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you wanna know the benefits of applecider for women there are several benefits of apple cider that womenactually could gain out of it if you really wanna know them stay with me staytuned and learn a lot about it Israel once again from Injibs Cosmetshoping that you stay tuned to

my beauty tips today we're gonna see the benefitsof apple cider vinegar what are the benefits of up cider vinegar I usestruggling with your hair are you struggling with your skin a strugglingstruggling with the allergies and finding out what exactly could help younow you've come to the right place

what are the benefits of apple cider vinegarapple cider vinegar for women can be very useful can be very useful when itcomes to your health useful when it comes to your skin you spoil any cardsto your teeth you spoil and it comes to everything that every part of your

bodycoming to hair going to nails and all that kind of stufffeet and all of that kind of issues so what are the first benefits the bestbest benefits for apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is very good forhere number one here is very very very very important when a

woman's or thewoman's part of the body in a woman's life here is basically a crown a crownis has everything to do with her with her beauty and her self-esteem andconfidence you know that kind of stuff therefore when a woman's part of thehead is a mess the face that

the face that we usually call the passport andthen the hair that we usually call the crown then there is something wrongthe whole outfit would fall apart if when the head is not taken care of whenit comes to women so what does apple cider do to here apple cider

is a verygood conditioner it's a very good leaving conditioner the otherconditioner that other tips that I can give you besides apple cider vinegar areusing natural stuff that we'll explain in my other videos but then for nowlet's focus on apple cider vinegar on air outside the vinegar is a

very goodcondition for those looking for for natural natural remedies to grow theirend you don't you really don't want to use the night day artificialconditioners the only condition as the commercial ones that have chemicals inbuilding maybe conditional leaves that rot inyour head maybe it leaves you with a dry

scalp and gives you all that kind ofissues and it it causes build ups on your hair and you get flakes and allthat kind of stuff so upper side is the right way to go so many people I usuallytell people give people tips and the natural things are 20

that couldactually be beneficial to your hair and skin and nails is right in your kitchenjust jump into your kitchen and pick up the right ingredients that I have in mytips so the other cider vinegar is very very excellent for him you should try itonce and then before you

use it I usually advise to use a shampoo shampoouse a baking soda baking soda is very good shampoo though it doesn't form itdoesn't have fun since it's not an official soap it's a natural naturalcleanser hair cleanser so basically if you wanna get good results out of applecider vinegar

that is spirit whether you use baking soda or bicarbonate of sodabicarbonate of soda used by cabinets or some quality soda by cup so use that asshampoo how do you use it as shampoo take and mix a glass a glass of waterwith the two spoons two tablespoons of bicarbonate

of soda throw them in stirit throw it in a spray bottle and then if you can then spread fast spray sprayspray all over your hair all over your scalp and then after that massage itmassage it gently massage gently all overmassage it massage all over all over the circuit

and then after massaging forabout ten five to ten minutes take your timespray more massage massage take your time rub out the dirt and then go andrinse rinse out with cold water I've not used one water use cold water one wateris not good it's not really hot water is

not really good for her it strips thehair out therefore it's much better I usually advise women to use cold wateruse cold water if you're really forced to usewater on your hair or scalp then usually finish finish finish with cold water waswhat cold water does remember hot water opens

the shot opens the shot of thehair right and then exposes all kinds of toxins toxins and and all kinds of sunrays and all that into into the egg the hair shaft so hot water opens the shopand then after you open the shaft you washed your hair you really

really needto use hot water clothes clothes the shut with cold water cold water closesthe shaft it's just like the skin right if you put put hot water on your skin oryour face one thing you should avoid is to put hotwater on your face maybe even wash your face

with hot water hot water is badnews hot water will sad your face will giveyou a bats will you give you bags under your eyesand will go home and give your wrinkles and you you you you don't wanna use hotwater on your face so what cold water does it

it it closes the pores on theskin it tightens so whether they were then paws were exposed and opened andall that kind of stuff cold water closes up tightens up thepost and closes them up so usually finish your hair with coldwater and then ice condition after you shampoo your

hair with a Posada with asodium bicarbonate of soda finish your hair as a conditioner use apple cidervinegar take a glass of above water mixing or always make sure a pushinpushin of water how a quarter of it is apple cider vinegar a portion of waterhalf a quarter a portion

of water a quarter of blood portion of water thenit's apple cider vinegar they never go half half just go where the full glassof water cold water and then a quarter quarter glass of apple cider vinegar andthen rinse rinse rinse your hair rinse your hair with it rinse your

