two vegan options and I was like okay this is the day I didn't go too crazy

but when I got home like later on that night I fell Oh shitty you know so for me it kind of was like okay I did it it wasn't as good as I remembered it all being and it helped me get through the rest of the month last

you get the challenge I'm just finishing up my weekly long-distance run and I gotta say I am feeling really good energy levels are definitely up and I might even tack on an extra half mile so pretty pumped about that I just finished a class probably wants a really

slight close to the 40 minutes or so 38 minutes plants pick up power there so we got your results back can we have blood pressure and lab results from before and after when you guys were seen at one medical so sure I you wanna start all right so

your before blood pressure was 138 over 86 and you're after a blood pressure was 138 over 90 they're both in kind of the borderline range okay almost high blood pressure Betsy your before blood pressure was 108 over 72 and you're after blood pressure was 120 over 80 so

yours also went up a little bit but but yeah I'm still totally normal this can be a lot of different factors affecting this we had talked about close to when you had this after blood pressure taken that you had had kind of a big bowl of like ramen

and salted soup eating a vegan diet alone doesn't necessarily guarantee that it's going to improve or decrease your blood pressure there are just a lot of other factors that can come into play it exalt intake alcohol intake stress caffeine levels all that stuff can affect blood pressure let's

go over your less trial results that's seen your LDL cholesterol started off at 84 and dropped a little bit to 75 yeah Troy your LDL cholesterol it was at 105 a little bit higher than we want to see it and then I went down to 85 so drop

that by 20 points yep so that's definitely a good sign and definitely shows that eating more veggies and eating more fruits can have a great effect in your cholesterol can going plant-based really help us in our recovery when we're working out is give us more energy yeah there

are some studies to show the going plant-based can reduce believe-it-or-not inflammation and so there is some information you know out there saying that if we reduce inflammation in our body our muscles will recover quicker and therefore it makes us you know better athletes and it doesn't necessarily show

that you have to be vegan in order to get those results but definitely benefits to eating overall plant-based exercise isn't everything it's definitely a huge component of it but you kind of see here with your results especially with yours Troy with your cholesterol dropping so much that diet

is a pretty big factor in our health and preventing you know long term diseases like heart attack and stroke and so it's kind of multifactorial in terms of improving your health overall so I have your before and after fitness test results so the pre challenge fitness test you

guys finish at the exact same time actually in 3 minutes and 42 seconds at the end of the month we took the exact same fitness test again and this time Betsy you finished in 3 minutes and 17 seconds and Troy you finished in three minutes in 8 seconds

and I actually felt good after – Troy you beat your time by 34 seconds and Betsy you beat your time by 25 seconds you will take it all that gas was worth it yeah what surprised me the most during this challenge was the fact that I really didn't

crave me as much as I thought I would by the end even when I was around that type of food I wasn't really interested in eating it I don't plan to be full-fledged vegans but seeing the results of this challenge and knowing how good I really did feel

is certainly tempting for me to cook as plant-based as I can maybe like Sunday through Thursday and I think that's a step in the right direction and I'm excited a big thing that I took away from this was the fact that I got into the habit of cooking

versus looks like constantly going to get takeout so now I've been you know going food shopping and cooking I'm prepping my meals and stuff and I feel like a real adult finally the fact that my cholesterol dropped 20 points really made me feel like I am more in

control with my health it's not just all your family has a history of this so that's just really impressive to me and it is motivating for me to continue to eat more plant-based meals [Music]

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