hair withapple cider what does upper sidedo to hear it it tightens closes and tightens thus the closeness xposed Scoutpause it closes back the shaft it gives back restore shine it restored itrestores hair shine therefore then the hair looks shiny and it look glossy andit looks more natural in

life it doesn't live here dry next thing is it removesdandruff apple cider vinegar gets rid of dandruff third thing is apple cidervinegar removes all of the fungi and all the bacteria use one doing your scalpand then the food is upside of being a gross a very fast apple

cider vinegarcomes from apples it comes from opposites squeezed from apples it's likeapple juice then means it's fermented and all that kind of stuff like kind oflike causing getting wine up out of apples that that or that whole process Idon't know I don't know exactly what they do but

apple cider vinegar comesfrom apples it's squeezed from apples therefore it's very naturaldon't use the added vinegar either vinegar the spirit vinegar brown andclear spirit apple cider vinegar is the right for health benefits so thereforethat's one one thing that apple cider vinegar do that's the one number onebenefit for

AB cider vinegar for women number two is apple cider vinegar isvery good for acne acne if if you're struggling with acne you get of coursethe problems you've got people's leave you with scars behind and all that kindof stuff struggling with acne so you'rescratching your gut skin allergies and

all that kind of scar all skin issuestake apple cider vinegar diluted again three of three parts of wood one part ofwater and the three three drink water what is that again a full about fullfull of water then and then just a quarter a quarter of vinegar so it

couldbe the two a spoon and then 1/4 spoon so that that's itso therefore but deep a piece of so after you mix ittake a piece of cotton take a cotton ball dip it into the dip in the firstwash your face wash your face as usual as usual as

you always wash your facecleans it nicely clean it properly and then what you do take that piece ofcloth take that piece of cotton dip it in there and then rub rub it around yourskin rabbit over your skin wrap it over your skin it do that at least twice

aday do it at least twice a day lately don't don't rinse it off leave it onovernight and then in the morning rinse off with clean water if you really havea very allergic so try just try it first before before you apply it all over yourface try it somewhere

do it this on your arm somewhere and then see exactly whatit does see what it does and see if it causes any any any reaction then makesure that you go slow and it down straightaway put it on your face so skinis the number two thing that apple cider

does to a woman on a woman's skin numbertwo read that what apple cider does emphasize a benefit for women is weightloss is weightless apple cider vinegar has a way of cutting fat cutting fat inone of my videos I explained the drinking water in the morning in earlythe morning

if you drop apple cider vinegar in thatwater early in the morning it has a way of cleansing if you've got lemon alsodrop in a slice of lemon in that water it has a way of cleansing you cleansingevery every every kind of dirt that was close that is plugged

into you into youryou know entry inside you or your system so um usually I usually advise take italso before you go to bed at night at night before you go to bed if you've gothoney I got a video a video that I explained drinking water with honeybefore bedtime

then if you can go check it out check out that video in myplaylist you'll learn how to take word to take warm water mixed with honey soif you use that hot water with the honey which helps actually to cleanse and itgives you a good metabolism and gives you

energy make sure you mix in atablespoon just a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar willwork in the night it will work in the night to make sure that you burn fatremember people usually burn fat when they go to bed when you sleep is whenyou burn fat

when you go to bed is when they liver and kidney and all the organsstart working because you're resting therefore you need to give these organsfew of them give them the right the right equipments we use fewer than givethem their right the right oil oil them feed them and

and give them what theyneed to use give them give them fewer them people usually go to bed withouteven taking it do they take care of their own stomach but then you forget totake care of the liver that keeps working throughout the night the liverand the kidney and all

the other organs what do they use at night they don't usethat food you get what do they use what do they feed on what do they feed onleave up its liver but one thing that oils and fuels liver very well is honeyrouhani viewers then liver if you go

into bed and you wanna live a happy andhealthy life make sure you mix the teaspoon in warm water raw honey not notset-ups not not no but not processed honey not who eat it honey raw honeytake a teaspoon throw it in warm water before you go to bed that's

what viewersdeliver what fuels the pancreas pancreas is that green green piece of thing thatthat works with the immunities very good with the immunity Petraeus and theimmunity there they are friends they are cousins like this so what feeds thepancreas is the bitter bitter leaves and bitter bitter and any

case that isbitter bitter leaves bitter herbs bitter anything that is bitter I love vada allthat bitter stuff this way it's very very important and vital to take bitterstuff every now and then eat that bitter stuff that business stuff will cleanseyou and cleaning and supply the pancreas make sure

you stay tuned and Israel onceagain with Indians Christmas hoping that you stay tuned to my abilities today

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